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  • The Ubiquitous Mesquite

    Mesquite has had an important role in Texas history. Mesquite grows at least one-third of the land area of the state and in all regions except the East Texas Piney Woods.
  • Texas' Other Tree Regions

    Texas natural resources are abundant and the rich biodiversity of the state thrives across its many geographic environment that include millions of acress of forestland.
  • Forest Resources

    Texas has over 63 million acres of forests and woodlands. These are located across a vast 43-county region that forms the western edge of the southern pine region and extends from the counties of Bowie and Red River in northeast Texas to Jefferson, Harris, and Waller counties in southeast Texas.
  • Nonpetroleum Minerals

    The leading nonpetroleum mineral commodities produced in Texas include portland cement, crushed stone, contruction sand and gravel, salt, industrial sand and gravel, lime, and masonry cement.These make up more that 95 percent of the state's nonfuel mineral value.

  • Texas Makes Movies

    Texas has been calling itself the Third Coast of filmmaking–third after the West Coast and the East Coast–since about 1978.
  • Prohibition Elections in Texas

    The history of legislative liquor prohibition in Texas began in the summer of 1854.
  • Ranching in a Changing Land

    Once dominated by the Missions, Texas ranching shaped Texas, its history and environment.
  • Thurber, Texas Coal Town

    The Texas town of Thurber was named for New York grocer and investor H. K. Thurber.
  • Cattle Drives

    Cattle drives started in earnest after the Civil War.
  • Butterfield Overland Mail: Stagecoaching in Texas

    Early-day Texas travelers had only four choices when they needed to get from one town to another walk, ride a horse, bounce along in a buggy or take a stagecoach.
  • Oil and Texas: A Cultural History

    For Texans, the 20th century began on January 10, when oil was discovered at Spindletop.

  • The 20th Century

    Texas in the 20th Century experienced devastating events but also established unforgettable historical legacies.

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