Texas Olympic Medalists

Texas has produced and propelled many Olympic Medalists since 1920. Updated 2 months ago
Texas Olympic Medalists

Texas Olympic Medalists

Sanya Richards-Ross graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. Photo by Andre Zehetbauer (CC-BY-SA).

This is a list of athletes with Texas connections who have won medals in Olympic Games including 2018. This includes those born here or have lived in Texas, as well as athletes who spent their collegiate careers at Texas universities.

Information included is: the athlete's name, the sport and the year, as well as the types of medals (G-Gold, S-Silver, B-Bronze). If the athlete won more than one of the same kind of medal in any one year, the number is noted before the letter code; i.e., 2G indicates that the athlete won two gold medals in the games indicated.

The symbol (†) following the medal code indicates that the athlete participated in preliminary contests only; the medal was awarded because of membership on a winning team. Years in which the athlete participated in the Games but did not win a medal are not included.

Track indicates all track and field events except those noted separately.

rack indicates all track and field events except those noted separately.

Source: United States Olympic Committee

Abdallah, Nia NicoleTaekwondo2004S
Adams, RachelVolleyball2016B
Allen, ChadBaseball1996B
Armstrong, LanceCycling2000B•
Arnette, Jay HoylandBasketball1960G
Austin, CharlesTrack1996G
Baker, Walter ThaneTrack1956G, S, B
Baptiste, KirkTrack1984S
Barr, BethSwimming1988S
Bassham, Lanny RobertShooting1976G
Bates, Michael D.Track1992B
Beck, Robert LeePentathlon19602B
Beckle, JanineSoccer2016B
Bedforth, B.J.Swimming2000G
Berens, RickySwimming2012G, S
Berube, Ryan ThomasSwimming1996G
Biles, SimoneGymnastics20164G, B
Boudia, DavidDiving2016S, B
  2012G, B
Brew, Derrick K.Track2004G, B
Brown, Earlene DennisTrack1960B
Browning, David (Skippy)Diving1952G
Buckner, William QuinnBasketball1976G
Buford-Bailey, TonjaTrack1996B
Burrell, Leroy RusselTrack1992G
Butler, JimmyBasketball2016G
Carey, RickSwimming19843G
Carlisle, Daniel T.Shooting1984B
Carter, Michael D.Shotput1984S
Carter, MichelleShotput2016G
Catchings, TamikaBasketball2016G
Clay, Bryan E.Decathlon2008G
Clement, KerronTrack2016G
Cline, Nancy LiebermanBasketball1976S
Cohen, TiffanySwimming1984G
Conger, JackSwimming2016G
Corbelli, Laurie FlachmeierVolleyball1984S
Cotton, JohnBaseball2000G
Crocker, IanSwimming2008G
  2004G, S, B
Cross-Battle, TaraVolleyball1992B
Crouser, RyanShotput2016G
Davis, Clarissa G.Basketball1992B
Davis, Jack WellsTrack1956S
Davis, Josh C.Swimming20002S
Davis, Walter F. (Buddy)High Jump1952G
DeLoach, Joseph N. Jr.Track1988G
Dersch, HansSwimming1992G
Didrikson, Mildred (Babe)Track19322G, S
Donie, Scott R.Diving1992S
Drexler, ClydeBasketball1992G
Dumais, TroyDiving2012B
Durant, KevinBasketball2016G
Dusing, NateSwimming2004B
Eller, GlennShooting2008G
Ethridge, Mary (Kamie)Basketball1988G
Farmer-Patrick, SandraTrack1992S
Feigen, JimmySwimming2016G
Fields, ConnorCycling2016G
Finn-Burrell, Michelle BonaeTrack1992G
Forbes, James RicardoBasketball1972S
Ford, Gilbert (Gib)Basketball1956G
Foreman, GeorgeBoxing1968G
Fortenberry, Joe CephisBasketball1936G
Francis, PhyllisTrack2016G
Galloway, JackieTaekwondo2016B
Garrison, ZinaTennis1988G, B
George, ChrisBaseball2000G
Gjertson, DougSwimming1992G, B
Glenesk, Dean WilliamPentathlon1984S
Goldblatt, ScottSwimming2004G
Gonzáles, Paul G. Jr.Boxing1984G
Gordon, Chris-AnnTrack2016S
Griner, BritneyBasketball2016G
Guidry, Carlette D.Track1996G†
Haas, TownleySwimming2016G
Hall, Gary Jr.Swimming2004G, B
  20002G, S, B
  19962G, 2S
Hamm, MiaSoccer2004G
Hannan, TommySwimming2000G
Hansen, BrendanSwimming2012G, B
  2004G, S, B
Hansen, Fred MorganTrack1964G
Hardee, TreyTrack2012S
Harkrider, Kiplan P.Baseball1996B
Hartwell, Erin WesleyCycling1996S
Hays, ToddBobsled2002S
Heath, Michael StewardSwimming19842G, S
Hedgepeth, Whitney L.Swimming1996G, 2S
Hedrick, ChadSpeed Skating2010S, B
  2006G, S, B
Heidenreich, JerrySwimming19722G, S, B
Henry, James EdwardDiving1968B
Hill, Denean E.Track1992S
Hill, Grant H.Basketball1996G
Homfeld, Conrad E.Equestrian1984G, S
Hooker, DestineeVolleyball2012S
Hooper, DarrowShotput1952S
Horton, JonathanGymnastics2008S
Howard, Sherri FrancisTrack1988
Jackson, Lucious BrownBasketball1964G
Jacobs, ChrisSwimming19982G, S
Johnson, MichaelTrack20002G
Johnson, Rafer L.Decathlon1960G
Jones, John Wesley (Lam)Track1976G
Jordan, DeAndreBasketball2016G
Jordan, ShaunSwimming1992G
Juarez, Ricardo (Rocky)Boxing2000S
Julich, Robert WilliamCycling2004B
Keeler, Kathryn ElliottRowing1984G
Kern, Douglas JamesSailing1992S
Kiefer, AdolphSwimming1936G
Kimmons, TrellTrack2012S
King, Judith BrownTrack1984S
Kleine, MeganSwimming1992G†
Knight, BiancaTrack2012G
Kocian, MadisonGymnastics2016G, S
Kolius, John WaldripSailing1976S
Langkop, Dorothy FraneySpeed Skating1932B
Leetch, Brian JosephIce Hockey2002S
Lewis, F. Carlton (Carl)Track1996G
  19882G, S
Lienhard, William BarnerBasketball1952G
Lipinski, Tara K.Figure Skating1998G
Liukin, NastiaGymnastics2008G, 3S, B
Lloyd, AndreaBasketball1988G
Losey, R.G. (Greg)Pentathlon1984S
Lopez, DianaTaekwondo2008B
Lopez, MarkTaekwondo2008S
Lopez, StevenTaekwondo2008B
Lowe, Sara ElizabethSwimming2004B
Magers, Rose MaryVolleyball1984S
Malone, JordanSpeed Skating2014S
Manuel, SimoneSwimming20162G, 2S
Manzano, LeoTrack2012S
Marsh, Michael L.Track1996S
Marshall, ChristineSwimming2008B
Matson, J. Randel (Randy)Shotput1968G
Matson, Ollie G.Track1952S, B
McFalls, Jennifer YvonneSoftball2000G
McFarlane, TraceySwimming1988S
McKenzie, KimTrack1984B
McNeir, ForestShooting1920G
Meadows, EarleTrack1936G
Meilli, KatieSwimming2016G, B
Mills, Ronald P.Swimming1968B
Mitchell, BetsySwimming1988S
  1984G, S
Moceanu, Dominique H.Gymnastics1996G
Montgomery, James P.Swimming19763G, B
Moore, James WarrenPentathlon1964S
Morrow, Bobby JoeTrack19563G
Munoz, FelipeSwimming1968G
Neilson-Bell, SandySwimming19723G
Nelson, Lianne BennionRowing2004S
Newhouse, Frederick V.Track1976G, S
Nott/Cunningham, Tara LeeWeightlifting2004G
Okafor, EmekaBasketball2004B
Okolo, CourtneyTrack2016G
Olajuwon, HakeemBasketball1996G
Olsen, JustinBobsled2010G
Osterman, Catherine (Cat)Softball2008S
Paddock, Charles W.Track1924S
  19202G, S
Patterson, CarlyGymnastics2004G, 2S
Patton, DarvisTrack2004S
Peirsol, AaronSwimming20082G, S
Perry, Nanceen L.Track2000B
Pesthy, Paul KarolyFencing1964S
Phenix, ErinSwimming2000G
Pinder, DemetriusTrack2016B
Postma, Joan SpillaneSwimming1960G
Potter, Cynthia AnnDiving1976B
Rambo, John BarnettTrack1964B
Rauch, JamieSwimming2000S
Retton, Mary LouGymnastics1984G, 2S, 2B
Richards, Robert E.Track1956G
Richards-Ross, SanyaTrack20122G
  2008G, B
Ritter, LouiseTrack1988G
Roberts, GilTrack2016G
Robertson, Alvin CyrraleBasketball1984G
Robertson, Julian (Tex)Swimming1932B†
Robinson, David M.Basketball1996G
Robinson, MoushaumiTrack2004G
Robinson, Robert J.Basketball1948G
Robinzine, Kevin B.Track1988G
Robles, SarahWeightlifting2016B
Roe, FrederickPolo1924S
Russell, Douglas AlbertSwimming19682G
Russell, John WilliamEquestrian1952B
Schneider, Marcus B.Rowing1996B
Schooling, JosephSwimming2016G
Slay, Brandon DouglasWrestling2000G
Smith, ClarkSwimming2016G
Smith, DeanTrack1952G
Smith, LamontTrack1996G
Smith, Owen GuinnTrack1948G
Smith, Tommie C.Track1968G
Southern, S. EdwardTrack1956S
Spencer, AshleyTrack2016B
Steinseifer, CarrieSwimming19842G
Sterkle, Jill AnnSwimming19882B
Stevenson, TobyPole Vault2004S
Stulce, Michael S.Shotput1992G
Swoopes, Sheryl D.Basketball2004G
Sykora, StacyVolleyball2008S
Tarmoh, JenebaTrack2012G
Taylor, RobertTrack1972G, S
Teagarden, TaylorBaseball2008B
Tinsley, MichaelTrack2012S
Tisdale, Wayman L.Basketball1984G
Valdez, JesseBoxing1972B
Van, AllenIce Hockey1952S
Vollmer, DanaSwimming2016G, S, B
Walker, Laura AnneSwimming1988B
Walker, NeilSwimming2004G, B
  2000G, S
Wariner, JeremyTrack2008G, S
Weatherspoon, Teresa G.Basketball1992B
Weber-Gale, GarrettSwimming20082G
Wells, Rhoshii S.Boxing1996B
Wells, Wayne A.Wrestling1972G
Whitfield, Malvin G.Track1952
G, S
G, S
Wilkinson, Laura A.Diving2000G
Williams, Christa L.Softball2000
Williamson, DaroldTrack2004G
Wilson, Craig MartinWater Polo1988
Wolfe, Rowland (Flip)Gymnastics1932G
Wrightson, Bernard C.Diving1968G
Wylie, Paul StantonFigure Skating1992S
Young, Earl VerdelleTrack19602G
Zmeskal, KimGymnastics1992B


 • In January 2013, the International Olympic Committee disqualified Lance Armstrong from the 2000 events he competed in after he was found to have used drugs to enhance his performance.


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