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  • Southwest Research Institute Invents the Future

    Get to know the institute that "tirelessly pursues innovation and excellence in science and technology for the betterment of humanity."
  • Community Hospitals in Texas

    Of the 616 reporting hospitals in Texas in 2017, 528 were considered community hospitals.

  • History of Oil Discoveries in Texas

    Texas' first major discovery was in 1894.
  • Petroleum Production and Income in Texas

    Production and value since 1915.
  • The Money Factory in Fort Worth

    The story of the Dallas Federal Reserve...
  • Wind Energy, 2012

    Texas leads the nation in installed wind capacity and generation. In 2012, Texas had 21 percent of the nation’s installed wind capacity, reaching 10,648 megawatts. Iowa was second in installed wind capacity, at 4,524 megawatts.
  • Texas Economy 2011: A Slow Recovery

    The Texas economy, as fast as it has been able to thrive and triumph,  it has, at times, also faced rapid and exhaustive crashes.
  • Texas Economy 2010: Recovery from a Great Recession

    The Texas economy has had its ups and downs throughout history. Recovery from the nation's worst recession since World War II has been lukewarm compared to other economic recoveries.
  • Texas Cash Receipts for Commodities

    Commodities produce millions in cash receipts that benefit Texas' economy. Corn, as a crop, has maintained its position as the highest total value crop produced across Texas and averaged $551.12 million in cash receipts annually from 2013-2017.
  • Agriculture

    Agriculture has shaped Texas throughout its history and today it continues to be a factor leading Texas' economy.
  • Principal Crops in Texas

    The principal crops produced in Texas range from cotton, Sorghum, Rice, Wheat, Corn, Hay, Silage, and many other crops.
  • The State of Texas Agriculture

    Agriculture is one of the most important industries in Texas.  The state is one of the top producers of livestock including cotton, sheep, goats, hay, and horses as well as many important crops such as vegetables, citrus, corn, wheat, peanuts, pecans, sorghum and rice. Texas is one of the leading exporters of agricultural commodities.
  • Texas Crop Production: Acres, Yield, Value

    Texas Crop Production charts demonstrate the yield of Texas bounty
  • Texas Wine Country: The Long and Winding Trail from Grape to Wine

  • Fairs, Festivals, & Special Events

    Fairs, festivals, and other special events provide year-round recreation in Texas, but serve to support the economic growth and financial development of the state. Some of these celebrations are of national interest, while many attract visitors from across the state.
  • Commercial Fishing in Texas

    Commercial fishing is a vital industry in Texas and one regulated by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. The total Texas coastwide landings in 2014 were 74.7 million pounds of seafood, valued at more than $262.6 million.
  • Railroads in Texas

    Transportation was a major problem facing early settlers in Texas but as early as 1879, railroad mileage in Texas reached 2,440 miles and only continued to be expanded. Today, Texas has more railroad mileage than any other state and the largest number of railroad employees.
  • Telecommunications: High-Speed and Wireless

    The telecommunications infrastructre in Texas as vast and advanced and help empower Texas' growth.
  • Wind Energy Continues Expansion

    Texas leads the nation in installed wind capacity and generation.
  • Texas Electric Grids: Demand and Supply

    Texas is one of the few states who has its own electric grid. In the rest of the country, and since 1935, power plants connect to two main larger grids: one that serves the Eastern half of the country, and one that powers the Western half.
  • Largest Banks Operation in Texas

    Browse a list of the 50 largest banks (by assets) operating in Texas as of Jan. 1, 2020

  • Texas Economy 2019: Oil Patch Recovering Slowly

    The state's rate of job growth was the second highest among the ten most populous states (after Florida) and the sixth highest among all states.
  • Business and Transportation

    Texas thrives when it comes to business and transportation. The rate of job growth, as of 2019, was the second highest among the ten most populous states in the country (after Florida) and the sixth highest among all states.
  • The Ubiquitous Mesquite

    Mesquite has had an important role in Texas history. Mesquite grows at least one-third of the land area of the state and in all regions except the East Texas Piney Woods.

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