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Flo, also known as Kidd's Mill, Wheelock, Bethlehem, Oneta, New Hope, Oden(s), and Midway, is on Farm roads 1151 and 831 and Wheelock Creek twelve miles northeast of Centerville in central Leon County. There Thaddeus O. Kidd built a combined grist and saw mill and received a post office named Kidd's Mill in 1855; this post office closed in 1868. In 1880 a post office operated briefly as Odens. Another one operated as Oden from 1885 until 1891, when it was given its final name of Flo, after the postmaster's dog. The post office closed sometime after 1930.

The first school in Kidd's Mill was opened before the Civil War. In 1927 a consolidated school was established at Flo. In 1940 a rock-walled school building, called "Flo's Folly" by some, was named Lone Star School and served students all the way from the Midway-Russel area, until it burned and was replaced by a brick building. The remnants of the rock school could still be seen in 1990. As of 1986 the children of Flo were being bussed to Oakwood.

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  • (Bethlehem)
  • (Kidd's Mills)
  • (Midway 2)
  • (New Hope)
  • (Oden)
  • (Oneta 2)
  • (Roebuck)
  • (Wheelock)


Latitude: 31.41823290
Longitude: -95.91301490

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