City of Comanche, Texas

City of Comanche, Texas

Comanche County Courthouse in the City of Comanche, Texas. Photograph by Larry D. Moore.

Comanche is located in the central part of Comanche County on U.S. highways 67 and 377. It was established in 1858, when John Duncan offered the county 240 acres on Indian Creek as a site for a county seat. The commissioners' court accepted the donation, and Ransom Tuggle was authorized to lay out the townsite. T. J. Nabors built the first house. The new town replaced Cora as county seat in May 1859. The first courthouse was a "picket house"—a structure of logs cut and split on the ground, set vertically in a ditch, and covered with boards also made on the ground. A post office was established in 1860. A newspaper, the Comanche Chief, began publication in 1873. The town, a supply base for Texas ranches during its early history, was incorporated in 1873. By 1892 Comanche had 2,500 residents, the Fort Worth and Rio Grande Railway, a daily stage, and numerous businesses. By 1915 the population was 4,500, and the town was a flourishing farm-market center and transportation center. By the close of World War II the population had grown to approximately 4,000. In 1945 a cheese plant, pecan and peanut shelling plants, granaries, and wool and mohair concerns were the chief businesses. The population was 3,832 in 1950. The city swimming pool was completed in 1953. The public library was established in 1960. That year, Comanche had a population of 3,415. In 1970 the town had a population of 3,933 and 108 businesses, mainly concerned with the marketing and processing of peanuts, fruits, and livestock. Industries produced camping trailers, air-conditioners, feeds, peanut products, and leather goods. The town has a county airport, two hospitals, several nursing homes, and a home for handicapped children. The construction of Procter Reservoir made possible a new water system. After 1970 a fairgrounds and high school were built. Also located in the city is the Comanche County Historic Museum, which attracts many visitors. A park is located three miles south of Comanche at Lake Eanes. In 1980–81 the town had 132 businesses and a population of 3,888. In 1990 the businesses numbered 105 and the residents 4,087. The population grew to 4,482 in 2000.

Adapted from the official Handbook of Texas, a state encyclopedia developed by the Texas State Historical Association (TSHA). It is an authoritative source of trusted historical records.

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Population Counts

Pop. Year Source
4,211 2020 United States Census Bureau
4,351 2019 Texas Demographic Center
4,335 2010 United States Census Bureau
4,482 2000 United States Census Bureau
4,087 1990 United States Census Bureau
4,075 1980 United States Census Bureau
3,933 1970 United States Census Bureau
3,415 1960 United States Census Bureau
3,840 1950 United States Census Bureau
3,209 1940 United States Census Bureau
2,435 1930 United States Census Bureau
3,524 1920 United States Census Bureau
2,756 1910 United States Census Bureau
2,070 1900 United States Census Bureau
1,226 1890 United States Census Bureau
704 1880 United States Census Bureau