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The town of Peach Creek was between the Colorado River and West Bernard Creek on Peach Creek. It spanned the Colorado-Matagorda county line until 1846, when Wharton County was established, and the entire township was located in the new county. The community served William Kincheloe and Alexander Jackson, Sr., whose common league border served as the division for Colorado and Matagorda counties. Martin Allen, Isham B. Phillips, and G. W. Singleton also had leagues around the community. When the Republic of Texas was formed, a postal route was designated to serve Peach Creek; Phillips was the first postmaster. In March 1839 a second postal station, known as Kincheloe's Crossing, was designated for Peach Creek; Alexander Jackson, Jr., was postmaster. The Phillips route was sometimes known as Phillips to distinguish the routes. Peach Creek was listed as a Colorado County postal station when Jackson was postmaster. Jackson also operated a store. When Wharton County was established in 1846, Kincheloe's sons offered a site on the Colorado River as the county seat. On July 1, 1847, the Peach Creek postal station was discontinued and the mail routed to Wharton. The most prominent citizen to call Peach Creek his home was Judge George E. Quinan, Texas senator and one of the founders of the State Bar Association. There are two known cemeteries dating to the Peach Creek community era, one containing slaves and black employees (no markers evident) and one where Quinan, his wife, and stepson are buried.

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