State Artists of Texas

The Texas state artists are selected for one-year appointments by the Texas Poet Laureate, State Musician and State Artist Committee. Updated 2 years ago
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David Keens creating a piece with a blowtorch

David Keens, State Artist, 2007

The 2007 state three-dimensional artist David Keens established and now heads the Glass Program at the University of Texas at Arlington. Photo by Eli Grothe/Almanac files.

Since 2001, a committee of seven members appointed by the governor, lieutenant governor, and speaker of the House selects the state artists based on recommendations from the Texas Commission on the Arts. Earlier, the Legislature made the nominations.

YearArtist, Hometown/Residence
1971-72Joe Ruiz Grandee, Arlington
1972-73Melvin C. Warren, Clifton
1973-74Ronald Thomason, Weatherford
A.C. Gentry Jr., Tyler, alternate
1974-75Joe Rader Roberts, Dripping Springs
Bette Lou Voorhis, Austin, alternate
1975-76Jack White, New Braunfels
July 4, 1975–July 4, 1976Robert Summers, Glen Rose (Bicentennial Artist)
1976-77James Boren, Clifton
Kenneth Wyatt, Lubbock, alternate
1977-78Edward “Buck” Schiwetz, DeWitt County
Renne Hughes, Tarrant County, alternate
1978-79Jack Cowan, Rockport
Gary Henry, Palo Pinto County, alternate
Joyce Tally, Caldwell County, alternate
1979-80Dalhart Windberg, Travis County
Grant Lathe, Canyon Lake, alternate
1980-81Harry Ahysen, Huntsville
Jim Reno, Simonton, alternate
1981-82Jerry Newman, Beaumont
Raul Guiterrez, San Antonio, alternate
1982-83Dr. James H. Johnson, Bryan
Armando Hinojosa, Laredo, alternate
1983-84Raul Gutierrez, San Antonio
James Eddleman, Lubbock, alternate
1984-85Covelle Jones, Lubbock
Ragan Gennusa, Austin, alternate
1986-87Chuck DeHaan, Graford
1987-88Neil Caldwell, Angleton
Rey Gaytan, Austin, alternate
1988-89George Hallmark, Walnut Springs
Tony Eubanks, Grapevine, alternate

Two-dimensional Art

(In 1990, the designation was divided into the categories of two-dimensional art and three-dimensional art.)

YearArtist, Hometown/Residence
1990-91Mondel Rogers, Sweetwater
1991-92Woodrow Foster, Center
Harold Phenix, Houston, alternate
1993-94Roy Lee Ward, Hunt
1994-95Frederick Carter, El Paso
1998-99Carl Rice Embrey, San Antonio
2000-02none designated
2003Ralph White, Austin
2004Sam Caldwell, Houston
2005Kathy Vargas, San Antonio
2006George Boutwell, Bosque County
2007Lee Herring, Rockwall
2008Janet Eager Krueger, Encinal
2009René Alvarado, San Angelo
2010Marc Burckhardt, Austin
2011Melissa Miller, Austin
2012Karl Umlauf, Waco
2013Jim Woodson, Waco, Fort Worth
2014Julie Speed, Austin, Marfa
2015Vincent Valdez, San Antonio
2016Dornith Doherty, Houston, Southlake
2017Kermit Oliver, Refugio, Houston, Waco
2018Sedrick Huckaby, Fort Worth
2019Mary McCleary, Nacogdoches
2020Earlie Hudnall Jr., Houston
2021Annette Lawrence, Denton
2022Celia Álvarez Muñoz, El Paso, Arlington

Three-dimensional Art

YearArtist, Hometown/Residence
1990-91Ron Wells, Cleveland
1991-92Kent Ullberg, Corpus Christi
1993-94James Eddleman, Lubbock
1994-95Garland A. Weeks, Wichita Falls
1998-99Edd Hayes, Humble
2000-02none designated
2003Dixie Friend Gay, Houston
2004David Hickman, Dallas
2005Sharon Kopriva, Houston
2006James Surls, Athens
2007David Keens, Arlington
2008Damian Priour, Austin
2009Eliseo Garcia, Farmers Branch
2010John Bennett, Fredericksburg
2011Jesús Moroles, Rockport
2012Bill FitzGibbons, San Antonio
2013Joseph Havel, Houston
2014Ken Little, Canyon, San Antonio
2015Margo Sawyer, Houston, Elgin
2016Dario Robleto, San Antonio, Houston
2017Beverly Penn, San Marcos
2018Beili Liu, Austin
2019Rick Lowe, Houston
2020Gabriel Dawe, Dallas
2021Jennifer Ling Datchuk, San Antonio
2022Jesse Lott, Houston
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