Emilee (Emille) was ten miles northeast of the site of present Woodville in eastern Tyler County. The community was named for Emilee McClendon, the wife of John B. McClendon, an early settler. Another early settler, Squire Cruse, moved there in 1833; Cruse Cemetery, where he is buried, is the oldest cemetery in the county. In 1892 Emilee had a population of 150, a gristmill-sawmill, a cotton gin, a store, and C. C. Dougherty's chair factory. By 1900 the population had fallen to fifty, the same figure cited in 1948 in the community's last available population count. The Emilee post office functioned from 1904 to 1946. In the 1930s the town had two businesses, and in the 1940s it had one business. After that the community disappeared, although it appeared on some maps (as Emille).

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