State Poets Laureate

Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 82, 43rd Legislature, Regular Session (1933) authorized appointment of a committee by the Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker of the House to designate an outstanding and recognized poet, who is also a citizen of the state of Texas, as poet laureate. Updated 2 years ago
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Since 2001, a committee of seven members appointed by the governor, lieutenant governor, and speaker of the House of Representatives selects the poet laureate, state artists, and state musician based on recommendations from the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Earlier, the Legislature made the nominations. 

YearPoet, Hometown/Residence
1955-57Pierre Bernard Hill, Hunt
1957-59Margaret Royalty Edwards, Waco
1959-61J.V. Chandler, Kingsville
Edna Coe Majors, Colorado City, alt.
1961Lorena Simon, Port Arthur
1962Marvin Davis Winsett, Dallas
1963Gwendolyn Bennett Pappas, Houston
Vassar Miller, Houston, alternate
1964-65Jenny Lind Porter, Austin
Edith Rayzor Canant, Texas City, alt.
1966Bessie Maas Rowe, Port Arthur
Grace Marie Scott, Abilene, alternate
1967William E. Bard, Dallas
Bessie Maas Rowe, Port Arthur, alt.
1968Kathryn Henry Harris, Waco
Sybil Leonard Armes, El Paso, alt.
1969-70Anne B. Marely, Austin
Rose Davidson Speer, Brady, alt.
1970-71Mrs. Robby K. Mitchell, McKinney
Faye Carr Adams, Dallas, alternate
1971-72Terry Fontenot, Port Arthur
Faye Carr Adams, Dallas, alternate
1972-73Mrs. Clark Gresham, Burkburnett
Marion McDaniel, Sidney, alternate
1973-74Violette Newton, Beaumont
Stella Woodall, San Antonio, alternate
1974-75Lila Todd O’Neil, Port Arthur
C.W. Miller, San Antonio, alternate
1975-76Ethel Osborn Hill, Port Arthur
Gene Shuford, Denton, alternate
1976-77Florice Stripling Jeffers, Burkburnett
Vera L. Eckert, San Angelo, alternate
1977-78Ruth Carruth, Vernon
Joy Gresham Hagstrom, Burkburnett, alternate.
1978-79Patsy Stodghill, Dallas
Dorothy B. Elfstroman, Galveston, alt.
1979-80Dorothy B. Elfstroman, Galveston
Ruth Carruth, Vernon, alternate
1980-81Weems S. Dykes, McCamey
Mildred Crabree Speer, Amarillo, alt.
1981-82none designated
1982-83William D. Barney, Fort Worth
Vassar Miller, Houston, alternate
1983-87none designated
1987-88Ruth E. Reuther, Wichita Falls
1988-89Vassar Miller, Houston
1989-93none designated
1993-94Mildred Baass, Victoria
1994-99none designated
2000James Hoggard, Wichita Falls
2001Walter McDonald, Lubbock
2002none designated
2003Jack Myers, Mesquite
2004Cleatus Rattan, Cisco
2005Alan Birkelbach, Plano
2006Red Steagall, Fort Worth
2007Steven Fromholz, Kopperl, Sugar Land
2008Larry Thomas, Houston
2009Paul Ruffin, Huntsville
2010Karla K. Morton, Denton, Fort Worth
2011David M. Parsons, Conroe
2012Jan Seale, McAllen
2013Rosemary Catacalos, San Antonio
2014Dean Young, Austin
2015Carmen Tafolla, San Antonio
2016Laurie Ann Guerrero, San Antonio
2017Jenny Browne, San Antonio
2018Carol Coffee Reposa, San Antonio
2019Carrie Fountain, Austin
2020Emmy Pérez, McAllen
2021Cyrus Cassells, Austin
2022Lupe Mendez, Galveston, Houston, Rio Grande Valley
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