Alpine, Texas

Alpine, Texas

Breathtaking view of Alpine, the seat of Brewster County, Texas, from atop Hancock Hill to the southwest. Photograph by Patriarca12.

Alpine is located in a wide valley in the foothills of the Davis Mountains in northwest Brewster County. Cattlemen lived in tents near their herds in the area between 1878 and 1882. The town began in the spring of 1882, when a few railroad workers and their families pitched their tents along a small spring-fed creek at the foot of what is now known as "A" Mountain. The railroad section was given the name of Osborne, and for a brief period the name Osborne was applied to the small community of settlers. The best of the springs was on a section belonging to Daniel and Thomas Murphy. The railroad needed control of the spring as a source of water for its steam engines, so it entered into an agreement with the Murphys to change the name of the section and settlement to Murphyville in exchange for a contract to use the spring. In November of 1883 the Murphys registered a plat for the town of Murphyville with the county clerk of Presidio County.

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Pop. Year Source
5,965 2019 Texas Demographic Center
5,905 2010 Texas Demographic Center
5,786 2000 Texas Demographic Center
5,622 1990 Texas Demographic Center
5,465 1980 Texas Demographic Center
5,971 1970 Texas Demographic Center
4,740 1960 Texas Demographic Center
5,261 1950 Texas Demographic Center
3,866 1940 Texas Demographic Center
3,495 1930 Texas Demographic Center
931 1920 Texas Demographic Center
396 1900 Texas Demographic Center