In every Texas Almanac since 1996, we include short obituaries for people who had passed away in the previous two years that had made an impact in the state.

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A&M Twelve

  • Miranda Denise Adams
  • Christopher D. Breen
  • Michael Stephen Ebanks
  • Jeremy Richard Frampton
  • Jamie Lynn Hand
  • Christopher Lee Heard
  • Timothy Doran Kerlee, Jr.
  • Lucas John Kimmel
  • Bryan A. McClain
  • Chad A. Powell
  • Jerry Don Self
  • Nathan Scott West

November 18, 1999
(24 years ago)

Twelve Texas A&M students died in collapse of campus bonfire A&M Twelve

West Fatalities

  • Rick Husband
  • William C. McCool
  • Michael P. Anderson
  • David M. Brown
  • Kalpana Chawla
  • Laurel Clark
  • Ilan Ramon

December 8, 2004
(19 years ago)

Fatalities from the fertilizer plant explosion in the north-central town of West. West Fatalities

Astronauts of Columbia

  • Morris Bridges
  • Perry Calvin
  • Jerry D. Chapman
  • Cody Dragoo
  • Kenny Harris
  • Jimmy Matus
  • Judith Ann Monroe
  • Joey Pustejovsky
  • Cyrus Adam Reed
  • Mariano Saldivar
  • Kevin William Sanders
  • Douglas "Doug" Snokhous
  • Robert "Bob" Snokhous
  • Buck Uptmor

July 17, 2004
(19 years ago)

All had spent time training in Texas and were seen as Texas' own; two had strong Texas ties, Rick Husband to Amarillo and William McCool to Lubbock; shuttle broke apart over Texas. Astronauts of Columbia

Trigg, Charles, 93

  • Charles Trigg

December 30, 1996
(27 years ago)

Benefactor of Southern Methodist University including $10 million in 1985. Trigg, Charles, 93

Trigg, Mary Katherine "Kitty," 87

  • Mary Katherine "Kitty" Trigg

August 2, 1997
(26 years ago)

Benefactor of Southern Methodist University including $10 million in 1985. Trigg, Mary Katherine "Kitty," 87

Abbott, "Dimebag" Darrell, 38

  • "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott

December 9, 2004
(19 years ago)

One of heavy-metal's top guitarists, gained fame in 1990s with group Pantera; Dalworthington Gardens resident was shot to death, along with four others, while performing in Columbus, Ohio. Abbott, "Dimebag" Darrell, 38

Abraham, Elias, 90

  • Elias Abraham

April 17, 2004
(20 years ago)

Businessman who was the last of the 12 brothers and sisters who emigrated from Syria to start the Abraham dynasty in El Paso. Abraham, Elias, 90

Acers, Ebby Halliday, 104

  • Ebby Halliday Acers

September 8, 2015
(8 years ago)

The first lady of Metroplex real estate, her 70-year-old company began with just her alone but grew to 1,700 sales associates and became the tenth largest real estate firm in the nation; born Vera Lucille Koch in Leslie, Ark., she adopted Ebby Halliday as her professional name in the 1930s when she was in retail sales; moved to Dallas in 1938; married for 27 years to ex-FBI agent and businessman Maurice Acers, who died in 1993; died in Dallas. Acers, Ebby Halliday, 104

Adair, Paul N. "Red," 89

  • Paul N. "Red" Adair

August 7, 2004
(19 years ago)

Oilfield firefighter for 50 years; immortalized by John Wayne in the movie, The Hellfighters, based on his life. Adair, Paul N. "Red," 89

Adamcik, Charlie F., 81

  • Charlie F. Adamcik

August 8, 1996
(27 years ago)

Longtime leader of Czech community in Dallas; state director of the Czech Catholic Union of Texas for more than 20 years and honorary state director until his death. Adamcik, Charlie F., 81

Adams, Bud, 90

  • Bud Adams

October 21, 2013
(10 years ago)

Oilman who was one of the founders of the American Football League in 1960 and owner of the Houston Oilers, he moved the franchise to Tennessee in 1997. Adams, Bud, 90

Adams, John G., 91

  • John G. Adams

June 26, 2003
(20 years ago)

Served as general counsel for the Army in the 1950s when he was nemesis to Sen. Joe McCarthy during televised hearings. Adams, John G., 91

Adams, Randall Dale, 61

  • Randall Dale Adams

October 30, 2010
(13 years ago)

Former death row inmate, one of the first from Dallas to be exonerated, released from prison in 1989 following an outcry brought on by the documentary The Thin Blue Line. Adams, Randall Dale, 61

Adkisson, Doris, 82

  • Doris Adkisson

October 23, 2015
(8 years ago)

Matriarch of Dallas' Von Erich wrestling family; Doris Juanita Smith married in 1950 her Dallas Crozier Tech high school sweetheart Jack, who became wrestling's Fritz Von Erich, who died in 1997; tragically, five of their sons preceded her in death. Adkisson, Doris, 82

Adkisson, Jack (Fritz Von Erich), 68

  • Jack "Fritz Von Erich" Adkisson

September 10, 1997
(26 years ago)

Patriarch of wrestling's famous and tragic Von Erich family. Adkisson, Jack (Fritz Von Erich), 68

Agnich, Fred J., 91

  • Fred J. Agnich

October 28, 2004
(19 years ago)

Business executive and legislator who in 1970 was the first Republican elected countywide in Dallas since Reconstruction; served in Legislature until 1988 where he was a member of the Dirty Thirty, a reform-minded coalition. Agnich, Fred J., 91

Ahn, Suzanne, 51

  • Suzanne Ahn

June 22, 2003
(20 years ago)

Neurologist and Dallas community leader, Korean native raised in Tyler, served on the Texas Air Quality Control Board and the State Board of Medical Examiners; died in Dallas from cancer. Ahn, Suzanne, 51

Akers, Fred, 82

  • Fred Akers

December 7, 2020
(3 years ago)

Head coached the University of Texas at Austin football team from 1977–1986, including coaching Earl Campbell the year he won his Heisman Trophy; also coached at University of Wyoming (1975–1976) and Purdue (1987–1990) and ended his career with a record of 108–75–3; Arkansas native, moved to Horseshoe Bay in 2008. Akers, Fred, 82

Albritton, Ford D. 93

  • Ford D. Albritton

January 26, 2014
(10 years ago)

Businessman, A&M Class of 1943, served as A&M regent 1968–75 and as president of former students, donated the landmark bell tower on campus in 1984. Albritton, Ford D. 93

Alden, Norm, 87

  • Norm Alden

July 27, 2012
(11 years ago)

Television and movie actor for 50 years, played owner of Lou's Diner in Back to the Future, Fort Worth native, TCU graduate. Alden, Norm, 87

Alger, Bruce, 96

  • Bruce Alger

April 13, 2015
(9 years ago)

Staunch conservative member of Congress for 10 years from Dallas, the lone Republican in the Texas delegation when elected in 1954, led a group of demonstrators that in 1960 accosted Lyndon Johnson and Lady Bird at a campaign appearance in Dallas. Alger, Bruce, 96

Alkek, Albert B., 85

  • Albert B. Alkek

March 1, 1995
(29 years ago)

Oilman who helped establish the Texas Medical Center in Houston. Alkek, Albert B., 85

Allbritton, Joe L., 87

  • Joe L. Allbritton

December 12, 2012
(11 years ago)

Communications baron from Houston, after success in banking he bought the Washington Star and its TV station in 1974 becoming an important figure in D.C. social hierarchy, Baylor graduate. Allbritton, Joe L., 87

Allen, Bob, 70

  • Bob Allen

October 19, 2016
(7 years ago)

One of the nation's longest-tenured sports anchors serving for more than 40 years, beginning at Houston's KTRK Channel 13 in 1974 and moving to KHOU Channel 11 in 2013; covered Oilers, Astros and Rockets; grew up in West University Place, attended Houston Westbury High School and Stephen F. Austin State University. Allen, Bob, 70

Allen, J. B., 67

  • J. B. Allen

December 13, 2005
(18 years ago)

One of the West's best known cowboy poets who worked from his ranch in Whiteface, only starting to write poetry at age 50. Allen, J. B., 67

Allison, Joe, 77

  • Joe Allison

August 2, 2002
(21 years ago)

McKinney native co-wrote Jim Reeves hit "He'll Have to Go," and other songs; helped form the Country Music Disc Jockey Assoc., which later became the Country Music Assoc. Allison, Joe, 77

Allred, Sammy, 84

  • Sammy Allred

May 10, 2018
(5 years ago)

Nationally known as one of the Geezinslaw Brothers (with Dewayne Smith) from gigs starting on Arthur Godfrey's radio program to later appearances on late-night television talk shows; Austin humorist, country singer, and a deejay for more than 30 years; Austin native. Allred, Sammy, 84

Ammerman, Dan, 76

  • Dan Ammerman

May 11, 2009
(14 years ago)

Television news anchor at Houston's KTRK in 1960s and 1970s, actor with roles including doctor who dug the bullet out of J.R. on Dallas, in the film Local Hero and in several TV movies. Ammerman, Dan, 76

Anderson, Brad, 91

  • Brad Anderson

August 30, 2015
(8 years ago)

Creator of Marmaduke, the cartoon featuring the outsized Great Dane; the internationally-syndicated single-panel and strip cartoons first appeared in 1954; since 1994 the New York native had lived and worked in Texas; died at a hospital in The Woodlands near his Montgomery home. Anderson, Brad, 91

Anderson, Carl, 83

  • Carl Anderson

August 30, 2014
(9 years ago)

Taylor native, A&M professor of agricultural economics, considered one of state's leading cotton analysts, provided the Texas Almanac with agriculture analysis from 1978–2010. Anderson, Carl, 83

Anderson, M. J. "Andy," 96

  • M. J. "Andy" Anderson

October 10, 2004
(19 years ago)

One of Austin's first black real estate agents, political science professor at Huston-Tillotson College and political power broker; was national director for minority affairs for Lyndon Johnson's presidential campaign. Anderson, M. J. "Andy," 96

Anderson, Pat, 63

  • Pat Anderson

October 6, 1995
(28 years ago)

Co-founder of Half Price Books, one of the largest used-book chains in the United States. Anderson, Pat, 63

Andrews, William "Rooster," 84

  • William "Rooster" Andrews

January 21, 2008
(16 years ago)

Diminutive UT Longhorn booster, team manager, player in 1940s, became giant in sporting goods retailing. Andrews, William "Rooster," 84

Andujar, Elizabeth R. "Betty," 84

  • Elizabeth R. "Betty" Andujar

June 8, 1997
(26 years ago)

Former state senator from Fort Worth and matriarch of the Tarrant County Republican Party. Andujar, Elizabeth R. "Betty," 84

Applewhite, Marshall H., 65

  • Marshall H. Applewhite

March 26, 1997
(27 years ago)

Spur native and Texas minister's son who led Heaven's Gate cult into suicides in California. Applewhite, Marshall H., 65

Ardoin, John, 66

  • John Ardoin

March 19, 2001
(23 years ago)

Spent 32 years as music critic with The Dallas Morning News, becoming internationally known; died in Costa Rica, where he moved after retiring in 1998. Ardoin, John, 66

Arhos, Bill, 80

  • Bill Arhos

April 11, 2015
(9 years ago)

Founder of Austin City Limits in 1974, Teague native raised in Bryan, Rice University graduate, began working with Austin's public TV station in 1961. Arhos, Bill, 80

Armstrong, Anne, 80

  • Anne Armstrong

July 30, 2008
(15 years ago)

Texas Republican stalwart, born Anne Legendre in New Orleans, married into South Texas ranch family, adviser to four presidents, served as U.S. ambassador to Great Britain, was Kenedy County commissioner at time of her death. Armstrong, Anne, 80

Armstrong, Garner Ted, 73

  • Garner Ted Armstrong

September 15, 2003
(20 years ago)

Evangelist known for radio program World Tomorrow; founded Church of God International in 1978 after his father, Herbert W. Armstrong, excommunicated him from the Worldwide Church of God. Armstrong, Garner Ted, 73

Armstrong, John B., 83

  • John B. Armstrong

February 20, 2003
(21 years ago)

Former King Ranch CEO and third generation rancher; ran unsuccessfully for agriculture commissioner in 1964 and served on the Texas Animal Commission. Armstrong, John B., 83

Armstrong, Neil, 82

  • Neil Armstrong

August 25, 2012
(11 years ago)

The astronaut who was the first man to walk on the moon in 1969, lived most of the 1960s at El Lago while working at NASA. Armstrong, Neil, 82

Armstrong, Tobin, 82

  • Tobin Armstrong

October 7, 2005
(18 years ago)

Descendant of pioneer South Texas ranching family; director of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raising Association for 48 years. Armstrong, Tobin, 82

Arrambide, Lilia Natalia De-Cory, 93

  • Lilia Natalia De-Cory Arrambide

May 10, 2001
(22 years ago)

Founder of Pancho's Mexican Buffet, which grew into a chain of restaurants throughout the Southwest. Arrambide, Lilia Natalia De-Cory, 93

Artis, Orsten, 74

  • Orsten Artis

December 26, 2017
(6 years ago)

The 6-foot-1 co-captain of the Texas Western (now the University of Texas at El Paso) basketball team; in 1966 they were the first team of African-American starters to win the NCAA national championship, defeating the University of Kentucky; the story was portrayed in the 2006 film Glory Road; born in Gary, Ind., where he had a long career as a police detective. Artis, Orsten, 74

Ash, Mary Kay, 83

  • Mary Kay Ash

November 22, 2001
(22 years ago)

Her cosmetics company (known for its signature color pink) grew from 11 employees in 1963 to a multimillion-dollar global empire at her death. Ash, Mary Kay, 83

Aston, James W., 83

  • James W. Aston

October 2, 1995
(28 years ago)

Dallas business leader pivotal in building Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and UT Southwestern Medical Center. Aston, James W., 83

Attlesey, Sam, 56

  • Sam Attlesey

April 2, 2003
(21 years ago)

Distinguished reporter of Texas politics for 28 years for The Dallas Morning News, serving as deputy director of the Austin bureau at his death from cancer. Attlesey, Sam, 56

Atwell, Ben "Jumbo," 82

  • Ben "Jumbo" Atwell

June 29, 1998
(25 years ago)

Democratic legislator 1951 to 1975 from Dallas who wrote several tax bills during the 1960s that drew opposition from business interests. Atwell, Ben "Jumbo," 82

Autry, Gene, 91

  • Gene Autry

October 2, 1998
(25 years ago)

The singing cowboy born in Tioga; besides his movie and television work, he was a sports team owner, broadcast tycoon and philanthropist. Autry, Gene, 91

Avery, James, 96

  • James Avery

April 30, 2018
(5 years ago)

Creator of the jewelry empire that began as a one-man operation in Kerrville in 1954; at his death the company had 80 stores across the South; Wisconsin native's service at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio during World War II brought him to settle in the Hill Country a few years later. Avery, James, 96

Avezzano, Joe, 68

  • Joe Avezzano

April 5, 2012
(12 years ago)

Colorful special-teams coach who helped the Dallas Cowboys win three Super Bowls in the 1990s; died in Italy where he was coaching a Milan football team. Avezzano, Joe, 68

Azpiazu, José, 100

  • José Azpiazu

July 29, 2004
(19 years ago)

Priest who founded the popular San Juan del Valle shrine in the Lower Rio Grande Valley in 1954. Azpiazu, José, 100

Baker, Edith, 78

  • Edith Baker

November 1, 2003
(20 years ago)

Founding member of the American Women in Radio and Television in Houston; credited with helping Tejano music onto the airwaves in 1980s. Baker, Edith, 78

Baker, O. T., 95

  • O. T. Baker

January 21, 2006
(18 years ago)

Center native who founded the Texas Folklife Festival in 1972 in San Antonio and served as director for its first five years. Baker, O. T., 95

Baker, Paul, 98

  • Paul Baker

October 25, 2009
(14 years ago)

Legendary theatre figure in Texas, headed drama departments at Baylor and Trinity, founding artistic director of Dallas Theater Center. Baker, Paul, 98

Ballard, Clint Jr., 77

  • Clint Ballard Jr.

December 23, 2008
(15 years ago)

Songwriter born in El Paso, attended University of North Texas, graduated from UTEP, best known for 1965 hit "Game of Love" and Linda Ronstadt's hit "You're No Good." Ballard, Clint Jr., 77

Ballas, George C. Sr., 85

  • George C. Ballas Sr.

June 25, 2011
(12 years ago)

Houston entrepreneur and dance studio owner who invented the Weed Eater in 1971 after watching the whirling soap brushes at a car wash. Ballas, George C. Sr., 85

Banner, Bob, 89

  • Bob Banner

June 15, 2011
(12 years ago)

Ennis native who after SMU went on to produce TV shows beginning with Kukla, Fran & Ollie and going on to The Carol Burnett Show, Gary Moore Show, Candid Camera, and many others. Banner, Bob, 89

Barnett, Etta Moten, 102

  • Etta Moten Barnett

January 2, 2004
(20 years ago)

Weimar native played romantic roles in movies in the 1930s when most black actresses were relegated to roles as maids; was featured in the show-stopping "Carioca" number in Flying Down to Rio; named one of Texas' 100 most influential women of the 20th century by the state's Women's Chamber of Commerce in 1999. Barnett, Etta Moten, 102

Barr, Candy, 70

  • Candy Barr

December 30, 2005
(18 years ago)

Born Juanita Dale Slusher in Edna, she became famed stripper in Dallas in the 1950s, making headlines for her drug arrests. Barr, Candy, 70

Barrios, Viola B., 76

  • Viola B. Barrios

April 24, 2008
(15 years ago)

Matriarch of San Antonio restaurant family, started in 1979 Los Barrios, one of the city's best-known Mexican restaurants. Barrios, Viola B., 76

Barrow, Charles W., 84

  • Charles W. Barrow

July 25, 2006
(17 years ago)

Texas Supreme Court justice, chief judge of the U.S. 4th Court of Appeals and dean of the law school at Baylor University. Barrow, Charles W., 84

Barshop, Philip, 61

  • Philip Barshop

November 20, 1998
(25 years ago)

Founded the La Quinta Inns chain with his brother. Barshop, Philip, 61

Bass, Anne, 78

  • Anne Bass

April 1, 2020
(4 years ago)

Investor, documentary filmmaker, and philanthropist; directed Dancing Across Borders (2010) about a girl from Cambodia attending the School of American Ballet and becoming a professional dancer; native Hoosier rescued the Texas Ballet Theater from bankruptcy and supported the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth and the Van Cliburn Foundation, among others. Bass, Anne, 78

Bass, Harry W. Jr., 71

  • Harry W. Bass Jr.

April 4, 1998
(26 years ago)

Oil executive who headed the Harry Bass Foundation, established by his father, which supported Dallas museums and charities. Bass, Harry W. Jr., 71

Bass, Perry R., 91

  • Perry R. Bass

June 1, 2006
(17 years ago)

Prominent philanthropist and businessman whose family led the transformation of downtown Fort Worth. Bass, Perry R., 91

Bass, Richard D., 85

  • Richard D. Bass

July 26, 2015
(8 years ago)

Scion of Dallas oil family, adventurer and mountain climber, co-wrote in 1986 Seven Summits chronicling his being the first to climb highest peak of every continent, graduate of Highland Park High School. Bass, Richard D., 85

Baugh, John F., 91

  • John F. Baugh

March 5, 2007
(17 years ago)

Founder in 1946 of the nation's largest restaurant supplier, Sysco; gave $25 million to Baylor University in his hometown of Waco; founding trustee of Houston Baptist University. Baugh, John F., 91

Baugh, Sammy, 94

  • Sammy Baugh

December 17, 2008
(15 years ago)

Record-setting quarterback "Slingin' Sammy" led TCU and Washington Redskins to national championships in 1930s and 1940s, born near Temple, completed high school in Sweetwater. Baugh, Sammy, 94

Baxter, Norman E., 79

  • Norman E. Baxter

August 19, 1998
(25 years ago)

Illustrator best known for his drawings of city skylines used as covers for the Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages for more than ten years. Baxter, Norman E., 79

Bean, Alan, 86

  • Alan Bean

May 26, 2018
(5 years ago)

In November 1969 became fourth person to walk on the moon; returned to space in July 1973 as commander of the flight to the orbiting space research station Skylab; native of Wheeler in the Panhandle, grew up in Fort Worth, University of Texas 1955; he left NASA in 1981 to became a full-time artist. Bean, Alan, 86

Beaty, Zelmo, 73

  • Zelmo Beaty

August 27, 2013
(10 years ago)

Hillister native, attended school in Woodville, Prairie View A&M basketball star who left the NBA in 1970 to lead the Utah Stars to the ABA championship. Beaty, Zelmo, 73

Belden, Joe, 90

  • Joe Belden

June 16, 2005
(18 years ago)

Polling pioneer who in 1940 founded the Texas Poll, the first statewide opinion survey in the country and a model for others that followed; born José Belden to Mexican parents in Eagle Pass; worked in Austin and Dallas. Belden, Joe, 90

Bell, Ray Howard, 71

  • Ray Howard Bell

June 11, 1997
(26 years ago)

Former Fort Worth NAACP president who helped guide city through school desegregation. Bell, Ray Howard, 71

Bellard, Emory, 83

  • Emory Bellard

February 10, 2011
(13 years ago)

Creator of the wishbone offense in college football, head coach at Texas A&M in the 1970s and at Mississippi State. Bellard, Emory, 83

Bellows, George Ferris, 80

  • George Ferris Bellows

May 30, 2005
(18 years ago)

Head of the family construction firm that built the San Jacinto Monument and other Houston landmarks, such as the Alley Theatre, the Wortham Center and the Tenneco Building; on the board of the Texas Medical Center and Texas Children's Hospital since 1967. Bellows, George Ferris, 80

Benavidez, Roy P., 63

  • Roy P. Benavidez

November 29, 1998
(25 years ago)

Retired Army master sergeant who received the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Vietnam War. Benavidez, Roy P., 63

Beneke, Gordon "Tex," 86

  • Gordon "Tex" Beneke

May 30, 2000
(23 years ago)

Singer and sax player who took over the Glenn Miller Orchestra after Miller's death; Fort Worth native known for singing "Chattanooga Choo Choo" and saxophone solos on "In the Mood." Beneke, Gordon "Tex," 86

Bennett, Kyle, 33

  • Kyle Bennett

October 14, 2012
(11 years ago)

Bicycle motorcross racer, three-time world champion, represented the United States in the Beijing Olympics; died in a car accident near his home in Conroe. Bennett, Kyle, 33

Benson, Cedric, 36

  • Cedric Benson

August 17, 2019
(4 years ago)

All-American running back for the Texas Longhorns and fourth overall pick in the NFL draft in 2005; Midland native's professional career highlights include rushing 1,000+ yards for three seasons back-to-back with the Cincinnati Bengals; ended his career after a Lisfranc injury in 2012. Benson, Cedric, 36

Bentsen, Lloyd M. Jr., 85

  • Lloyd M. Bentsen Jr.

May 23, 2006
(17 years ago)

Born in Mission in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, represented Texas in the U.S. Senate for 22 years; vice presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket in 1988; former secretary of Treasury. Bentsen, Lloyd M. Jr., 85

Berlin, Paul, 86

  • Paul Berlin

June 22, 2017
(6 years ago)

Longtime radio personality in Houston beginning in 1950; was deejay for rock ‘n roll to country to easy listening music; retired in 2004 but returned to Houston radio in 2010 to host a Saturday night show until 2016. Berlin, Paul, 86

Berman, Leo, 79

  • Leo Berman

May 23, 2015
(8 years ago)

Brooklyn native, son of Jewish immigrants from Europe, became city council member in Arlington and from 1999–2012 conservative GOP legislator from Tyler. Berman, Leo, 79

Bernal, Eloy, 61

  • Eloy Bernal

April 22, 1998
(26 years ago)

Tejano star described as one of the great bajo sexto (12-string guitar) players and well-known Spanish gospel singers; died in a bus accident near Corpus Christi. Bernal, Eloy, 61

Besser, Saul, 62

  • Saul Besser

August 30, 1996
(27 years ago)

Rabbi at Temple Shalom in Dallas for 20 years, catalyst for Jewish-Christian dialogue in city. Besser, Saul, 62

Biffle, Kent, 82

  • Kent Biffle

August 23, 2015
(8 years ago)

Reporter for 50 years, mostly with the Dallas Morning News where he wrote a Texana column from 1984–2008, as well as a long-running language column; born near Clifton and raised in Gainesville. Biffle, Kent, 82

Biggers, John T., 76

  • John T. Biggers

January 25, 2001
(23 years ago)

Pioneering muralist known for portraying the African-American experience; he founded the art department at Texas Southern University in 1949. Biggers, John T., 76

Biggs, Electra Waggoner, 88

  • Electra Waggoner Biggs

April 23, 2001
(23 years ago)

Sculptor of Fort Worth's Will Rogers statue and other statues in the state; member of Waggoner ranching family. Biggs, Electra Waggoner, 88

Birdwell, Lloyd, 70

  • Lloyd Birdwell

January 9, 2014
(10 years ago)

Comfort native grew up in Dallas, St. Mark's grad, free-spirited artist founded Austin's annual Eeyore's Birthday Party in 1963. Birdwell, Lloyd, 70

Bittle, Jerry, 53

  • Jerry Bittle

April 7, 2003
(21 years ago)

Dallas-area cartoonist of the nationally syndicated Geech and Shirley & Son comic strips; died of a heart attack while scuba diving in Honduras. Bittle, Jerry, 53

Bivins, Teel, 61

  • Teel Bivins

October 26, 2009
(14 years ago)

Served in state Senate for 15 years, was U.S. ambassador to Sweden 2004–06. Bivins, Teel, 61

Black, Edgar Jr., 91

  • Edgar Black Jr.

June 2, 2017
(6 years ago)

Pitmaster at Black's Barbecue in Lockhart from 1962 when he took over from his father who started the family business in 1932; Black's is said to be one of the first barbecue joints in Texas to cook brisket. Black, Edgar Jr., 91

Blanchard, Doc, 84

  • Doc Blanchard

April 19, 2009
(15 years ago)

Heisman Trophy winner and three-time All-American at Army in 1944 to 1946 where he was "Mr. Inside" to Glenn Davis' "Mr. Outside"; died in Bulverde where he had lived the last 20 years. Blanchard, Doc, 84

Blanton, William W. "Bill," 90

  • William W. "Bill" Blanton

April 11, 2014
(10 years ago)

Five-term legislator 1977-87, sponsored bills for free summer school and standardized graduation testing. Blanton, William W. "Bill," 90

Blocker, John R., 76

  • John R. Blocker

January 1, 1999
(25 years ago)

Houston oilman and former Texas A&M University regent, contributor to Aggie causes. Blocker, John R., 76

Bock, George "Pete," 86

  • George "Pete" Bock

February 8, 1995
(29 years ago)

Longtime Dallas conservative and business leader. Bock, George "Pete," 86

Bock, Harry, 80

  • Harry Bock

July 12, 2010
(13 years ago)

Lithuania native survived a Nazi concentration camp, became known for his Dallas jewelry business, Bachendorf's, and for his radio commercials. Bock, Harry, 80

Bode, Elroy, 86

  • Elroy Bode

September 10, 2017
(6 years ago)

The author of ten books about El Paso and the Hill Country was born in Kerrville; after serving as an officer in the Air Force he moved in 1958 to El Paso, a city he came to love and where he taught high school creative writing and English for 30 years; his work also appeared in the Southwest Review, the Texas Observer, and other publications. Bode, Elroy, 86

Bode, Mary Jane, 71

  • Mary Jane Bode

September 23, 1998
(25 years ago)

A former state representative and longtime Texas newswoman; died in Barrington, Ill., while visiting her daughter. Bode, Mary Jane, 71

Bond, Thomas Ross, 79

  • Thomas Ross Bond

September 24, 2005
(18 years ago)

Dallas native played Butch the bully in the Our Gang and Little Rascals serials in the 1930s; in 1940s played Jimmy Olsen in two Superman movies. Bond, Thomas Ross, 79

Bonham, Donald L., 74

  • Donald L. Bonham

April 5, 2003
(21 years ago)

Co-founder in 1972 of Fiesta Mart supermarkets specializing in international foods, one store grew to chain of 49 across Texas. Bonham, Donald L., 74

Boothe, Powers, 68

  • Powers Boothe

May 14, 2017
(6 years ago)

Snyder native and actor known for portraying dark characters in projects such as Rev. Jim Jones in the television drama Guyana Tragedy for which he won an Emmy Award in 1980, and in movies such as the 2005 Sin City; attended Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) and received a master's degree in drama from Southern Methodist University. Boothe, Powers, 68

Borlaug, Norman, 95

  • Norman Borlaug

September 12, 2009
(14 years ago)

Nobel Prize-winning plant scientist and father of the "green revolution" that increased crop yields worldwide, distinguished professor at Texas A&M. Borlaug, Norman, 95

Bowers, Elliot, 83

  • Elliot Bowers

May 30, 2003
(20 years ago)

Associated for 52 years with Sam Houston State University where he was president from 1970 until 1989, its greatest period of growth. Bowers, Elliot, 83

Box, Harold, 81

  • Harold Box

May 8, 2011
(12 years ago)

Commerce native was dean of the UT architecture school 1976–92 where he raised a $6 million endowment. Box, Harold, 81

Bradley, Tom, 80

  • Tom Bradley

September 29, 1998
(25 years ago)

Former mayor of Los Angeles was born in Calvert. Bradley, Tom, 80

Bradshaw, A. G., 65

  • A. G. Bradshaw

January 16, 1997
(27 years ago)

Labor leader and United Way worker; former president of Dallas Council of the AFL-CIO. Bradshaw, A. G., 65

Bragan, Bobby, 92

  • Bobby Bragan

January 21, 2010
(14 years ago)

Manager of three major league teams, nicknamed "Mr. Baseball," associated with the Fort Worth Cats beginning in the 1940s. Bragan, Bobby, 92

Bragg, George, 81

  • George Bragg

May 31, 2007
(16 years ago)

Founder and director for 29 years of the Texas Boys Choir, which won numerous awards including two Grammys. Bragg, George, 81

Bramhall, Doyle, 62

  • Doyle Bramhall

November 13, 2011
(12 years ago)

Drummer and noted songwriter was Texas blues legend, part of the 1970s Austin music scene, collaborator with Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughn and others. Bramhall, Doyle, 62

Braubach, John H., 80

  • John H. Braubach

August 9, 1996
(27 years ago)

Longtime San Antonio civic leader; helped form the San Antonio Tennis Association and Alamo Boys' Ranch. Braubach, John H., 80

Brazelton, T. Berry, 99

  • T. Berry Brazelton

March 13, 2018
(6 years ago)

Waco native was nationally known pediatrician and best-selling author of books on childhood development; awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal in 2013; maintained a farm and historical home in Marlin that he inherited from his family. Brazelton, T. Berry, 99

Breazeale, George, 80

  • George Breazeale

September 25, 2010
(13 years ago)

Sportswriter for the Austin American-Statesman for 45 years, he was considered the authority on high school sports in Central Texas. Breazeale, George, 80

Breeden, Leon, 88

  • Leon Breeden

August 11, 2010
(13 years ago)

Longtime director of jazz studies at the University of North Texas in Denton beginning in 1959, making it an international mecca for jazz training, raised in Wichita Falls. Breeden, Leon, 88

Brent, Eve, 81

  • Eve Brent

August 27, 2011
(12 years ago)

Played Jane in Tarzan movies opposite Gordon Scott, had roles in other movies and TV over six decades, born in Houston, raised in Fort Worth. Brent, Eve, 81

Bright, H. R. "Bum," 84

  • H. R. "Bum" Bright

December 11, 2004
(19 years ago)

Owner of Dallas Cowboys 1984 to 1989; Dallas businessman; longtime member of the Texas A&M University Board of Regents. Bright, H. R. "Bum," 84

Brinker, Norman, 78

  • Norman Brinker

June 9, 2009
(14 years ago)

Dallas restaurateur who launched Steak & Ale in 1966, built Brinker International empire of more than 1,000 restaurants including Chili's and On the Border; died while on vacation in Colorado Springs. Brinker, Norman, 78

Brinkley, David, 82

  • David Brinkley

June 11, 2003
(20 years ago)

Famed television newsman with NBC's Huntley-Brinkley Report and later with ABC; died in Houston where he had retired. Brinkley, David, 82

Briscoe, Dolph, 87

  • Dolph Briscoe

June 27, 2010
(13 years ago)

Scion of Southwest Texas ranch family who served as governor during the oil boom years of 1972–78, restored credibility of state government following the Sharpstown scandal. Briscoe, Dolph, 87

Briscoe, Frank, 84

  • Frank Briscoe

January 4, 2011
(13 years ago)

A power in Houston politics for three decades, Harris County district attorney 1961–66, ran for mayor twice. Briscoe, Frank, 84

Briscoe, Janey, 76

  • Janey Briscoe

October 12, 2000
(23 years ago)

The former Texas first lady as wife of Gov. Dolph Briscoe Jr. (1972 to 1978); helped develop the sheltered workshop program with the state's mental health department and the state's first runaway hotline. Briscoe, Janey, 76

Brockett, Oscar, 87

  • Oscar Brockett

November 6, 2010
(13 years ago)

UT professor whose 1968 book, History of the Theatre, became a standard text for students over the last four decades. Brockett, Oscar, 87

Brooks, David Owen, 65

  • David Owen Brooks

May 28, 2020
(3 years ago)

One of a trio of men who committed what became known as the Houston Mass Murders from 1970–1973, when they abducted, tortured, raped, and murdered at least 28 young men and boys; although not the ringleader, he was found guilty and sentenced to 99 years in prison. Brooks, David Owen, 65

Brooks, Donald Arthur, 83

  • Donald Arthur Brooks

March 5, 2005
(19 years ago)

The first black doctor in Texas to be board certified in surgery in 1957; became chief of surgery at St. Joseph Hospital in Fort Worth. Brooks, Donald Arthur, 83

Brooks, Jack, 89

  • Jack Brooks

December 4, 2012
(11 years ago)

Liberal Democrat spent 42 years in Congress representing Southeast Texas, one of only 11 Southerners to vote for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Brooks, Jack, 89

Brown, Caro, 93

  • Caro Brown

August 5, 2001
(22 years ago)

Reporter for the Alice Daily Echo whose coverage of Duval County political boss George Parr earned her a Pulitzer Prize in 1955. Brown, Caro, 93

Brown, Charles, 83

  • Charles Brown

May 11, 2014
(9 years ago)

Basketball player who was the first black athlete at Texas Western (UTEP) a decade before the Glory Road 1966 championship team; became school administrator in San Francisco. Brown, Charles, 83

Brown, Clarence "Gatemouth," 81

  • Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown

September 10, 2005
(18 years ago)

Singer and guitarist famous for juke-joint stomp numbers but who also performed jazz, country, blues, zydeco and Cajun; died in Orange, where he grew up. Brown, Clarence "Gatemouth," 81

Brown, Reagan, 78

  • Reagan Brown

November 16, 1999
(24 years ago)

Served as state's agricultural commissioner 1977 to 1983; Texas humorist who traveled country speaking at events; spent 30 years at Texas A&M University as extension sociologist; died on his Brazos County ranch in tractor accident. Brown, Reagan, 78

Browning, Edmond L., 87

  • Edmond L. Browning

July 11, 2016
(7 years ago)

Corpus Christi native served as presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States for 12 years beginning in 1986; a liberal who consecrated the church's first female bishop; as a young priest served in Corpus Christi and Eagle Pass before going overseas. Browning, Edmond L., 87

Bruner, Cliff, 85

  • Cliff Bruner

August 25, 2000
(23 years ago)

Fiddle player, pioneer in Western swing. Bruner, Cliff, 85

Bruner, Millie, 61

  • Millie Bruner

August 2, 1997
(26 years ago)

Served Grand Prairie in a variety of Democratic Party positions; political strategist at state and national level. Bruner, Millie, 61

Buckley, James H. "Jim" Jr., 83

  • James H. "Jim" Buckley Jr.

June 12, 2010
(13 years ago)

Co-founded the Texas Famous Chili Co. in the 1950s, selling refrigerated bricks at supermarkets throughout the region. Buckley, James H. "Jim" Jr., 83

Buckmeyer, Jerry, 76

  • Jerry Buckmeyer

September 21, 2009
(14 years ago)

Overton native, federal judge beginning in 1979, ruled for open housing and single-member council districts in Dallas. Buckmeyer, Jerry, 76

Bullock, Bob, 69

  • Bob Bullock

June 18, 1999
(24 years ago)

Former Democratic lieutenant governor who crafted state policy for four decades. Bullock, Bob, 69

Bumgardner, Max, 81

  • Max Bumgardner

April 12, 2005
(19 years ago)

Wichita Falls native was University of Texas co-captain in 1947 when he caught passes from Bobby Layne; coach at Angelo State University 1950 to 1968; on football staff at Texas A&M until 1978. Bumgardner, Max, 81

Bunton, Lucius D. III, 76

  • Lucius D. Bunton III

January 17, 2001
(23 years ago)

Federal judge in Midland, known as friend to environmentalists. Bunton, Lucius D. III, 76

Burleson, T. E. Sr., 88

  • T. E. Burleson Sr.

September 14, 1996
(27 years ago)

Started honey-packing operation in 1929 in Waxahachie where he later served as mayor. Burleson, T. E. Sr., 88

Burnett, Warren, 75

  • Warren Burnett

September 23, 2002
(21 years ago)

Legendary Odessa trial lawyer who fought for school integration, the United Farm Workers Union, defended La Raza Unida activists. Burnett, Warren, 75

Burns, Robert, 60

  • Robert Burns

June 4, 2004
(19 years ago)

University of Texas drama graduate who did special effects for several movies, best known as art director for the horror classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Burns, Robert, 60

Burns, Stoney, 68

  • Stoney Burns

April 28, 2011
(12 years ago)

A leading voice for 1960s Dallas counterculture when he was editor of the alternative newspaper Dallas Notes. Burns, Stoney, 68

Burton, Wendell, 69

  • Wendell Burton

May 30, 2017
(6 years ago)

Actor born in San Antonio; starred with Liza Minnelli in the 1969 film The Sterile Cuckoo; made several other movies in the 1970s including Fortune and Men's Eyes; in his later years did ministerial work at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church. Burton, Wendell, 69

Busby, Horace, 76

  • Horace Busby

May 30, 2000
(23 years ago)

Longtime Washington consultant; grew up in Fort Worth; as editor of University of Texas Daily Texan in 1945 attracted attention of Lyndon Johnson and became one of President Johnson's most trusted advisers. Busby, Horace, 76

Bush, Barbara, 92

  • Barbara Bush

April 17, 2018
(6 years ago)

Born Barbara Pierce in New York, she became only the second woman (after Abigail Adams) to be both the wife and the mother of U.S. presidents; she and husband George H.W. (with little George W.) moved to Odessa in 1949, then Midland, and to Houston in 1959. Bush, Barbara, 92

Bush, George H.W., 94

  • George H.W. Bush

November 30, 2018
(5 years ago)

Son of U.S. Sen. Prescott Bush of Connecticut, became 41st president of the United States in 1989 after serving in numerous government positions including vice president; in 1949 moved his young family to West Texas to work in the oil business; Republican elected to Congress from Houston in 1966; died just months after the death of his wife. Bush, George H.W., 94

Buss, Frances, 92

  • Frances Buss

January 19, 2010
(14 years ago)

Rose from receptionist at CBS in 1941 to be a director in early television, helped establish the talk show, game show, and cooking show as TV staples, raised in Dallas. Buss, Frances, 92

Bustin, John, 70

  • John Bustin

April 8, 1998
(26 years ago)

Covered Austin entertainment for more than 50 years, 24 of those with the Austin American-Statesman. Bustin, John, 70

Butler, Eugene, 100

  • Eugene Butler

June 5, 1995
(28 years ago)

Longtime crusading editor of the Progressive Farmer, known by many as "Mr. Texas Agriculture." Butler, Eugene, 100

Butler, Joe Kelly, 87

  • Joe Kelly Butler

September 19, 1998
(25 years ago)

Houston oilman, former chairman of the Texas State Board of Education and the Texas Board of Mental Health and Mental Retardation. Butler, Joe Kelly, 87

Butler, Roy, 83

  • Roy Butler

November 13, 2009
(14 years ago)

Businessman who headed the Austin school board for many years and was mayor of Austin 1971–75. Butler, Roy, 83

Bybee, Faith P., 96

  • Faith P. Bybee

October 26, 1996
(27 years ago)

Former president of the Texas Historical Foundation and art patron in Houston, Round Top and Dallas. Bybee, Faith P., 96

Byers, W.B. "Bo," 90

  • W. B. "Bo" Byers

May 23, 2010
(13 years ago)

Longtime political reporter and bureau chief in Austin for the Houston Chronicle. Byers, W.B. "Bo," 90

Bynum, Raymond T. "Prof," 96

  • Raymond T. "Prof" Bynum

August 1, 2003
(20 years ago)

Originator of Texas' first high school marching band during halftime at an Abilene High School football game in 1926. Bynum, Raymond T. "Prof," 96

Byrd, James Jr., 49

  • James Byrd Jr.

June 7, 1998
(25 years ago)

Victim whose brutal killing generated national attention as a racially-motivated act. Byrd, James Jr., 49

Cace, Gerard, 59

  • Gerard Cace

July 19, 2012
(11 years ago)

Longview civic leader and owner of famed East Texas restaurant, Johnny Cace's, started by his father more than 60 years ago; died from a heart attack, in Louisiana on a fishing trip. Cace, Gerard, 59

Cade, J. Robert, 80

  • J. Robert Cade

November 27, 2007
(16 years ago)

San Antonio native and graduate of UT-Austin and UT Southwestern Medical School who with other researchers developed Gatorade in 1965, became spokesman in TV commercial. Cade, J. Robert, 80

Cadena, Carlos C., 83

  • Carlos C. Cadena

January 11, 2009
(15 years ago)

First Hispanic chief justice of a Texas appellate court when he was named in 1977. Cadena, Carlos C., 83

Caldeiro, Fernando "Frank," 51

  • Fernando "Frank" Caldeiro

October 3, 2009
(14 years ago)

Astronaut since 1996, Argentina native; died in League City after battling a brain tumor for two years. Caldeiro, Fernando "Frank," 51

Caldwell, Neil, 88

  • Neil Caldwell

February 6, 2018
(6 years ago)

State legislator from Brazoria County (1960–1977) was one of the "Dirty Thirty," the bipartisan group that exposed corruption in the state government in the 1970s; a progressive described as an intellectual and humorist; former state artist; served as district judge; received law degree from the University of Texas in 1957. Caldwell, Neil, 88

Calvert, Robert W., 89

  • Robert W. Calvert

October 6, 1994
(29 years ago)

Former chief justice of the Texas Supreme Court and former Texas House speaker. Calvert, Robert W., 89

Camacho, Daniel, 87

  • Daniel Camacho

July 10, 2001
(22 years ago)

Hispanic political leader in East Austin; influenced the careers of many prominent Austin Democrats. Camacho, Daniel, 87

Campbell, George H. Jr., 89

  • George H. Campbell Jr.

April 9, 2008
(16 years ago)

Fort Worth native, songwriter/arranger for big band music at New York's Copacabana Club in 1940s, but best known as writer of 1957 country classic "Four Walls." Campbell, George H. Jr., 89

Canales, Laura, 50

  • Laura Canales

April 16, 2005
(19 years ago)

Kingsville native was once known as the Queen of Tejano music, paved the way for other female Tejano singers; died in Corpus Christi from complications from gall bladder surgery. Canales, Laura, 50

Cantrell, James C., 90

  • James C. Cantrell

July 17, 2001
(22 years ago)

Former president of the Baptist Foundation of Texas and county judge of Collin County. Cantrell, James C., 90

Cantu, Camilo, 90

  • Camilo Cantu

March 3, 1998
(26 years ago)

Accordion legend inducted into the Conjunto Hall of Fame in 1987. Cantu, Camilo, 90

Cantu, Margarita Contreras, 93

  • Margarita Contreras Cantu

December 22, 2007
(16 years ago)

Organized Mexican-American families in 1956 in Kenedy and Atascosa counties to oppose segregation in schools, later took up the same struggle in Kendall County. Cantu, Margarita Contreras, 93

Cantu, Mario, 63

  • Mario Cantu

November 9, 2000
(23 years ago)

Civil rights activist and namesake of Mario's, a popular downtown San Antonio restaurant from the 1950s until it closed in 1989; born Mauro Jr., he once went into self-imposed exile in Europe and opened restaurant in Paris. Cantu, Mario, 63

Carl, Wilminor Morris, 106

  • Wilminor Morris Carl

November 30, 2011
(12 years ago)

Galveston native was one of the state's first female attorneys, 1925 graduate of Rice, in 1951 became first woman on board of directors of Houston Bar Assn. Carl, Wilminor Morris, 106

Carlen, Jim, 79

  • Jim Carlen

July 22, 2012
(11 years ago)

Football coach of Texas Tech from 1970–74, led the Red Raiders to four bowl games. Carlen, Jim, 79

Carothers, A J, 75

  • A. J. Carothers

April 9, 2007
(17 years ago)

Houston native was screenwriter for The Secret of My Success and The Happiest Millionaire; associate producer of TV's Playhouse 90 and GE Theater. Carothers, A J, 75

Carpenter, Liz, 89

  • Liz Carpenter

March 20, 2010
(14 years ago)

Author, women's rights activist and humorist was aide to Lyndon Johnson and press secretary to Lady Bird during the White House years. Carpenter, Liz, 89

Carpenter, Scott, 88

  • Scott Carpenter

October 10, 2013
(10 years ago)

One of the original seven astronauts and the second to orbit the Earth, after his astronaut years he continued in administration at the NASA center in Houston until 1967. Carpenter, Scott, 88

Carr, Billie, 74

  • Billie Carr

September 9, 2002
(21 years ago)

Leading Democratic party figure and activist over four decades, nicknamed "godmother of liberal politics in Texas." Carr, Billie, 74

Carr, Waggoner, 86

  • Waggoner Carr

February 25, 2004
(20 years ago)

Former Texas attorney general 1963 to 1967, House speaker and legislator from Lubbock. Carr, Waggoner, 86

Carrol, Lou, 83

  • Lou Carrol

April 3, 2006
(18 years ago)

The "man down in Texas" (in Belton) who gave Richard Nixon the dog that led to the famous Checkers speech. Carrol, Lou, 83

Carroll, Rocky, 79

  • Rocky Carroll

June 21, 2017
(6 years ago)

Renowned Houston boot maker who fashioned boots for seven U.S. presidents, Pope John Paul II, and many world celebrities; former detective for the Harris County sheriff's department; made his first pair of boots at age 6; died working at his RJ's Boot Company, which was founded by his father in 1938. Carroll, Rocky, 79

Carruth, Allen H. "Buddy," 77

  • Allen H. "Buddy" Carruth

September 12, 1996
(27 years ago)

Houston business and civic leader, former president of the Wortham Foundation, one of the city's largest philanthropic organizations. Carruth, Allen H. "Buddy," 77

Carruthers, Jacob H. Jr., 73

  • Jacob H. Carruthers Jr.

January 11, 2004
(20 years ago)

Raised in Houston, one of six blacks to break the color barrier at the University of Texas School of Law in 1950; went on to teach at Northeastern Illinois University, considered at expert in African history. Carruthers, Jacob H. Jr., 73

Carson, L.M. Kit, 73

  • L. M. Kit Carson

October 20, 2014
(9 years ago)

Actor, writer, film director and producer, well-known in the independent film world, David Holzman's Diary was his first film in 1967, raised in Irving, co-founded in 1970 the USA Film Festival. Carson, L.M. Kit, 73

Carter, Minnie Meacham, 93

  • Minnie Meacham Carter

January 27, 1996
(28 years ago)

Wife of former Fort Worth Star-Telegram publisher Amon Carter Sr.; active in opera and garden associations; father was mayor of Fort Worth. Carter, Minnie Meacham, 93

Cartwright, Gary, 82

  • Gary Cartwright

February 22, 2017
(7 years ago)

Renowned Texas writer of long-form journalism, much of his storytelling was for Texas Monthly from 1973 to 2010; Dallas native grew up in the West Texas town of Royalty; attended Arlington State College and the University of Texas at Austin before getting his bachelor's degree from Texas Christian University; worked at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and Dallas Morning News. Cartwright, Gary, 82

Caruth, Mabel Morrow Peters, 86

  • Mabel Morrow Peters Caruth

December 25, 2000
(23 years ago)

Philanthropist; matriarch of prominent Dallas family. Caruth, Mabel Morrow Peters, 86

Casey, Albert V., 84

  • Albert V. Casey

July 10, 2004
(19 years ago)

Former CEO of American Airlines who decided to move the company headquarters to Fort Worth in 1979, bringing thousands of jobs to the area. Casey, Albert V., 84

Casillas, Richard, 77

  • Richard Casillas

April 26, 2000
(23 years ago)

First Hispanic district director of U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service in 1969. Casillas, Richard, 77

Castillo, Ed, 80

  • Ed Castillo

September 28, 1996
(27 years ago)

Columnist who worked at the San Antonio Light for more than 25 years, helped open way for younger Hispanic journalists. Castillo, Ed, 80

Cates, Jean, 77

  • Jean Cates

April 28, 2015
(8 years ago)

National Cowgirl Hall of Fame inductee who with her sister became the first two women to win the Western Heritage chuckwagon cook-off in 1992. Cates, Jean, 77

Catto, Henry E. Jr., 81

  • Henry E. Catto Jr.

December 18, 2011
(12 years ago)

Served four Republican presidents as director of U.S. Information Agency, chief Pentagon spokesman, ambassador to El Salvador and to the United Kingdom. Catto, Henry E. Jr., 81

Catto, Jessica Hobby, 72

  • Jessica Hobby Catto

October 1, 2009
(14 years ago)

Patron of charities, noted conservationist, daughter of Oveta Culp Hobby and former Gov. William P. Hobby. Catto, Jessica Hobby, 72

Cauthorn, Julia, 80

  • Julia Cauthorn

December 6, 2000
(23 years ago)

Known as "Duchess of King William," worked to restore and preserve the 19th-century area of San Antonio. Cauthorn, Julia, 80

Cavazos, Bobby, 82

  • Bobby Cavazos

November 16, 2013
(10 years ago)

Son of a King Ranch foreman, star running back for Texas Tech in the 1950s, achieved a winning record that helped the school get into the Southwest Conference. Cavazos, Bobby, 82

Cavazos, Richard, 88

  • Richard Cavazos

October 29, 2017
(6 years ago)

The first Hispanic four-star general in the U.S. Army; completed the ROTC program at Texas Tech University in 1951; awarded the Distinguished Service Cross in both Korea and Vietnam; born in Kingsville the son of a King Ranch cowhand. Cavazos, Richard, 88

Cavender, James, 87

  • James Cavender

May 29, 2018
(5 years ago)

Founder of the western wear store; opened his first clothing store in Pittsburg in East Texas in 1965; the Tyler-based company grew to 80 stores in 12 states. Cavender, James, 87

Cecil, Andrew R., 85

  • Andrew R. Cecil

September 16, 1996
(27 years ago)

Ethicist, distinguished scholar in residence at UT-Dallas, former president of the Southwestern Legal Foundation. Cecil, Andrew R., 85

Cernan, Eugene, 82

  • Eugene Cernan

January 16, 2017
(7 years ago)

The last human to walk on the moon as commander of the Apollo 17 mission in 1972; in 1981 he began his own aerospace consulting firm; also worked as a television analyst during shuttle flights in the 1980s; the Chicago native came to love Texas and spent much time at his Kerrville ranch; died in Houston, where he lived since 1964. Cernan, Eugene, 82

Chadwell, Edna Milton, 84

  • Edna Milton Chadwell

February 25, 2012
(12 years ago)

The last madam of the Chicken Ranch in La Grange, which was the basis for the play The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Chadwell, Edna Milton, 84

Chagra, Jamiel A. "Jimmy," 63

  • Jamiel A. "Jimmy" Chagra

July 25, 2008
(15 years ago)

Drug kingpin accused of conspiracy to kill U.S. District Judge John Wood Jr. in 1979 in San Antonio, paroled in 2003 after serving prison term on lesser charges. Chagra, Jamiel A. "Jimmy," 63

Chambers, James F. Jr., 93

  • James F. Chambers Jr.

September 21, 2006
(17 years ago)

Former cop-beat reporter became president of the Dallas Times Herald in 1960 and publisher in 1967, retiring in 1980. Chambers, James F. Jr., 93

Chandler, Mable, 81

  • Mable Chandler

January 13, 1997
(27 years ago)

Spent 39 years as teacher and guidance counselor in Dallas schools. Chandler, Mable, 81

Chapa, Alfonso, 68

  • Alfonso Chapa

August 28, 1998
(25 years ago)

Retired 4th Court of Appeals chief justice. Chapa, Alfonso, 68

Chapman, Gary, 58

  • Gary Chapman

December 14, 2010
(13 years ago)

UT-Austin professor who was a visionary thinker on the influence of technology and computers on society and public policy; from a heart attack Dec. 14, 2010, while kayaking in Guatemala. Chapman, Gary, 58

Charisse, Cyd, 86

  • Cyd Charisse

June 17, 2008
(15 years ago)

Born Tula Finklea in Amarillo in 1922, left for the West Coast as a teenager to pursue dancing career, became star in Hollywood musicals including, Singin' in the Rain and Brigadoon. Charisse, Cyd, 86

Cheever, Elizabeth Daley, 100

  • Elizabeth Daley Cheever

April 22, 1997
(27 years ago)

Matriarch of San Antonio banking family and benefactor of the University of the Incarnate Word. Cheever, Elizabeth Daley, 100

Choate, William R., 82

  • William R. Choate

June 14, 2001
(22 years ago)

Served as president of DePelchin Children's Center, trustee of Baylor College of Medicine, law partner of Baker & Botts. Choate, William R., 82

Christian, George, 75

  • George Christian

November 27, 2002
(21 years ago)

Former press secretary to President Lyndon B. Johnson and adviser to many other Texas political leaders. Christian, George, 75

Cisneros, Elvira Munguia, 90

  • Elvira Munguia Cisneros

November 22, 2014
(9 years ago)

San Antonio community leader, including Alamo Area Council of Governments, mother of city's mayor Henry Cisneros (1981–89). Cisneros, Elvira Munguia, 90

Cisneros, Jose, 65

  • Jose Cisneros

August 4, 1996
(27 years ago)

An electrician and mechanic who was lead plaintiff in a 1968 lawsuit which desegregated the Corpus Christi schools. Cisneros, Jose, 65

Cisneros, Jose, 99

  • Jose Cisneros

November 14, 2009
(14 years ago)

Known for pen-and-ink illustrations depicting the people and culture of the Southwest, awarded the National Humanities Medal in 2001. Cisneros, Jose, 99

Clark, Harvey, 78

  • Harvey Clark

October 9, 2014
(9 years ago)

As a UT cheerleader introduced the "Hook 'em Horns" hand sign in 1955, as a state district judge issued the 1987 landmark decision that declared the state's public school finance system unconstitutional. Clark, Harvey, 78

Clark, R. Lee, 87

  • R. Lee Clark

May 3, 1994
(29 years ago)

Longtime chief administrator of the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Clark, R. Lee, 87

Clayton, Billy, 78

  • Billy Clayton

January 6, 2007
(17 years ago)

Olney native was powerful speaker of the Texas House 1975 to 1983; served on the board of the Texas A&M System. Clayton, Billy, 78

Clement, Jack, 82

  • Jack Clement

August 8, 2013
(10 years ago)

Music producer was Tennessee native and Sun Records veteran who moved to Beaumont in 1961 where he supported George Jones, Charlie Pride, and other country singers in their early years, added mariachi horns to Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" in 1963. Clement, Jack, 82

Clements, Bill, 94

  • Bill Clements

May 29, 2011
(12 years ago)

Dallas oilman who in 1978 became the first Republican elected governor since Reconstruction, elected to another four-year term in 1986. Clements, Bill, 94

Clements, Rita, 86

  • Rita Clements

January 6, 2018
(6 years ago)

Former Texas First Lady, wife of Gov. Bill Clements (1979–1983 and 1987–1991); active in Republican politics beginning in 1952 volunteering in the presidential campaign of Dwight Eisenhower; Kansas native, her family moved to Brady when she was 10; graduate of Hockaday School in Dallas 1949; University of Texas 1953; on the UT board of regents from 1996–2007. Clements, Rita, 86

Clements, W. W. "Foots," 88

  • W. W. "Foots" Clements

October 3, 2002
(21 years ago)

Soft-drink delivery-truck driver starting in 1935 who eventually became CEO of Dr Pepper Co., chairman emeritus at his death. Clements, W. W. "Foots," 88

Cliburn, Rildia Bee, 97

  • Rildia Bee Cliburn

August 3, 1994
(29 years ago)

Mother of classical pianist Van Cliburn. Cliburn, Rildia Bee, 97

Cliburn, Van, 78

  • Van Cliburn

February 25, 2013
(11 years ago)

A 1958 Time magazine cover proclaimed him "the Texan Who Conquered Russia" when he won the International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow, he was raised in Kilgore, lived in Fort Worth where a piano competition there honors him. Cliburn, Van, 78

Clinton, Sam Houston, 81

  • Sam Houston Clinton

October 5, 2004
(19 years ago)

Waco native was former Texas Court of Criminal Appeals judge; among his clients when he was a defense attorney were Madalyn Murray O'Hair and Jack Ruby. Clinton, Sam Houston, 81

Coburn, Herbert D., 74

  • Herbert D. Coburn

August 29, 1994
(29 years ago)

Inventor whose discoveries led to nine Texas Instruments patents. Coburn, Herbert D., 74

Cochran, Cathy, 76

  • Cathy Cochran

February 7, 2021
(3 years ago)

Judge on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals appointed by Governor Rick Perry in 2001 until retirement in 2014; earlier in her career, as Director of Criminal Justice for Governor George W. Bush, organized a committee that completely rewrote the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. Cochran, Cathy, 76

Cockrell, Lila, 97

  • Lila Cockrell

August 29, 2019
(4 years ago)

Two-time mayor of San Antonio and the second woman in the U.S. to be mayor of a major city; served four terms overall (1975–1981, 1989–1991), and inducted into the Texas Women's Hall of Fame in 1984; native of Fort Worth was denied a vote by the Texas voter ID laws in the 2019 San Antonio mayoral election when she went to the polls without the proscribed identification but was able to cast her vote two days later. Cockrell, Lila, 97

Coffey, Lucy, 108

  • Lucy Coffey

March 19, 2015
(9 years ago)

Left her job at a Dallas A&P after Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941 to join the WACs, was the nation's oldest woman veteran when she died. Coffey, Lucy, 108

Coleman, George, 76

  • George Coleman

December 19, 1999
(24 years ago)

Known as "Bongo Joe" on the River Walk where he played for more than 20 years. Coleman, George, 76

Coleman, Ornette, 85

  • Ornette Coleman

June 11, 2015
(8 years ago)

Alto saxophonist and composer was master of "free jazz," introducing those innovations in the 1950s and 1960s; Fort Worth native attended I.M. Terrell High School. Coleman, Ornette, 85

Collings, Bill, 68

  • Bill Collings

July 14, 2017
(6 years ago)

Maker of sought-after guitars, which were played by Keith Richards, Lyle Lovett, Pete Townshend, and many more artists; Michigan native moved to Houston in 1975; his company, Collings Guitars, became a leader in mass-produced musical instruments. Collings, Bill, 68

Condon, Richard, 81

  • Richard Condon

April 10, 1996
(28 years ago)

Author of The Manchurian Candidate and Prizzi's Honor. Condon, Richard, 81

Conn, Fred, 89

  • Fred Conn

June 18, 1997
(26 years ago)

Former publisher of the San Angelo Standard-Times. Conn, Fred, 89

Connally, Merrill L. Sr., 80

  • Merrill L. Connally Sr.

September 4, 2001
(22 years ago)

Younger brother of Gov. John Connally; rancher, Wilson County judge, and movie and television actor. Connally, Merrill L. Sr., 80

Connally, Nellie, 87

  • Nellie Connally

September 1, 2006
(17 years ago)

Former Texas first lady who was riding in John F. Kennedy's open car when he was shot along with her husband Gov. John Connally. Connally, Nellie, 87

Connor, Namoi, 114

  • Namoi Connor

October 18, 2013
(10 years ago)

Raised on a farm, she was the oldest living Texan when she died. Connor, Namoi, 114

Conrad, Barbara Smith, 79

  • Barbara Smith Conrad

May 22, 2017
(6 years ago)

The center of an integration dispute at the University of Texas in 1957 when the mezzo-soprano, an African-American, was cast in a campus opera in a white role; her removal from the cast was followed by protests on campus and in the national press; partly raised in Center Point in Camp County, among the first black undergraduates admitted to the Austin campus in 1956; went on to a professional career which included several years with the New York Metropolitan Opera. Conrad, Barbara Smith, 79

Cook, Ben H., 70

  • Ben H. Cook

December 29, 1996
(27 years ago)

Longview business and industrial leader. Cook, Ben H., 70

Cooley, Denton A., 96

  • Denton A. Cooley

November 18, 2016
(7 years ago)

Famed Houston heart surgeon, founder of the Texas Heart Institute in 1962; Houston native and basketball player at the University of Texas; over four decades he performed an estimated 65,000 open-heart surgeries including some of the first implantations in 1968 and 1969. Cooley, Denton A., 96

Cooper, Gordon Jr., 77

  • Gordon Cooper Jr.

October 4, 2004
(19 years ago)

One of the original Mercury 7 astronauts working at NASA in Houston and the last American to fly solo in space. Cooper, Gordon Jr., 77

Copeland, Johnny, 60

  • Johnny Copeland

July 3, 1997
(26 years ago)

Grammy-winning blues guitarist known as the "Texas Twister," formed his first band in Houston in 1954. Copeland, Johnny, 60

Corbett, Brad, 75

  • Brad Corbett

December 24, 2012
(11 years ago)

Oilfield-supply businessman was owner of MLB Texas Rangers 1974–1980 with four winning seasons, had four managers in one year, 1977. Corbett, Brad, 75

Corley, Pat, 76

  • Pat Corley

September 11, 2006
(17 years ago)

Dallas native and a character actor for five decades; served advice along with drinks as the bartender on TV's Murphy Brown. Corley, Pat, 76

Corrigan, Douglas, 88

  • Douglas Corrigan

December 9, 1995
(28 years ago)

Internationally-known as pilot "Wrong Way Corrigan"; the Galveston native died in Orange, Calif. Corrigan, Douglas, 88

Cousins, Margaret, 91

  • Margaret Cousins

July 30, 1996
(27 years ago)

Former managing editor of McCall's and Good Housekeeping magazines, senior editor at Doubleday, writer of children's books. Cousins, Margaret, 91

Cox, John L., 78

  • John L. Cox

July 11, 2003
(20 years ago)

Burkburnett native was oilman known as "King of the Spraberry" for making the Permian Basin field productive, served as trustee for Rice University. Cox, John L., 78

Cox, Murray, 86

  • Murray Cox

March 28, 1999
(25 years ago)

Farm reporter whose programs were broadcast from Dallas for more than 30 years. Cox, Murray, 86

Craig, Yvonne, 78

  • Yvonne Craig

August 17, 2015
(8 years ago)

TV's Batgirl in the 1960s, dancer-turned-actress spent her teen years in Dallas' Oak Cliff area attending Adamson and Sunset high schools before going off to ballet school; television work also included appearances on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, Six Million Dollar Man, and Star Trek. Craig, Yvonne, 78

Cravotta, Charles D., 84

  • Charles D. Cravotta

July 21, 1995
(28 years ago)

A 1930s national and international boxing titlist, longtime member of the U.S. Olympic boxing committee. Cravotta, Charles D., 84

Creighton, Tom, 70

  • Tom Creighton

April 28, 1997
(26 years ago)

Former state senator from North Texas, served in Legislature for 19 years. Creighton, Tom, 70

Crenshaw, Roberta, 90

  • Roberta Crenshaw

February 8, 2005
(19 years ago)

Austin philanthropist and civic activist who was the catalyst for the Town Lake greenbelt and the founding of the Austin Parks and Recreation Department. Crenshaw, Roberta, 90

Criswell, W. A., 92

  • W. A. Criswell

January 10, 2002
(22 years ago)

National evangelical leader who was pastor of Dallas' First Baptist Church from 1944, becoming pastor emeritus in 1994; headed the Southern Baptist Convention for two terms. Criswell, W. A., 92

Cronkite, Walter, 92

  • Walter Cronkite

July 17, 2009
(14 years ago)

Famed CBS anchorman grew up in Houston from age 10, attended San Jacinto High School and UT-Austin where he worked on the campus newspaper The Daily Texan in the 1930s, worked for The Houston Post and Houston Press. Cronkite, Walter, 92

Crouch, Doug, 72

  • Doug Crouch

April 4, 1995
(29 years ago)

Tarrant County district attorney in 1950s and 1960s, hired first black and female prosecutors, former legislator. Crouch, Doug, 72

Crow, John David, 79

  • John David Crow

June 17, 2015
(8 years ago)

Heisman Trophy-winning running back (1957) for A&M where he played for Bear Bryant, after playing for the NFL Cardinals he was A&M athletic director and served in other positions until 2001. Crow, John David, 79

Crow, Trammell, 94

  • Trammell Crow

January 14, 2009
(15 years ago)

Legendary Dallas real estate magnate, developed city's Apparel Mart, World Trade Mart and others, also Atlanta's Peachtree Center, Brussels' Trade Mart, co-founded National Tree Trust. Crow, Trammell, 94

Cryer, Sherwood, 81

  • Sherwood Cryer

August 13, 2009
(14 years ago)

Started in 1971 the honky-tonk Gilley's in Pasadena made famous by the movie Urban Cowboy, his partnership with Mickey Gilley broke up later. Cryer, Sherwood, 81

Cuellar, Claude "Poppy," 83

  • Claude "Poppy" Cuellar

October 16, 2005
(18 years ago)

Dallas icon of Tex-Mex founded Tejano Restaurant in 1981 after working for El Chico chain. Cuellar, Claude "Poppy," 83

Cuellar, Frank Jr., 84

  • Frank Cuellar Jr.

January 4, 2014
(10 years ago)

Civic leader born in Terrell, served in a variety of management positions in the family's El Chico Mexican restaurant business. Cuellar, Frank Jr., 84

Cuellar, Frank X. Sr., 91

  • Frank X. Cuellar Sr.

April 2, 1995
(29 years ago)

A founder of the El Chico restaurant chain. Cuellar, Frank X. Sr., 91

Cuellar, Kathleen, 87

  • Kathleen Cuellar

January 1, 1996
(28 years ago)

Troup native who helped establish the Cuellar family's El Chico Restaurants. Cuellar, Kathleen, 87

Cuellar, Mack Jr., 91

  • Mack Cuellar Jr.

December 20, 1999
(24 years ago)

Last survivor of the five brothers who popularized Tex-Mex foods through their El Chico restaurants starting in 1940; born in Rosebud. Cuellar, Mack Jr., 91

Cuellar, Yolanda Montañes, 95

  • Yolanda Montañes Cuellar

November 5, 2014
(9 years ago)

Last of the El Chico chain's founding family members, Mexico City native married Mack Jr. there, although the chain was known for its Tex-Mex she taught cooking classes on the cuisine of Mexico City. Cuellar, Yolanda Montañes, 95

Cullen, Roy H., 84

  • Roy H. Cullen

April 4, 2014
(10 years ago)

Grandson of oilman Hugh Roy Cullen and a philanthropist who headed the Cullen Foundation which gave millions in grants to health and cultural institutions. Cullen, Roy H., 84

Cullum, Charles, 89

  • Charles Cullum

May 16, 2006
(17 years ago)

Dallas civic leader founded in 1948 with his brother the Tom Thumb food stores; served on Dallas city council. Cullum, Charles, 89

Cullum, George P. Jr., 94

  • George P. Cullum Jr.

January 4, 2013
(11 years ago)

Dallas civic leader who led his family's construction business over decades as it grew with the city. Cullum, George P. Jr., 94

Cullum, Margaret Bennett "Bobbie"

  • Margaret Bennett "Bobbie" Cullum

June 17, 2000
(23 years ago)

1939 graduate of Sweet Briar College; longtime civic volunteer from prominent Dallas family; widow of A. Earl Cullum Jr. Cullum, Margaret Bennett "Bobbie"

Cummins, Jim, 62

  • Jim Cummins

October 27, 2007
(16 years ago)

Emmy-winning correspondent for NBC, opened the network's Southwest bureau in Dallas in 1989 and provided coverage of assault on the Branch Davidian compound near Waco in 1993. Cummins, Jim, 62

Daffan, Ted, 84

  • Ted Daffan

October 6, 1996
(27 years ago)

Country-western songwriter who wrote "Born to Lose" in early 1940s. Daffan, Ted, 84

Dale, Allan, 84

  • Allan Dale

January 14, 1997
(27 years ago)

Dean of San Antonio talk radio and one of founders of nationwide phenomenon in the 1950s. Dale, Allan, 84

Daniel, Bill, 90

  • Bill Daniel

June 20, 2006
(17 years ago)

Member of prominent political family; former legislator appointed governor of Guam in 1961. Daniel, Bill, 90

Daniel, Jean Houston Baldwin, 86

  • Jean Houston Baldwin Daniel

December 14, 2002
(21 years ago)

Descendant of Sam Houston and widow of former U.S. Senator and Gov. Price Daniel. Daniel, Jean Houston Baldwin, 86

Daniel, Neil, 64

  • Neil Daniel

September 21, 1996
(27 years ago)

Professor of English at Texas Christian University for 30 years; community leader in Fort Worth's Ryan Place neighborhood. Daniel, Neil, 64

Daniels, King David, 83

  • King David Daniels

December 18, 1996
(27 years ago)

Teacher for 36 years and civic leader in Grand Prairie. Daniels, King David, 83

Danoff, Bettye, 88

  • Bettye Danoff

December 22, 2011
(12 years ago)

One of the 13 founding members of the LPGA, won first golfing championships in Dallas in late 1940s. Danoff, Bettye, 88

Davis, Ann B., 88

  • Ann B. Davis

June 1, 2014
(9 years ago)

Character actress best known as the housekeeper on The Brady Bunch, also The Bob Cummings Show; died in San Antonio, where she moved in 1996. Davis, Ann B., 88

Davis, Lyle, 91

  • Lyle Davis

March 28, 1996
(28 years ago)

Musician and pianist who arranged music for some of Walt Disney's earliest films. Davis, Lyle, 91

Davis, Mac, 78

  • Mac Davis

September 29, 2020
(3 years ago)

Country music singer, songwriter, and native of Lubbock wrote several songs recorded by Elvis Presley including "A Little Less Conversation" and "In the Ghetto"; hosted the NBC television variety series The Mac Davis Show in the 1970s and played Will Rogers on Broadway; member of both the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and the National Songwriters Hall of Fame. Davis, Mac, 78

Davis, Priscilla, 59

  • Priscilla Davis

February 19, 2001
(23 years ago)

The one-time millionaire socialite involved in a famous 1976 murder case; she survived the attack that killed two others in her Fort Worth mansion; died from cancer. Davis, Priscilla, 59

De la Garza, Eligio "Kika," 89

  • Eligio "Kika" De la Garza

March 13, 2017
(7 years ago)

Longtime Rio Grande Valley congressman from 1965 to 1997; the Democrat served as chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture from 1981 to 1995 where he championed the legislative agenda of farmers and farmworkers; helped found in 1976 the Congressional Hispanic Caucus; descendant of Spanish land grantees was born in Mercedes and raised in Mission. De la Garza, Eligio "Kika," 89

De La O, Jesús "Chuy," 74

  • Jesús "Chuy" De La O

April 8, 2002
(22 years ago)

A fixture in El Paso politics, champion of poor and elderly; ran unsuccessfully for mayor in 1981. De La O, Jesús "Chuy," 74

De La Rosa, Tony, 72

  • Tony De La Rosa

June 2, 2004
(19 years ago)

Sarita native, accordionist and bandleader was one of the first to amplify conjunto music and use drums. De La Rosa, Tony, 72

De La Vina, Gustavo, 70

  • Gustavo De La Vina

October 26, 2009
(14 years ago)

Edinburg native joined the Border Patrol in 1970 in Eagle Pass, served as chief of the Border Patrol 1997–2004; died in the Balkans where he was serving as a private adviser. De La Vina, Gustavo, 70

De Menil, Dominique, 89

  • Dominique De Menil

December 31, 1997
(26 years ago)

Heiress to the Schlumberger oil field service company fortune; world famous art collector, philanthropist and advocate for human rights. De Menil, Dominique, 89

Dealey, Doris Carolyn Russell, 85

  • Doris Carolyn Russell Dealey

January 19, 2005
(19 years ago)

Dallas civic figure and widow of former Belo Corp. CEO Joe M. Dealey. Dealey, Doris Carolyn Russell, 85

Dealey, Joe. M., 75

  • Joe M. Dealey

April 7, 1995
(29 years ago)

Former president and publisher of The Dallas Morning News. Dealey, Joe. M., 75

Dealey, Trudie Lewellen, 91

  • Trudie Lewellen Dealey

August 13, 1995
(28 years ago)

Widow of former Dallas Morning News publisher E.M. "Ted" Dealey. The Mount Pleasant native died in Dallas. Dealey, Trudie Lewellen, 91

Dealey, Walter Allen Jr., 83

  • Walter Allen Dealey Jr.

March 9, 1999
(25 years ago)

Grandson of Dallas Morning News founder George Bannerman Dealey, an executive at the newspaper who became a Presbyterian minister. Dealey, Walter Allen Jr., 83

Dean, Jimmy, 81

  • Jimmy Dean

June 13, 2010
(13 years ago)

Country singer raised in Plainview, smash hit "Big Bad John," hosted variety TV show, entrepreneur known for sausage brand. Dean, Jimmy, 81

DeAnda, James, 81

  • James DeAnda

September 7, 2006
(17 years ago)

Houston native was former federal judge who in 1954 helped successfully argue the pivotal case that made Hispanics a protected minority class; died at his summer home in Michigan. DeAnda, James, 81

DeBakey, Michael E., 99

  • Michael E. DeBakey

July 11, 2008
(15 years ago)

Born Michel Dabaghi to Lebanese immigrants, internationally acclaimed as the father of modern cardiovascular surgery and instrumental in laying the foundation for the Texas Medical Center, beginning in 1949. DeBakey, Michael E., 99

Decherd, Isabelle Thomason, 81

  • Isabelle Thomason Decherd

October 10, 1998
(25 years ago)

Daughter of prominent Texas politician Robert Ewing Thomason, wife of former chairman of A.H. Belo Corp. H. Ben Decherd, and mother of Dealey Decherd Herndon and Robert W. Decherd, Belo directors. Decherd, Isabelle Thomason, 81

DeCicco, Frank, 81

  • Frank DeCicco

December 18, 2004
(19 years ago)

Houston real estate visionary who founded Re/Max of Texas, specializing in selling residential properties. DeCicco, Frank, 81

Dedman, Robert H. Sr., 76

  • Robert H. Dedman Sr.

August 20, 2002
(21 years ago)

Philanthropist who built a multibillion-dollar empire of golf clubs and resorts; former chairman of Texas State Highway Commission. Dedman, Robert H. Sr., 76

Dees, Bill, 73

  • Bill Dees

October 24, 2012
(11 years ago)

Borger native who co-wrote "Oh, Pretty Woman" with Roy Orbison in 1964, also wrote "It's Over," and songs for Johnny Cash, Lynn Anderson, and others. Dees, Bill, 73

DeHartog, Jan, 88

  • Jan DeHartog

September 22, 2002
(21 years ago)

Dutch-born author who in the 1960s exposed deplorable conditions at Houston's Jeff Davis Hospital; wrote Tony-Award winning hit Fourposter. DeHartog, Jan, 88

DeLay, David, 63

  • David DeLay

January 20, 2012
(12 years ago)

While serving three tours in Vietnam the Richardson native became pirate-radio DJ "David Rabbit," playing rock and roll and blasting the authorities. DeLay, David, 63

Denney, Ruth, 92

  • Ruth Denney

March 27, 2007
(17 years ago)

Noted drama educator and founding director in 1971 in Houston of one of the first public high schools devoted to the performing arts. Denney, Ruth, 92

Denver, John, 53

  • John Denver

October 12, 1997
(26 years ago)

Singer graduated from Arlington Heights High School, Fort Worth; attended Texas Tech University; wrote songs "Rocky Mountain High" and "Take Me Home, Country Roads"; died in a plane crash off California. Denver, John, 53

Detmer, Hubert "Sonny," 76

  • Hubert "Sonny Detmer

September 22, 2020
(3 years ago)

Legendary high school football coach amassed a record of 235-141-2 and many district titles over 35 seasons; coached his two sons, one a Heisman winner, and later his grandsons — all quarterbacks. Detmer, Hubert "Sonny," 76

Devall, Charles, 86

  • Charles Devall

January 28, 1995
(29 years ago)

Veteran newspaper publisher. Devall, Charles, 86

DeYoung, Helen, 81

  • Helen DeYoung

March 13, 2010
(14 years ago)

Founder of The Greensheet in Houston in 1970, the tabloid advertiser reached 650,000 circulation and expanded to three other Texas cities. DeYoung, Helen, 81

Di Portanova, Baron Enrico, 66

  • Baron Enrico Di Portanova

February 28, 2000
(24 years ago)

Renowned jet-setter and grandson of oil magnate Hugh Roy Cullen; hosted benefits in River Oaks home for charities, arts. Di Portanova, Baron Enrico, 66

Dial, Gilbert "Buddy," 71

  • Gilbert "Buddy" Dial

February 29, 2008
(16 years ago)

Rice University All-American in late 1950s, All-Pro with Pittsburgh Steelers 1959 to 1963, ended career with Dallas Cowboys. Dial, Gilbert "Buddy," 71

Diamond, Tom, 94

  • Tom Diamond

July 8, 2017
(6 years ago)

El Paso attorney who helped the Tigua Indians of Ysleta acquire federal recognition in 1967; author of two historical novels and a short history of the Tiguas. Diamond, Tom, 94

Diaz, Alfonso Gonzales, 65

  • Alfonso Gonzales Diaz

August 16, 2003
(20 years ago)

Handcraft bootmaker recruited from Mexico by San Antonio bootmaker Sam Lucchese where he worked for 23 years; his customers included Lyndon Johnson and John Wayne. Diaz, Alfonso Gonzales, 65

Dies, Martin Jr., 79

  • Martin Dies Jr.

May 17, 2001
(22 years ago)

Former state senator, secretary of state and appellate justice; known as "the gentle giant" of the Texas Senate during his tenure 1959 to 1967 representing East Texas. Dies, Martin Jr., 79

Dillard, Katherine, 85

  • Katherine Dillard

March 7, 1997
(27 years ago)

Journalist, women's editor of The Dallas Morning News from late 1940s until she retired in 1976. Dillard, Katherine, 85

Dillon, David, 68

  • David Dillon

June 3, 2010
(13 years ago)

For 25 years the architecture critic at The Dallas Morning News, considered one of the country's foremost writers on the subject. Dillon, David, 68

DiNino, Vincent R., 95

  • Vincent R. DiNino

September 9, 2014
(9 years ago)

Legendary director of the University of Texas Longhorn Band beginning in 1955, which previously had been entirely student-run, he built it into the "Showband of the Southwest," continued involvement with the marching band into the 2010s. DiNino, Vincent R., 95

Distin, Vivian Liberto, 71

  • Vivian Liberto Distin

May 24, 2005
(18 years ago)

San Antonio-born first wife of Johnny Cash and mother of singer Rosanne Cash; it was during their 13-year marriage that Cash pledged to remain faithful in "I Walk the Line." Distin, Vivian Liberto, 71

Dixon, Ernest, 73

  • Ernest Dixon

June 29, 1996
(27 years ago)

A retired leader of the United Methodist Church in San Antonio. Bishop Dixon was president of the church's Council of Bishops 1988 to 1989. Dixon, Ernest, 73

Dixon, Jessy, 73

  • Jessy Dixon

September 26, 2011
(12 years ago)

San Antonio native was nationally known gospel singer, wrote more than 200 songs including 1993 hit "I Am Redeemed." Dixon, Jessy, 73

Donley, Manuel "Cowboy," 92

  • Manuel "Cowboy" Donley

June 28, 2020
(3 years ago)

Pioneer of Tejano music; born in Mexico, his family moved to Austin when he was seven; played trumpet, alto saxophone, and Spanish, electric, and requinto guitars; formed Las Estrellas in 1955, which toured Texas and the Midwest for 20 years; inducted into Tejano Music Hall of Fame in 1986. Donley, Manuel "Cowboy," 92

Doolin, Mary Kathryn Coleman "Kitty," 89

  • Mary Kathryn Coleman "Kitty" Doolin

June 22, 2009
(14 years ago)

Helped husband build Frito corn-chip empire beginning in 1941 with expansion from Texas to California and nationwide. Doolin, Mary Kathryn Coleman "Kitty," 89

Doss, Noble, 88

  • Noble Doss

February 15, 2009
(15 years ago)

UT Longhorn football legend best known for "Impossible Catch" that upset Texas Aggies in 1940, played for NFL Philadelphia Eagles and New York Yankees of All-American Conference. Doss, Noble, 88

Doss, Richard "Dick," 84

  • Richard "Dick" Doss

March 16, 2007
(17 years ago)

Harris County engineer who coordinated the construction of the Astrodome and was in charge of maintaining the finished structure. Doss, Richard "Dick," 84

Doty, Estella Kate Hill, 83

  • Estella Kate Hill Doty

April, 2001
(23 years ago)

Dallas educator for 42 years, founding trustee of African American Museum at Fair Park. Doty, Estella Kate Hill, 83

Dowdy, John V., 83

  • John V. Dowdy

April 12, 1995
(29 years ago)

Represented East Texas in Congress for more than two decades. Dowdy, John V., 83

Dreibrodt, Irving Dingman, 86

  • Irving Dingman Dreibrodt

January 22, 2007
(17 years ago)

Founder in 1958 of the Southern Methodist University show band, dubbed "the Best Dressed Band in the Land." Dreibrodt, Irving Dingman, 86

Drossos, Angelo, 68

  • Angelo Drossos

January 9, 1997
(27 years ago)

Brought professional basketball to San Antonio as owner of the Spurs for 15 years. Drossos, Angelo, 68

Duckett, J. Fred, 74

  • J. Fred Duckett

June 25, 2007
(16 years ago)

Public-address announcer for Texas Relays, Rice Owls and at the Astrodome where he started heralding "Jose Cruuuz." Duckett, J. Fred, 74

Duff, Katharyn, 80

  • Katharyn Duff

July 14, 1995
(28 years ago)

Longtime columnist for the Abilene Reporter-News. Duff, Katharyn, 80

Duke, James "Red" Jr., 86

  • James "Red" Duke Jr.

August 25, 2015
(8 years ago)

Houston physician gained fame for his nationally-syndicated TV spots in his folksy, cowboy style; was the trauma surgeon who attended Gov. John Connally at Parkland hospital on the day of President Kennedy's assassination; moved to Houston in 1972 where he founded in the mid-1970s one of the first air ambulance services in the nation; native of Ennis, raised in Hillsboro. Duke, James "Red" Jr., 86

Duncan, Dan, 77

  • Dan Duncan

March 29, 2010
(14 years ago)

Founded one of the largest energy services companies in the U.S., raised in Center, became Houston's richest man worth an estimated $9 billion. Duncan, Dan, 77

Dunn, Holly, 59

  • Holly Dunn

November 14, 2016
(7 years ago)

Country singer who wrote 1986 hit "Daddy's Hands"; her 1991 "Maybe I Mean Yes" provoked a national debate about date rape; the song was withdrawn from radio, a move she said she supported; she was born in San Antonio, attended Abilene Christian University. Dunn, Holly, 59

Dupey, Michael J., 64

  • Michael J. Dupey

May 1, 2010
(13 years ago)

Considered the founder of arts and crafts superstore concept, started Michaels in Dallas in 1976. Dupey, Michael J., 64

duPont, Margaret Osborne, 94

  • Margaret Osborne duPont

October 24, 2012
(11 years ago)

Tennis champion of 1940s-50s won six Grand Slam singles, 31 doubles, moved to West Texas in 1965 to breed thoroughbred horses. duPont, Margaret Osborne, 94

Duren, Almatris March, 90

  • Almatris March Duren

October 13, 2000
(23 years ago)

Was housemother for decades and activist for inclusion of black students at UT-Austin. Duren, Almatris March, 90

Dyer, A.R. "Happy," 96

  • A.R. "Happy" Dyer

February 28, 2005
(19 years ago)

Odessa civic leader who helped found the Permian Basin International Oil Show; charter member of the Odessa Chuck Wagon Gang. Dyer, A.R. "Happy," 96

Dykes, William Taylor "Spike," 79

  • William Taylor "Spike" Dykes

April 10, 2017
(7 years ago)

Legendary Texas Tech football coach 1986–1999; born in Lubbock, grew up in Ballinger; from 1959 to 1971 he was high school coach at Ballinger, Eastland, San Angelo Central, Coahoma, Belton, Big Spring, and Alice; assistant to Darrell Royal at the University of Texas 1971–1976; coached at Midland Lee High School from 1980 to 1983, winning the state championship in 1983; died at his Horseshoe Bay home where he had retired. Dykes, William Taylor "Spike," 79

Eakin, Ed, 74

  • Ed Eakin

February 20, 2002
(22 years ago)

Chilton native founded the state's largest non-academic press in 1979; credited with preserving Texas lore through the Austin-based Eakin Press. Eakin, Ed, 74

Ealey, Robert, 76

  • Robert Ealey

March 7, 2001
(23 years ago)

Fort Worth blues legend, musician and club owner, mentor of local talent. Ealey, Robert, 76

East, Alice Kleberg, 104

  • Alice Kleberg East

September 6, 1997
(26 years ago)

Last surviving grandchild of Capt. Richard King, the founder of the King Ranch. East, Alice Kleberg, 104

East, Robert Claude, 87

  • Robert Claude East

June 18, 2007
(16 years ago)

Great-grandson of Richard King and owner of San Antonio Viejo Ranch, one of the oldest ranching properties in South Texas. East, Robert Claude, 87

Eckhardt, Bob, 88

  • Bob Eckhardt

November 13, 2001
(22 years ago)

Liberal Democrat spent 1967 to 1981 in Congress representing Houston's 8th District; previously in the Legislature from 1958. Eckhardt, Bob, 88

Edington, Andrew, 84

  • Andrew Edington

April 9, 1998
(26 years ago)

President emeritus of Schreiner College who headed the institute from 1950 until his retirement in 1971. Edington, Andrew, 84

Edwards, David, 48

  • David Edwards

March 23, 2020
(4 years ago)

Former point guard at Texas A&M, 1991-1994; native Virginian led the Aggies to first postseason tournament in the 90s in his senior year while totaling 256 assists (third best in the country); graduated as school record holder in assists (602) and steals (228). Edwards, David, 48

Edwards, Doris, 96

  • Doris Edwards

June 10, 2007
(16 years ago)

Widow of highway patrolman E.B. Wheeler, who was gunned down by Clyde Barrow's gang; later worked with Texas Rangers against illegal gambling. Edwards, Doris, 96

Edwards, George, 60

  • George Edwards

May 20, 2009
(14 years ago)

Began teaching music at Prairie View A&M University in 1978, five years later started the "Marching Storm," the marching band and dance troupe he directed until his death. Edwards, George, 60

Ellis, George T., 70

  • George T. Ellis

September 21, 2003
(20 years ago)

Son of Lebanese immigrants, earned law degree from University of Texas in 1959, served on the state 14th Court of Appeals 1989 to 1992. Ellis, George T., 70

Ellis, Herb, 88

  • Herb Ellis

March 28, 2010
(14 years ago)

Farmersville native was jazz guitar virtuoso who played with Ella Fitzgerald, was a member of the Oscar Peterson Trio in the 1950s, attended UNT-Denton. Ellis, Herb, 88

Ellison, Ray Sr., 88

  • Ray Ellison Sr.

October 16, 2005
(18 years ago)

Greenville native was founder of San Antonio-based company than grew into one of the largest independent home builders in the nation. Ellison, Ray Sr., 88

Elston, Gene, 93

  • Gene Elston

September 5, 2015
(8 years ago)

Sports broadcaster who was the original voice of the Houston Colt .45's baseball team and stayed with the renamed Astros until 1986, where his partners included Loel Passe, Harry Kalas, and Larry Dierker; Elston continued as a sports announcer for CBS Game of the Week until 1997. Elston, Gene, 93

Emmett, Andre, 37

  • Andre Emmett

September 23, 2019
(4 years ago)

Dallas-born professional basketball player, played four years at Texas Tech for Coach Bobby Knight; drafted in 2004 by Seattle then traded that night to the Memphis Grizzlies but played only 8 games that season; played for D-league and international teams, including the Austin Toros, Liège Basket (Belgium), and Shandong Lions (China). Emmett, Andre, 37

English, Paul, 87

  • Paul English

February 11, 2020
(4 years ago)

Drummer for Willie Nelson inspired the song "Me and Paul"; described as "tough and flamboyant," the Vernon native joined the band in 1966 and also served as an unofficial bodyguard for Nelson; became a board member for Farm Aid in 1985 and held the office of treasurer for many years. English, Paul, 87

Enrico, Roger, 71

  • Roger Enrico

June 1, 2016
(7 years ago)

PepsiCo chief during the 1980s Cola Wars which were marked by competing taste tests; civic leader in Dallas where he was a member of Dallas Together Forum, which was committed to improving economic opportunity for women and minorities; retired to Dallas; died in the Cayman Islands while vacationing. Enrico, Roger, 71

Estep, William R. Jr., 80

  • William R. Estep Jr.

July 15, 2000
(23 years ago)

Reformation scholar, professor at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Estep, William R. Jr., 80

Estes, Billie Sol, 88

  • Billie Sol Estes

May 13, 2013
(10 years ago)

Called the "king of Texas wheeler-dealers," he went to prison for agricultural scams hatched while living in Pecos in the early 1960s, grew up on a farm near Clyde. Estes, Billie Sol, 88

Estes, Carroll Cox, 87

  • Carroll Cox Estes

May 21, 1995
(28 years ago)

Writer of mystery novels, businesswoman and teacher at Mary Baldwin College in Virginia and at East Texas State University. Estes, Carroll Cox, 87

Eure, Jim, 87

  • Jim Eure

September 18, 2005
(18 years ago)

Founder in 1969 of what would become Mr. Gatti's pizza chain, which grew to more than 200 stores. Eure, Jim, 87

Evans, Dale, 88

  • Dale Evans

February 7, 2001
(23 years ago)

In television and movies she reigned as "Queen of the West" alongside husband Roy Rogers, "King of the Cowboys"; wrote their theme song "Happy Trails"; born in Uvalde, raised in Italy, Tx. Evans, Dale, 88

Evans, Jack W. Sr., 74

  • Jack W. Evans Sr.

June 5, 1997
(26 years ago)

Tom Thumb grocery executive and banker who served as mayor of Dallas 1981 to 1983. Evans, Jack W. Sr., 74

Evans, Sterling C., 101

  • Sterling C. Evans

July 5, 2001
(22 years ago)

Texas A&M University donor and chairman of governing board; in 1960s supported opening college to women and ending mandatory military training. Evans, Sterling C., 101

Ewell, Yvonne A., 71

  • Yvonne A. Ewell

April 27, 1998
(25 years ago)

Educator and Dallas school trustee beginning in 1987. Ewell, Yvonne A., 71

Faget, Maxime, 83

  • Maxime Faget

October 9, 2004
(19 years ago)

Chief architect of NASA's Mercury capsule and contributor to the design of other spacecraft. Faget, Maxime, 83

Fallon, Frank, 73

  • Frank Fallon

April 30, 2004
(19 years ago)

Veteran broadcaster was "Voice of the Baylor Bears" where he announced football and basketball games for 43 years. Fallon, Frank, 73

Farah, William, 78

  • William Farah

March 9, 1998
(26 years ago)

Longtime head of the El Paso-based Farah garment manufacturing company founded by his parents. Farah, William, 78

Farb, Harold, 83

  • Harold Farb

October 10, 2006
(17 years ago)

Amassed a fortune beginning in the 1970s as "the king of the apartment business" in Houston with more than 30,000 units. Farb, Harold, 83

Farmer, James L. Jr., 79

  • James L. Farmer Jr.

July 9, 1999
(24 years ago)

Marshall native was among the leaders of the civil rights movement of the 1950s and '60s as co-founder of the Congress of Racial Equality. Farmer, James L. Jr., 79

Fath, Creekmore, 93

  • Creekmore Fath

June 25, 2009
(14 years ago)

Austin lawyer was leader among liberal Democrats working under Sam Rayburn and Lyndon B. Johnson and with Ralph Yarborough, Bob Eckhardt and Frances "Sissy" Farenthold. Fath, Creekmore, 93

Fawcett, Farrah, 62

  • Farrah Fawcett

June 25, 2009
(14 years ago)

Born and raised in Corpus Christi, discovered as UT-Austin "most beautiful coed," was one of Charlie's Angels, with later dramatic roles, known for celebrated 1970s pinup poster. Fawcett, Farrah, 62

Fearing, Kelly, 92

  • Kelly Fearing

March 13, 2011
(13 years ago)

Modernist painter taught art at UT-Austin 1947–1987, one of the last of the Fort Worth Circle of artists. Fearing, Kelly, 92

Fehrenbach, T.R., 88

  • T. R. Fehrenbach

December 1, 2013
(10 years ago)

San Benito native, noted Texas historian and columnist, his most famous work was Lone Star: A History of Texas and Texans. Fehrenbach, T.R., 88

Felty, L. T., 81

  • L. T. Felty

March 17, 1996
(28 years ago)

Longtime teacher and coach known as "Mr. Waxahachie"; helped woo filmmakers to area. Felty, L. T., 81

Fender, Freddy, 69

  • Freddy Fender

October 14, 2006
(17 years ago)

Born Baldemar Huerta in San Benito, the Grammy-winning singer had hits with "Before the Last Teardrop Falls" and "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights." Fender, Freddy, 69

Ferguson, Joe Frank III, 86

  • Joe Frank Ferguson III

February 14, 2001
(23 years ago)

Musician with Light Crust Doughboys and Texas Playboys. Ferguson, Joe Frank III, 86

Field, Margaret, 89

  • Margaret Field

November 6, 2011
(12 years ago)

Houston native was 1940s film actress, with many TV roles in 1950s and 1960s; mother of actress Sally Field. Field, Margaret, 89

Fisher, O. C. (Ovie Clark), 91

  • O. C. (Ovie Clark) Fisher

December 9, 1994
(29 years ago)

Served 32 years as a member of Congress from west-central Texas. Fisher, O. C. (Ovie Clark), 91

Fitzpatrick, John J., 87

  • John J. Fitzpatrick

July 15, 2006
(17 years ago)

Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Brownsville 1971 to 1991; noted for pastoral ministry to migrants and immigrants. Fitzpatrick, John J., 87

Flanagan, Peggy, 85

  • Peggy Flanagan

January 11, 2007
(17 years ago)

One of the first women in Texas to be certified as an oil and gas landman in 1981; president of the American Business Women's Association 1964 to 1965. Flanagan, Peggy, 85

Flato, Paul, 98

  • Paul Flato

July 17, 1999
(24 years ago)

Shiner native whose jewelry stores in New York and Beverly Hills served celebrity clients; in the 1970s he established a store in Mexico City, returning to Texas in 1990. Flato, Paul, 98

Flawn, Peter, 91

  • Peter Flawn

May 7, 2017
(6 years ago)

President of the University of Texas at Austin from 1979 to 1985 and briefly as interim president in 1997; known for declaring "war on mediocrity," boosting faculty endowments and graduate research; was president of the University of Texas at San Antonio from 1973 to 1977. Flawn, Peter, 91

Fletcher, Skip, 82

  • Skip Fletcher

January 31, 2017
(7 years ago)

The man behind Fletcher's Corny Dogs at the State Fair of Texas for 36 years; he and brother Bill took over the concession in 1980 after his family introduced the innovative dough-wrapped meat in 1942; confusing to customers at first, in recent years some 600,000 corny dogs are sold in the three-week run of the fair. Fletcher, Skip, 82

Flippo, Chet, 69

  • Chet Flippo

June 19, 2013
(10 years ago)

Top country music journalist for Rolling Stone; Sam Houston State and UT-Austin grad; grew up in Fort Worth. Flippo, Chet, 69

Flores, Juvenal Joe, 90

  • Juvenal Joe Flores

May 30, 2001
(22 years ago)

Catalyst, through LULAC, for Feria de las Flores, an annual festival and scholarship pageant in Corpus Christi since 1959. Flores, Juvenal Joe, 90

Flores, Patrick, 87

  • Patrick Flores

January 9, 2017
(7 years ago)

Former Catholic archbishop of San Antonio from 1979 to 2004, served as bishop of El Paso for a year before that; worked as a migrant farmworker in his youth; in 1970 the Ganado native became the first Mexican-American bishop in the United States when he was ordained an auxiliary bishop. Flores, Patrick, 87

Flournoy, Harry Jr., 72

  • Harry Flournoy Jr.

November 26, 2016
(7 years ago)

Co-captain of the 1966 Texas Western NCAA basketball team, the first college team to win the national championship with five black starting players; their story was the basis of the 2006 film Glory Road; raised in Gary, Ind.; after college he taught and coached basketball in El Paso until he moved to California in 1972. Flournoy, Harry Jr., 72

Flournoy, Lucien, 83

  • Lucien Flournoy

March 27, 2003
(21 years ago)

Alice oilman and philanthropist; former mayor; served on Texas Aeronautics Commission and Texas Economic Development Commission. Flournoy, Lucien, 83

Floyd, George Perry Jr., 46

  • George Perry Floyd Jr.

May 25, 2020
(3 years ago)

His murder by a police officer in Minnesota sparked worldwide protests of police brutality against Blacks; his last words, "I can't breathe," became a rally for the protesters. Floyd, George Perry Jr., 46

Folkers, Karl, 91

  • Karl Folkers

December 9, 1997
(26 years ago)

University of Texas professor who pioneered in vitamin research; first Texan named to the National Academy of Sciences in 1948. Folkers, Karl, 91

Foote, Horton, 93

  • Horton Foote

March 4, 2009
(15 years ago)

Oscar- and Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and screenwriter of works including Tender Mercies, Trip to Bountiful; born in Wharton where he maintained a home; died in Hartford, Conn., while working on adapting a play. Foote, Horton, 93

Foreman, Wilson, 81

  • Wilson Foreman

March 14, 2008
(16 years ago)

Eastland native represented Austin in the Legislature for 16 years beginning in 1957, raised in Edinburg, student body president at UT-Austin. Foreman, Wilson, 81

Formby, Margaret, 73

  • Margaret Formby

April 10, 2003
(21 years ago)

Rancher's daughter who was impetus behind the creation of the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame in 1975, first in Hereford and now in Fort Worth. Formby, Margaret, 73

Fountaine, Fred, 73

  • Fred Fountaine

June 13, 1998
(25 years ago)

Chief cook at Louie Mueller's Barbecue in Taylor for 32 years. Fountaine, Fred, 73

Fox, David G. Jr., 80

  • David G. Fox Jr.

December 25, 2003
(20 years ago)

Led Fox & Jacobs Inc., which grew to be Texas' largest homebuilder, for more than 35 years; former Dallas County judge, chairman of the Dallas Chamber of Commerce and the State Fair of Texas. Fox, David G. Jr., 80

Franks, Zarko, 89

  • Zarko Franks

December 2, 2010
(13 years ago)

Reporter for the Houston Chronicle beginning in 1945, covered crime and sports, was city editor, family emigrated from Yugoslavia when he was 6. Franks, Zarko, 89

Freeman, Al Jr., 78

  • Al Freeman Jr.

August 9, 2012
(11 years ago)

Veteran actor received Emmy nomination for role as Malcolm X in 1979 TV mini-series, later portrayed Elijah Muhammad in Spike Lee's Malcolm X, raised in San Antonio. Freeman, Al Jr., 78

Freeman, Charles E. III, 54

  • Charles E. Freeman III

May 12, 2003
(20 years ago)

One of two blacks to desegregate Rice University in 1965, later student activist at Texas Southern University; defense lawyer, devout Muslim. Freeman, Charles E. III, 54

Freeman, Dovie Frances, 83

  • Dovie Frances Freeman

October 1, 2002
(21 years ago)

From 1954 to 1989 served up sizzling steaks as a waitress at Austin's Hoffbrau, known for her wit and signature jumpsuit. Freeman, Dovie Frances, 83

Freeman, Dr. Thomas F., 100

  • Dr. Thomas F. Freeman

June 6, 2020
(3 years ago)

Lecturer and debate coach at TSU, and minister at Mount Horem Baptist Church in Houston; native Virginian coached his student debaters to multiple national and international titles; famous students included Representative Barbara Jordan and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; received the Phoenix Award from the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation for "his profound influence on our nation as a legendary educator and prolific scholar." Freeman, Dr. Thomas F., 100

Freund, Carl, 82

  • Carl Freund

February 24, 2008
(16 years ago)

Penelope native, UT-Austin graduate, was journalist for 60 years including 20 years with The Dallas Morning News, covered JFK assassination, pallbearer for Lee Harvey Oswald, interviewed Jack Ruby. Freund, Carl, 82

Friedman, Bayard, 71

  • Bayard Friedman

October 3, 1998
(25 years ago)

Former Fort Worth mayor, founding member of the DFW airport board and former chairman of the Texas Christian University board of trustees. Friedman, Bayard, 71

Friedman, Jeff, 62

  • Jeff Friedman

June 7, 2007
(16 years ago)

The former "hippie mayor" of Austin in the 1970s, first serving at age 26 on the city council where he challenged the political establishment. Friedman, Jeff, 62

Fritsch, Toni, 60

  • Toni Fritsch

September 13, 2005
(18 years ago)

Popular Austrian-born kicker for the Luv Ya Blue-era Houston Oilers under coach Bum Phillips; earlier kicked for the Dallas Cowboys. Fritsch, Toni, 60

Fromholz, Steve, 68

  • Steve Fromholz

January 19, 2014
(10 years ago)

Singer-songwriter born in Temple, wrote "I'd Have to Be Crazy" and "Texas Trilogy" about his ancestral Bosque County, poet laureate of Texas in 2007, attended University of North Texas; died in Scheicher County in a hunting accident. Fromholz, Steve, 68

Frost, Tom, 90

  • Tom Frost

August 10, 2018
(5 years ago)

Headed for 35 years Frost Bank founded by his great-grandfather in San Antonio in 1868; civic leader worked to develop the city's medical center, HemisFair ‘68, and bring the NBA Spurs to town. Frost, Tom, 90

Furr, Donald, 74

  • Donald Furr

July 30, 2002
(21 years ago)

CEO from 1959 to 1985 of the family cafeteria business headquartered in Lubbock; he served on Texas Tech University President's Council. Furr, Donald, 74

Fürstenberg, Cecil Blaffer "Titi" von, 86

  • Cecil Blaffer "Titi" von Fürstenberg

November 17, 2006
(17 years ago)

Arts patron who was daughter of Humble Oil (ExxonMobil) founder Robert L. Blaffer and granddaughter of Texas Company (Texaco) founder William Thomas Campbell; married Prince Tassilo von Fürstenberg of Austria. Fürstenberg, Cecil Blaffer "Titi" von, 86

Gabler, Mel, 89

  • Mel Gabler

December 19, 2004
(19 years ago)

Conservative critic of school textbooks who testified before state regulators regularly for 40 years. Gabler, Mel, 89

Gabler, Norma, 84

  • Norma Gabler

July 22, 2007
(16 years ago)

Wielded national influence through four decades over textbook selections as founder, with her husband, of the Longview-based Educational Research Analysts, a conservative Christian organization. Gabler, Norma, 84

Gage, Freddie, 81

  • Freddie Gage

September 12, 2014
(9 years ago)

A one-time Houston gang leader and drug addict who embraced religion and became a leading Baptist evangelist. Gage, Freddie, 81

Gaido, Maureen Schwertferger, 78

  • Maureen Schwertferger Gaido

August 19, 1995
(28 years ago)

Civic leader and wife of the founder of the landmark Gaido's Seafood Restaurant in Galveston. Gaido, Maureen Schwertferger, 78

Gallego, Ernesto S. "Papo," 84

  • Ernesto S. "Papo" Gallego

July 22, 2005
(18 years ago)

Air Force veteran born in Rowena who served as the first Hispanic mayor of Alpine and as a Brewster County commissioner. Gallego, Ernesto S. "Papo," 84

Gallegos, Mario, 62

  • Mario Gallegos

October 16, 2012
(11 years ago)

Democratic legislator for 22 years, leader on Hispanic and public education issues. Gallegos, Mario, 62

Galloway, C. A. (Cleophus Anthony), 90

  • C. A. (Cleophus Anthony) Galloway

June 10, 1995
(28 years ago)

Dallas' first black city council member. Galloway, C. A. (Cleophus Anthony), 90

Galloway, Harry M., 86

  • Harry M. Galloway

August 4, 2002
(21 years ago)

Chief chemist at Pearl Brewery where he worked from 1954 to 1981; distinguished Navy pilot in World War II. Galloway, Harry M., 86

Gammage, Robert A., 74

  • Robert A. Gammage

September 10, 2012
(11 years ago)

Democrat from the Houston area who served 25 years in the Legislature, in Congress, and on the Texas Supreme Court, ran for governor in 2006. Gammage, Robert A., 74

Ganter, Donald B., 65

  • Donald B. Ganter

November 23, 2004
(19 years ago)

Co-founder in 1974 of the well-known Aggie bar, the Dixie Chicken, as well as other restaurants in College Station. Ganter, Donald B., 65

Garcés, Ramon, 76

  • Ramon Garcés

September 14, 2002
(21 years ago)

Laredo native was influential journalist and advocate for migrant farm workers; headed Spanish branch of the Voice of America 1979 to 1981. Garcés, Ramon, 76

Garcia, Clotilde P., 86

  • Clotilde P. Garcia

May 27, 2003
(20 years ago)

Known as "Dr. Cleo," delivered 10,000 babies, civic leader and sister of civil rights leaders Hector and Xico Garcia, 75, who died April 28. Garcia, Clotilde P., 86

Garcia, Gus, 84

  • Gus Garcia

December 17, 2018
(5 years ago)

Longtime Austin political leader who became the city's first elected Hispanic mayor in 2001; also served on the city council, and the first Hispanic elected to the Austin school board in 1972, where he later served as president; born in Zapata, raised in Laredo; Army veteran, graduate of the University of Texas 1959. Garcia, Gus, 84

Garcia, Hector P., 82

  • Hector P. Garcia

August 26, 1996
(27 years ago)

Physician and noted civil rights leader in South Texas, called "Martin Luther King of Hispanics"; a founder of American GI Forum. Garcia, Hector P., 82

Garcia, Irene Martinez, 86

  • Irene Martinez Garcia

March 31, 2003
(21 years ago)

Oldest child of founders of El Fenix restaurants where she served as chairman of the board. Garcia, Irene Martinez, 86

Garcia, Theodore "Ted," 79

  • Theodore "Ted" Garcia

October 29, 1999
(24 years ago)

A 10th-generation Texan and pioneer in Latino activism in Houston; helped form American GI Forum. Garcia, Theodore "Ted," 79

Gardner, Carl, 83

  • Carl Gardner

June 12, 2011
(12 years ago)

Tyler native was original lead singer of the R&B group the Coasters who had No. 1 hit "Yakety Yak" in 1958, also "Charlie Brown." Gardner, Carl, 83

Garibay, Randy, 62

  • Randy Garibay

May 23, 2002
(21 years ago)

Guitarist and singer known as the "Godfather of San Antonio Blues" and the "Chicano Bluesman"; began with doo-wop groups from the city's West Side in the 1950s. Garibay, Randy, 62

Garner, Porter S. Jr., 83

  • Porter S. Garner Jr.

July 30, 2007
(16 years ago)

Owner of Nuevo Laredo's legendary Cadillac Bar purchased by his father-in-law in 1926, a destination through the decades for Texans. Garner, Porter S. Jr., 83

Garrett, Jenkins, 95

  • Jenkins Garrett

January 27, 2010
(14 years ago)

Fort Worth lawyer and philanthropist, accumulated one of the most comprehensive collections of Texas historical artifacts, president of the Texas State Historical Association 1988-89. Garrett, Jenkins, 95

Garrido, Augie, 79

  • Augie Garrido

March 15, 2018
(6 years ago)

Baseball coach at the University of Texas at Austin for 20 years where he led the Longhorns to national championships in 2002 and 2005; with stints as coach at California State-Fullerton and other schools he retired as the coach with the most wins in college baseball history, 1,975. Garrido, Augie, 79

Garrison, Sam, 88

  • Sam Garrison

May 26, 2011
(12 years ago)

One of the Tuskegee airmen, the first all Black fighter squadron in the segregated U.S. Armed Forces in World War II. Garrison, Sam, 88

Garson, Greer, 92

  • Greer Garson

April 6, 1996
(28 years ago)

Oscar-winning actress who lived in Dallas off and on since 1949 when she married Texas oilman E.E. "Buddy" Fogelson. Garson, Greer, 92

Garza, Reynaldo, 89

  • Reynaldo Garza

September 14, 2004
(19 years ago)

Son of Mexican immigrants was appointed a federal judge by President Kennedy in 1961; appointed to 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals by President Carter. Garza, Reynaldo, 89

Gatti, John, 76

  • John Gatti

October 25, 1994
(29 years ago)

Former mayor of San Antonio (1971 to 1973) and city council member. Gatti, John, 76

Gaylor, Alan Blum, 81

  • Alan Blum Gaylor

April 15, 2008
(16 years ago)

Turned his 1950s tuxedo shop into a statewide empire with more than 100 Al's Formal Wear locations renting attire to generations of Texans. Gaylor, Alan Blum, 81

Gee, Thomas G., 69

  • Thomas G. Gee

October 25, 1994
(29 years ago)

Federal judge retired from 18 years on the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. Gee, Thomas G., 69

Gemberling, Robert Perry, 82

  • Robert Perry Gemberling

December 4, 2004
(19 years ago)

FBI special agent who coordinated the Dallas investigation of the Kennedy assassination and supervised the Lee Harvey Oswald investigation in 1963. Gemberling, Robert Perry, 82

Gent, Peter, 69

  • Peter Gent

September 30, 2011
(12 years ago)

Dallas Cowboy receiver of the 1960s who wrote best-selling novel North Dallas Forty in 1973. Gent, Peter, 69

Gentling, Scott, 68

  • Scott Gentling

February 8, 2011
(13 years ago)

Fort Worth artist best known for the 1986 book Of Birds and Texas, which he did with his twin Stuart who died in 2006. Gentling, Scott, 68

George, Anthony, 90

  • Anthony George

January 31, 2001
(23 years ago)

Businessman; owner of Tyler Candy Company; known as "Peanut Pattie King." George, Anthony, 90

George, Phyllis Ann, 70

  • Phyllis Ann George

May 14, 2020
(3 years ago)

Crowned Miss Texas in 1970 and Miss America 1971 before her career as a sports reporter and news anchor for CBS; one of the first women to feature prominently in televised sports when she co-hosted live pregame shows for NFL games; later the Denton native founded the Kentucky Museum of Arts and Crafts and sold a Phyllis George Beauty line of cosmetics on HSN. George, Phyllis Ann, 70

George, Zelma, 90

  • Zelma George

July 3, 1994
(29 years ago)

Trained soprano and leading researcher of African-American music; born in Hearne. George, Zelma, 90

Gerron, Peggy Sue, 78

  • Peggy Sue Gerron

October 1, 2018
(5 years ago)

The inspiration for the 1957 Buddy Holly hit "Peggy Sue" when she was dating a fellow Crickets musician; she became a dental assistant in California; returned to Lubbock in 1995 to care for her mother. Gerron, Peggy Sue, 78

Gilman, Alfred, 74

  • Alfred Gilman

December 23, 2015
(8 years ago)

Scientist at Dallas' University of Texas Southwestern Medical School who won the 1994 Nobel Prize in medicine for cell research; became UT Southwestern's pharmacology chairman in 1981 and dean of the medical school in 2004; noted for resigning from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas in 2009, citing concerns about business-interests influence over scientific research. Gilman, Alfred, 74

Gilmore, Kathleen Kirk, 95

  • Kathleen Kirk Gilmore

March 18, 2010
(14 years ago)

Authority on Spanish colonial archaeology, spent decades in finding the location of the French explorer La Salle's fort on Garcitas Creek. Gilmore, Kathleen Kirk, 95

Gilruth, Robert R., 86

  • Robert R. Gilruth

August 17, 2000
(23 years ago)

NASA veteran who headed for ten years the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston starting in 1961. Gilruth, Robert R., 86

Gilvin, L. P. "Pete," 93

  • L. P. "Pete" Gilvin

May 30, 1997
(26 years ago)

Amarillo contractor and philanthropist, pushed for creation of Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Gilvin, L. P. "Pete," 93

Gimble, Johnny, 88

  • Johnny Gimble

May 9, 2015
(8 years ago)

Fiddle legend played with country music stars from Bob Wills to George Strait, born on a farm near Tyler, grew up in Bascom, began playing with the Rose City Swingers when he was 12. Gimble, Johnny, 88

Ginsburg, Marcus, 81

  • Marcus Ginsburg

September 5, 1996
(27 years ago)

Fort Worth attorney and civic leader; former vice president of the Children's Museum of Fort Worth and the American Jewish Congress. Ginsburg, Marcus, 81

Giuffre, Jimmy, 86

  • Jimmy Giuffre

April 24, 2008
(15 years ago)

Dallas native was clarinetist and composer who infused jazz with blues and classical notes, graduated from University of North Texas. Giuffre, Jimmy, 86

Gjemre, Ken, 81

  • Ken Gjemre

May 27, 2002
(21 years ago)

Corporate dropout became business icon after co-founding Half Price Books in Dallas in 1972, grew to 73 stores located in 11 states. Gjemre, Ken, 81

Gladden, Don, 71

  • Don Gladden

February 14, 2002
(22 years ago)

Fort Worth civil-rights lawyer, activist for integration and against the poll tax, legislator from 1959 to 1968. Gladden, Don, 71

Glaze, Bob, 82

  • Bob Glaze

June 25, 2010
(13 years ago)

Legislator from East Texas for 12 years as a conservative Democrat beginning in 1990, worked for child health care. Glaze, Bob, 82

Glenn, John, 95

  • John Glenn

December 8, 2016
(7 years ago)

Test pilot who became one of the original seven astronauts, the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962; remained in the Clear Lake area of Houston after resigning from NASA in 1964 and before getting into politics in his native Ohio; he was elected in 1974 to the U.S. Senate, where he served for 24 years, ran unsuccessfully for president in the Democratic primaries in 1984. Glenn, John, 95

Glossbrenner, Ernestine, 79

  • Ernestine Glossbrenner

May 20, 2012
(11 years ago)

Carlisle native, math teacher who went to the Legislature to champion education issues for eight terms from 1977, living solely on her $7,200 salary as state representative. Glossbrenner, Ernestine, 79

Gochman, Arthur, 79

  • Arthur Gochman

October 25, 2010
(13 years ago)

Houston lawyer-businessman who built the Academy chain of sports stores, champion of school funding equity. Gochman, Arthur, 79

Goetzmann, William H., 80

  • William H. Goetzmann

September 7, 2010
(13 years ago)

Pulitzer Prize-winning historian for Exploration and Empire, chair of the UT department of American Studies for 16 years. Goetzmann, William H., 80

Goff, Frances E., 78

  • Frances E. Goff

September 15, 1994
(29 years ago)

Retired director of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and former Army Air Force top aide. Goff, Frances E., 78

Goland, Martin, 78

  • Martin Goland

October 29, 1997
(26 years ago)

Steered Southwest Research Institute into an internationally renowned organization. Goland, Martin, 78

Goldberg, Irving L., 88

  • Irving L. Goldberg

February 11, 1995
(29 years ago)

Served almost three decades on 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, adviser to Lyndon Johnson. Goldberg, Irving L., 88

Goldthwaite, Aniela, 91

  • Aniela Goldthwaite

December 24, 2003
(20 years ago)

Top female golfer of the 1930s and 1940s; won Texas Women's Open four times. Goldthwaite, Aniela, 91

Gonzales, Raymond B. Jr., 90

  • Raymond B. Gonzales Jr.

October 24, 2001
(22 years ago)

Co-founded with his wife Carmen in 1948 the popular Austin restaurant La Tapatia which operated until 1993. Gonzales, Raymond B. Jr., 90

Gonzalez Gonzalez, Pedro, 80

  • Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez

February 6, 2006
(18 years ago)

Born in Aguilares as his show business parents were passing through; performed in San Antonio before breaking into movies, such as Rio Bravo and The High and the Mighty. Gonzalez Gonzalez, Pedro, 80

Gonzalez, Henry B., 84

  • Henry B. Gonzalez

November 28, 2000
(23 years ago)

Liberal Democrat represented San Antonio in Congress from 1961 to 1998; chairman of the House Banking Committee 1989 to 1995; also served in the state senate; ran for governor in 1958. Gonzalez, Henry B., 84

Goodacre, Glenna, 80

  • Glenna Goodacre

April 13, 2020
(4 years ago)

Sculptor from Lubbock, best known for designing the obverse of the Sacagawea dollar and the Vietnam Women's Memorial; awarded the Texas Medal of Arts and inducted into the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, both in 2003. Goodacre, Glenna, 80

Goode, Jim, 71

  • Jim Goode

February 2, 2016
(8 years ago)

Houston restauranteur founded his first Goode Company BBQ in 1977, which expanded to seven locations; grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast; trained as a graphic artist in New York; a lifetime director of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Goode, Jim, 71

Goodwyn, Lawrence, 85

  • Lawrence Goodwyn

September 29, 2013
(10 years ago)

Reporter and editor with the Texas Observer in the 1950s and 1960s, helped create a coalition that supported Ralph Yarborough and Don Yarborough in their campaigns, in 1976 wrote Democratic Promise: The Populist Movement in America which became a standard text in colleges, A&M graduate worked on his doctorate at UT; died in North Carolina where he taught at Duke for 32 years. Goodwyn, Lawrence, 85

Gordon, Harry Bernard Sr., 92

  • Harry Bernard Gordon Sr.

January 22, 2002
(22 years ago)

Houston philanthropist who turned a family store into jewelry empire by pioneering the practice of offering credit to customers. Gordon, Harry Bernard Sr., 92

Gordon, William E., 92

  • William E. Gordon

February 16, 2009
(15 years ago)

Electrical engineer who designed the world's largest radio telescope, provost and vice president of Rice University 1980–1986. Gordon, William E., 92

Gordone, Charles, 70

  • Charles Gordone

November 17, 1995
(28 years ago)

The first black playwright to win the Pulitzer Prize; won for the drama No Place to Be Somebody (in 1970). Gordone, Charles, 70

Gorham, Dean, 84

  • Dean Gorham

June 19, 1999
(24 years ago)

Helped establish Texas' municipal retirement system and served as director for 32 years. Gorham, Dean, 84

Gottlieb, Dick, 73

  • Dick Gottlieb

August 29, 1997
(26 years ago)

Popular Houston broadcaster, former city council member and mayoral candidate. Gottlieb, Dick, 73

Graham, Don, 79

  • Don Graham

June 22, 2019
(4 years ago)

University of Texas professor considered the leading scholar on Texas literature and culture; author of a biography of World War II hero Audie Murphy and books on how Hollywood sees Texas, including the 2018 book Giant about the making of the 1956 film in Marfa; native of Lucas, raised in McKinney and Carrollton; graduate of the University of North Texas; PhD 1971 from UT. Graham, Don, 79

Graves, Howard, 64

  • Howard Graves

September 13, 2003
(20 years ago)

Roaring Springs native and career military officer; was former superintendent of West Point; chancellor of Texas A&M University system 1999 to 2003. Graves, Howard, 64

Graves, John, 92

  • John Graves

July 31, 2013
(10 years ago)

Fort Worth native, prolific writer's most famous work, Goodbye to a River was an account of his trip down the Brazos in 1957. Graves, John, 92

Graves, L. C., 76

  • L. C. Graves

February 11, 1995
(29 years ago)

Dallas police officer who wrested Jack Ruby's revolver from him at Oswald shooting. Graves, L. C., 76

Gray, Dobie, 71

  • Dobie Gray

December 6, 2011
(12 years ago)

Soul singer born to family of sharecroppers in Simonton, known for 1973 hit "Drift Away." Gray, Dobie, 71

Green, Cecil Howard, 102

  • Cecil Howard Green

April 12, 2003
(21 years ago)

International philanthropist; one of the founders in 1941 of what became Texas Instruments, which helped make Dallas, Houston and Austin technology centers. Green, Cecil Howard, 102

Green, Howard L., 84

  • Howard L. Green

October 13, 2005
(18 years ago)

Former Tarrant County judge and legislator; baseball enthusiast who helped bring Texas Rangers to Arlington; grandfather of actor Ethan Hawke. Green, Howard L., 84

Greene, A. C., 78

  • A. C. Greene

April 5, 2002
(22 years ago)

Abilene native was noted historian, author and newspaper columnist; director emeritus of the University of North Texas' Center for Texas Studies. Greene, A. C., 78

Greenhill, Joe, 96

  • Joe Greenhill

February 11, 2011
(13 years ago)

Longest-serving member of the Texas Supreme Court 1957–82, chief justice from 1972. Greenhill, Joe, 96

Griffin, Oscar Jr., 78

  • Oscar Griffin Jr.

November 23, 2011
(12 years ago)

The Pecos Independent and Enterprise editor who won a Pulitzer in 1963 for exposing the Billie Sol Estes scandal, later worked at the Houston Chronicle. Griffin, Oscar Jr., 78

Grimes, Johnnie-Marie, 91

  • Johnnie-Marie Grimes

January 29, 1997
(27 years ago)

Chief advisor to former Southern Methodist University president Willis Tate 1955 to 1975. Grimes, Johnnie-Marie, 91

Gronouski, John A., 76

  • John A. Gronouski

January 7, 1996
(28 years ago)

Former postmaster general and ambassador to Poland; retired in 1989 as professor at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas in Austin. Gronouski, John A., 76

Grossman, Burton, 81

  • Burton Grossman

November 12, 1999
(24 years ago)

Born in Corpus Christi, donated millions of dollars to arts, education, medical research in Texas and his adopted Mexico. Grossman, Burton, 81

Grulke, Brent, 52

  • Brent Grulke

August 13, 2012
(11 years ago)

Creative director and driving force of Austin's South by Southwest festival, turning it into a world attraction; died in Austin from a heart attack after oral surgery. Grulke, Brent, 52

Guerra, Henry, 82

  • Henry Guerra

July 1, 2001
(22 years ago)

Called "Voice of San Antonio"; broadcaster known for knowledge of city's history; first Hispanic announcer to use his own name when he joined WOAI in 1939; bridged cultures with "Good night y muy buenas noches" sign-off. Guerra, Henry, 82

Guerra, Joe A. Jr., 79

  • Joe A. Guerra Jr.

October 31, 1996
(27 years ago)

San Antonio businessman and activist with Republican Party and the League of United Latin American Citizens. Guerra, Joe A. Jr., 79

Guerrero, Eberardo "Larry," 75

  • Eberardo "Larry" Guerrero

March 27, 2003
(21 years ago)

Owner of landmark Mexican restaurant, Larry's, in Richmond for more than 40 years; was a construction foreman in the building of NASA in Houston. Guerrero, Eberardo "Larry," 75

Guerrero, Lena, 50

  • Lena Guerrero

April 23, 2008
(16 years ago)

Mission native was legislator from 1984 to 1991, first woman and first Hispanic appointed to Texas Railroad Commission in 1991, later resigned after it was revealed she lied about having graduated from UT-Austin; died of cancer in Austin. Guerrero, Lena, 50

Guillen, Vanessa, 20

  • Vanessa Guillen

April 22, 2020
(4 years ago)

U.S. Army soldier murdered in an armory at Fort Hood whose body was found buried in countryside more than two months later, focusing national attention on sexual harassment in the military; born and raised in Houston, trained as a 91F, small arms and artillery repairer. Guillen, Vanessa, 20

Gump, Richard A., 85

  • Richard A. Gump

June 21, 2003
(20 years ago)

Founded in 1945 along with political adviser Robert Strauss Texas' largest law firm, Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld LLP. Gump, Richard A., 85

Gunby, David, 58

  • David Gunby

November 12, 2001
(22 years ago)

Engineer who was a student Aug. 1, 1966, when shot by Charles Whitman from the University of Texas tower; spent the rest of his life in kidney dialysis, death ruled a homicide from the incident. Gunby, David, 58

Gunn, Warren, 84

  • Warren Gunn

May 29, 2002
(21 years ago)

Fredericksburg rancher who was one of the organizers of the first rodeo performers association in 1936, named to the Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2000. Gunn, Warren, 84

Haas, R. E. "Buster," 70

  • R. E. "Buster" Haas

March 26, 1995
(29 years ago)

Assistant managing editor of The Dallas Morning News for 32 years. Haas, R. E. "Buster," 70

Hackerman, Norman, 95

  • Norman Hackerman

June 16, 2007
(16 years ago)

Former president of UT-Austin 1967 to 1970 and Rice University 1970 to 1985; respected chemist who worked on the Manhattan Project; member National Academy of the Sciences. Hackerman, Norman, 95

Hackler, Loyd, 70

  • Loyd Hackler

December 21, 1996
(27 years ago)

Former aide to Lyndon Johnson and Lloyd Bentsen, editor at various newspapers in Texas; died at his Hope, N.M., cattle ranch. Hackler, Loyd, 70

Haggar, Edmond R. "Ed," 88

  • Edmond R. "Ed" Haggar

September 29, 2004
(19 years ago)

Clothier who as president launched to national prominence the family business, which was founded by his father, a Lebanese immigrant; credited with coining the term "slacks." Haggar, Edmond R. "Ed," 88

Haggar, Joseph Jr., 87

  • Joseph Haggar Jr.

June 1, 2012
(11 years ago)

Headed the apparel firm founded by his father, a Lebanese immigrant, served on Dallas city council. Haggar, Joseph Jr., 87

Hagman, Larry, 81

  • Larry Hagman

November 23, 2012
(11 years ago)

Actor best-known for role as J.R. Ewing in the TV series Dallas; son of actress Mary Martin, he spent his teen years at Weatherford High School, graduating in 1949; began acting at Dallas' Margo Jones theater. Hagman, Larry, 81

Halbouty, Michel T., 95

  • Michel T. Halbouty

November 6, 2004
(19 years ago)

Famed wildcatter who made millions in the oil business; Beaumont native was son of Lebanese immigrants. Halbouty, Michel T., 95

Hale, DeWitt, 100

  • DeWitt Hale

February 20, 2018
(6 years ago)

Served in the legislature for 28 years from the 1950s to the 1970s, spearheading passage of bills allowing mixed bar drinks and women serving on juries; first elected in 1938 at age 21 while still a student at the University of Texas; Caddo Mills native grew up in Farmersville and moved to Corpus Christi after serving in World War II. Hale, DeWitt, 100

Hale, Monte, 89

  • Monte Hale

March 29, 2009
(15 years ago)

San Angelo native became singing cowboy in Hollywood Westerns in the 1940s, played Bale Clinch in Giant. Hale, Monte, 89

Haley, J. Evetts, 94

  • J. Evetts Haley

October 9, 1995
(28 years ago)

Archconservative writer and historian of the Texas frontier. Haley, J. Evetts, 94

Hall, Ralph, 95

  • Ralph Hall

March 7, 2019
(5 years ago)

Elected to Congress 17 times, first as a Democrat and later as a Republican, becoming the oldest ever to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, until 2014; born in Fate, served as a Navy pilot in World War II, earned a law degree at Southern Methodist University in 1951; died at his home in Rockwall. Hall, Ralph, 95

Hall, Walter G., 92

  • Walter G. Hall

March 12, 2000
(24 years ago)

Wealthy businessman and powerful voice in Galveston County Democratic Party politics. Hall, Walter G., 92

Hamilton, Milo, 88

  • Milo Hamilton

September 17, 2015
(8 years ago)

Baseball announcer for many major league teams beginning in 1953 with the St. Louis Browns and finally joining the Houston Astros in 1985 where he was the primary voice from 1987 to 2012. Hamilton, Milo, 88

Hammond, Ulysses, 76

  • Ulysses Hammond

October 25, 1995
(28 years ago)

One of first African-Americans in the nation to serve as a Boy Scout area director (1946 to 1971 in East Texas). Hammond, Ulysses, 76

Hamon, Nancy B., 92

  • Nancy B. Hamon

July 30, 2011
(12 years ago)

Philanthropist, giving millions of dollars for the arts, took over late husband's oil business in 1985, when, she said, all she knew about oil was a good salad dressing. Hamon, Nancy B., 92

Hancock, Gerre, 77

  • Gerre Hancock

January 21, 2012
(12 years ago)

Renowned organist known for improvisation, born in Lubbock, taught sacred music since 2004 at UT-Austin. Hancock, Gerre, 77

Hancock, T. S., 81

  • T. S. Hancock

December 14, 1996
(27 years ago)

Educator, superintendent at Cypress-Fairbanks schools 1954 to 1968. Hancock, T. S., 81

Haney, Paul, 80

  • Paul Haney

May 28, 2009
(14 years ago)

The voice of Mission Control at Houston Space Center during the Gemini and Apollo flights in the 1960s. Haney, Paul, 80

Hannah, John H., 64

  • John H. Hannah

December 4, 2003
(20 years ago)

Federal judge in the Eastern District of Texas; raised in Diboll; served in Legislature where he was member of the Dirty Thirty. Hannah, John H., 64

Harbin, Jack, 97

  • Jack Harbin

July 27, 2014
(9 years ago)

Waxahachie native joined Halliburton Co. in 1948 and eventually became chairman and CEO in the 1970s–80s; philanthropist gave millions to medical research and UT-Austin. Harbin, Jack, 97

Hardesty, Robert, 82

  • Robert Hardesty

July 8, 2013
(10 years ago)

Speechwriter for President Lyndon Johnson, president of Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) from 1981–88. Hardesty, Robert, 82

Hardin, Ross, 84

  • Ross Hardin

February 4, 1996
(28 years ago)

Texas legislator of the 1930s and '40s who helped create the first pension for Texas' elderly. Hardin, Ross, 84

Hardin, Ty, 87

  • Ty Hardin

August 3, 2017
(6 years ago)

TV western star in the series Bronco, which ran in the late 1950s and early 1960s; Manhattan native was brought at age 2 to Houston; he graduated from Houston's Lamar High School, attended Blinn College on a football scholarship, served in the Army before ending up playing tight end for Bear Bryant at Texas A&M University. Hardin, Ty, 87

Harding, Warren G., 84

  • Warren G. Harding

April 2, 2005
(19 years ago)

Princeton native rode presidential name to 33 years as Dallas County treasurer and state treasurer, retiring in 1983. Harding, Warren G., 84

Hargis, Billy James, 79

  • Billy James Hargis

November 27, 2004
(19 years ago)

Texarkana-born evangelist who founded in 1950 the anti-communist Christian Crusade. Hargis, Billy James, 79

Harrelson, Charles, 69

  • Charles Harrelson

March 15, 2007
(17 years ago)

Father of actor Woody Harrelson; convicted of the 1979 murder of San Antonio federal judge John Wood Jr.; died in federal prison in Colorado. Harrelson, Charles, 69

Harrington, Sybil, 89

  • Sybil Harrington

September 17, 1998
(25 years ago)

Philanthropist from Amarillo, benefactor to many civic projects in the Texas Panhandle. Harrington, Sybil, 89

Harris, Chris, 67

  • Chris Harris

December 19, 2015
(8 years ago)

State legislator for 28 years from Tarrant County, Republican served in the state House of Representatives from 1985 to 1990 and the state Senate from 1990 to 2013, where he gained a reputation as a tough advocate for this home area; an attorney raised in Arlington. Harris, Chris, 67

Harris, Don, 75

  • Don Harris

October 21, 2013
(10 years ago)

Radio personality in Dallas-Fort Worth market on WBAP for more than 30 years; grew up in the Lake Whitney area of Bosque County. Harris, Don, 75

Harris, Franklyn Allen "Tex," 81

  • Franklyn Allen "Tex" Harris

February 23, 2020
(4 years ago)

Discovered and exposed human rights abuses as a U.S. diplomat in Argentina; reported some 13,500 human rights violations at the risk of his life and career; grew up in Dallas, where he was an all-state basketball player. Harris, Franklyn Allen "Tex," 81

Harris, Leon A. Jr., 74

  • Leon A. Harris Jr.

August 17, 2000
(23 years ago)

Of Dallas department-store family, went on to career of writing books and magazines articles, was contributing editor with Town & Country; art patron. Harris, Leon A. Jr., 74

Harris, Ruth R., 84

  • Ruth R. Harris

August 13, 2004
(19 years ago)

Longtime employee of The Dallas Morning News; worked on the Texas Almanac from 1941 to 1986 where she was associate editor. Harris, Ruth R., 84

Harrison, Charles "Tex," 81

  • Charles "Tex" Harrison

November 20, 2014
(9 years ago)

For nearly 20 years a player on the Harlem Globetrotters and for decades later he served as a coach and advisor to the team; died in Houston, his home since 1933 when his parents moved there from Indiana. Harrison, Charles "Tex," 81

Harrison, Frank, 99

  • Frank Harrison

August 8, 2013
(10 years ago)

Dallas native, SMU graduate, taught pathology and anatomy at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, president of UT-Arlington 1969–72, first president of the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio 1972–85. Harrison, Frank, 99

Harrison, Ivan Elton "Sonny," 85

  • Ivan Elton "Sonny" Harrison

April 22, 2005
(19 years ago)

Naples native was an amateur radio operator who built the first Carterfone, the precursor to the computer modem. Harrison, Ivan Elton "Sonny," 85

Harrison, William, 79

  • William Harrison

October 22, 2013
(10 years ago)

Author who adapted his fiction into films Rollerball in 1975 and Mountains of the Moon in 1990, Dallas native was a graduate of Texas Christian University. Harrison, William, 79

Harte, Edward H., 88

  • Edward H. Harte

May 18, 2011
(12 years ago)

Son of co-founder of Harte-Hanks Newspapers, publisher of Corpus Christi Caller-Times, philanthropist and ardent conservationist. Harte, Edward H., 88

Harte, Janet, 75

  • Janet Harte

February 23, 1999
(25 years ago)

Philanthropist who championed human rights and environmental protection. Harte, Janet, 75

Hartsfield, Henry Jr. "Hank," 80

  • Henry "Hank" Hartsfield Jr.

July 17, 2014
(9 years ago)

Flew on three space shuttles, commander of maiden mission of the Discovery, pilot of the final test flight of the Columbia. Hartsfield, Henry Jr. "Hank," 80

Haskins, Don, 78

  • Don Haskins

September 7, 2008
(15 years ago)

Hall of Fame basketball coach who drew attention to racial exclusionary policies in college sports when he started five black players on Texas Western's team that defeated all-white University of Kentucky in 1966. Haskins, Don, 78

Hasslocher, Jim, 93

  • Jim Hasslocher

November 19, 2015
(8 years ago)

Opened his first hamburger drive-in near San Antonio's Brackenridge Park in 1947; that would grow into the Jim's Restaurants chain and the Frontier burger shops; born Germano Hasslocher in Shreveport. Hasslocher, Jim, 93

Hathaway, Bruce, 78

  • Bruce Hathaway

January 27, 2017
(7 years ago)

Radio icon in San Antonio, especially during the golden age of Top 40 formats in the 1960s, 70s and 80s; deejay also hosted high school dances and teen-oriented TV shows including Swingtime, a dance show. Hathaway, Bruce, 78

Hawn, C. F., 89

  • C. F. Hawn

October 9, 1996
(27 years ago)

East Texas businessman for whom a Dallas freeway is named; served on State Highway Commission in 1950s and '60s. Hawn, C. F., 89

Hay, Jess, 84

  • Jess Hay

April 20, 2015
(9 years ago)

A fundraising champion for Texas Democrats for decades, a committeeman for the national party, UT regent for 12 years including serving as chairman, SMU grad grew up in Orange. Hay, Jess, 84

Hayes, Bob, 59

  • Bob Hayes

September 18, 2002
(21 years ago)

Olympic gold-medal sprinter in 1964 and Dallas Cowboys receiver for 10 years, earning a Super Bowl ring in 1972; died of kidney failure. Hayes, Bob, 59

Haynes, Jerry, 84

  • Jerry Haynes

September 26, 2011
(12 years ago)

He was "Mr. Peppermint" to baby boomers and their children as the host of the Dallas-Fort Worth children's TV program for 35 years. Haynes, Jerry, 84

Haynes, Marques, 90

  • Marques Haynes

May 22, 2015
(8 years ago)

Harlem Globetrotter for a half century 1946–97 playing more than 12,000 games, in 1997 he moved to the Dallas area where he ran a heating and air conditioning business. Haynes, Marques, 90

Haynes, Richard "Racehorse," 90

  • Richard "Racehorse" Haynes

April 28, 2017
(6 years ago)

Flamboyant Houston attorney who led the successful trial defense in some of Texas' most notorious murder cases including that of Houston plastic surgeon John Hill in 1971, and Fort Worth oilman T. Cullen Davis in 1977; Houston native acquired nickname when he was a Reagan High School football player. Haynes, Richard "Racehorse," 90

Haywood, Tom, 61

  • Tom Haywood

July 12, 2001
(22 years ago)

Represented North and West Texas counties in state senate from 1994; champion of agriculture and oil businesses. Haywood, Tom, 61

Hazlewood, Lee, 78

  • Lee Hazlewood

August 4, 2007
(16 years ago)

Singer/songwriter wrote Nancy Sinatra hit "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'" and "Houston" for Dean Martin, spent teen years in Port Neches, studied at SMU. Hazlewood, Lee, 78

Heard, Robert, 84

  • Robert Heard

April 15, 2014
(10 years ago)

Big Spring native reported for decades from Austin on state government, politics, and sports for AP, he was wounded in the 1966 UT tower shootings. Heard, Robert, 84

Hearne, Grace Truman Dodson "Mimi," 102

  • Grace Truman Dodson "Mimi" Hearne

July 22, 2005
(18 years ago)

Daughter of a San Antonio attorney, she fished, was a talented markswoman, and played classical piano; ran her ranch near Blanco well into her 90s. Hearne, Grace Truman Dodson "Mimi," 102

Heggins, Elsie Faye, 65

  • Elsie Faye Heggins

January 3, 2000
(24 years ago)

Brought an issue-driven approach to Dallas City Council 1980 to 1984 Heggins, Elsie Faye, 65

Helmond, Katherine, 89

  • Katherine Helmond

February 23, 2019
(5 years ago)

Actress best known for her roles on the television series Soap (1977–1981) and Who's the Boss? (1984-1992); received seven Emmy nominations and won two Golden Globes; worked in movies and on Broadway; born in Galveston where her father was a firefighter; after attending Ball High School she worked in theater in Houston and Dallas before moving to New York. Helmond, Katherine, 89

Hemsley, Sherman, 74

  • Sherman Hemsley

July 24, 2012
(11 years ago)

Actor best known as TV's newly rich George Jefferson on The Jeffersons, 1975-85, lived in El Paso off and on for more than 10 years. Hemsley, Sherman, 74

Henckel, Donald L., 79

  • Donald L. Henckel

May 23, 2008
(15 years ago)

An engineer for eight years of the legendary Brackenridge Eagle miniature train that has been a tourist attraction in San Antonio for more than 50 years. Henckel, Donald L., 79

Henderson, Bugs, 68

  • Bugs Henderson

March 8, 2012
(12 years ago)

Texas blues-rock guitar legend, raised in Tyler, played with B.B. King, Eric Clapton. Henderson, Bugs, 68

Henderson, Luther A., 82

  • Luther A. Henderson

September 8, 2002
(21 years ago)

Bought Pier 1 Imports in 1966 and transformed it into a nationwide retail force; was founder-chairman of the company until 1993. Henderson, Luther A., 82

Henderson, Wayne, 74

  • Wayne Henderson

April 14, 2014
(10 years ago)

Trombonist and composer, Houston native was a founder of the Jazz Crusaders in 1961 when they performed in Gulf Coast clubs and bars playing jazz he described as "a combination of southeast Texas and Louisiana." Henderson, Wayne, 74

Henry, Robert "Mr. Bob," 89

  • Robert "Mr. Bob" Henry

October 31, 2016
(7 years ago)

Acquired New Braunfels' Camp Landa campground in 1966 and developed there the water park he named Schlitterbahn in 1979; that grew to other such facilities at South Padre Island, Galveston, and Corpus Christi. Henry, Robert "Mr. Bob," 89

Herkimer, Lawrence, 89

  • Lawrence Herkimer

July 1, 2015
(8 years ago)

Called the "grandfather of modern cheerleading," after being SMU's head cheerleader, in 1948 he started his first cheerleading camp, began a cheerleading magazine and co-wrote a book on the subject. Herkimer, Lawrence, 89

Herman, Robert, 82

  • Robert Herman

February 13, 1997
(27 years ago)

Scientist and Big Bang theorist who taught at UT-Austin. Herman, Robert, 82

Hernández, Onesimo, 69

  • Onesimo Hernández

September 28, 1994
(29 years ago)

Dallas surgeon revered as the godfather of Hispanic politics in the city. Hernández, Onesimo, 69

Herrera, Johnny, 73

  • Johnny Herrera

September 10, 2003
(20 years ago)

Lower Valley native was Tejano songwriter of the 1940s and 1950s; his songs included "La Tracalera" covered by Selena. Herrera, Johnny, 73

Herring, Charles F. Sr., 89

  • Charles F. Herring Sr.

January 15, 2004
(20 years ago)

Waco native was former federal prosecutor and state senator 1956 to 1973 from Central Texas. Herring, Charles F. Sr., 89

Hester, Darrell, 80

  • Darrell Hester

December 18, 2005
(18 years ago)

Tough-minded jurist who presided over the trials that helped topple the dynasty of South Texas political boss George Parr. Hester, Darrell, 80

Highsmith, Patricia, 74

  • Patricia Highsmith

February 4, 1995
(29 years ago)

Crime writer, native of Fort Worth; in Locarno. Highsmith, Patricia, 74

Hightower, Jack, 86

  • Jack Hightower

August 3, 2013
(10 years ago)

Texas Supreme Court justice, Memphis (Tex.) native served in the Legislature and for six terms as a Democrat in Congress beginning in 1975. Hightower, Jack, 86

Hildebrandt, Tim, 67

  • Tim Hildebrandt

June 11, 2006
(17 years ago)

World-renowned illustrator and artist who, with his twin brother Greg, created posters for Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. Hildebrandt, Tim, 67

Hill, Bobby Joe, 59

  • Bobby Joe Hill

December 8, 2002
(21 years ago)

Leader of the all-black Texas Western team that won the 1966 NCAA championship against the all-white Kentucky team, a landmark in college basketball; died of apparent heart attack in El Paso. Hill, Bobby Joe, 59

Hill, David L. "Tex," 92

  • David L. "Tex" Hill

October 11, 2007
(16 years ago)

Flying Tigers fighter pilot who was youngest brigadier general in the history of the Texas Air National Guard. Hill, David L. "Tex," 92

Hill, John L. Jr., 83

  • John L. Hill Jr.

July 9, 2007
(16 years ago)

Former Texas Supreme Court chief justice, secretary of state and attorney general; in 1978 became first Democrat in a century to lose the governor's race, falling to Republican Bill Clements. Hill, John L. Jr., 83

Hill, Margaret Hunt, 91

  • Margaret Hunt Hill

June 14, 2007
(16 years ago)

Oldest child of oil tycoon H.L. Hunt; grew up in Tyler; active in resort development and her oil company, Hunt Petroleum, which gave $12 million to the Trinity River Corridor Project. Hill, Margaret Hunt, 91

Hillaker, Harry J., 89

  • Harry J. Hillaker

February 8, 2009
(15 years ago)

Led the design team for the F-16 aircraft at General Dynamics where he worked for 44 years. Hillaker, Harry J., 89

Hillerman, John, 84

  • John Hillerman

November 9, 2017
(6 years ago)

Magnum, P.I.'s uptight butler Higgins, the role the Denison native played with a British accent, and which brought him an Emmy and a Golden Globe; other TV roles included Ellery Queen, The Betty White Show, and One Day at a Time. Hillerman, John, 84

Hinckley, Margaret A. "Marty" Jenkins, 74

  • Margaret A. "Marty" Jenkins Hinckley

March 3, 2003
(21 years ago)

Clarendon native married into Dallas family with ice cream business, came up with the idea for chocolate nut bar for vendors at the State Fair of Texas, evolved into the "Drumstick." Hinckley, Margaret A. "Marty" Jenkins, 74

Hines, John, 87

  • John Hines

July 19, 1997
(26 years ago)

Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas 1956 to 1964; presided over the Episcopal Church in the late 1960s. Hines, John, 87

Hingle, Pat, 84

  • Pat Hingle

January 3, 2009
(15 years ago)

Character actor who attended Weslaco High School, graduated UT-Austin 1949, had recurring role in Batman as Commissioner Gordon. Hingle, Pat, 84

Hitt, Dick, 63

  • Dick Hitt

June 27, 1996
(27 years ago)

Former Dallas Times Herald columnist, author, TV anchor and radio host. Hitt, Dick, 63

Hlavaty, Deane, 89

  • Deane Hlavaty

July 17, 2009
(14 years ago)

One of the famed carhops in scanty shorts and towering hats at Prince's Hamburgers in the 1930s, later worked for decades as a travel agent. Hlavaty, Deane, 89

Hobby, Diana, 83

  • Diana Hobby

July 4, 2014
(9 years ago)

Wife of former Lt. Gov. Bill Hobby, book editor of The Houston Post in the 1950s-60s, served on many Houston civic boards, conservationist who was a founding board member of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. Hobby, Diana, 83

Hobby, Oveta Culp, 90

  • Oveta Culp Hobby

August 16, 1995
(28 years ago)

Organized Women's Army Auxiliary Corps during World War II, secretary of Health, Education and Welfare in Eisenhower Cabinet and led media empire that included The Houston Post. Hobby, Oveta Culp, 90

Hodgson, Jay, 78

  • Jay Hodgson

May 27, 2007
(16 years ago)

Known as Uncle Jay to baby boomers of Central Texas where he hosted an after-school children's show on Austin's KTBC for 25 years. Hodgson, Jay, 78

Hoffman, Philip G., 93

  • Philip G. Hoffman

October 29, 2008
(15 years ago)

President of the University of Houston for 16 years beginning in 1961 during era of expansion and state affiliation. Hoffman, Philip G., 93

Hofner, Adolph, 83

  • Adolph Hofner

May 30, 2000
(23 years ago)

Moulton native known for adding German, Czech, and Polish twist to Western swing music; his band popularized a Texas version of the "Cotton-Eyed Joe" in 1940; he performed through the 1980s. Hofner, Adolph, 83

Hofner, Emil "Bash," 83

  • Emil "Bash" Hofner

January 16, 2002
(22 years ago)

Played steel guitar in brother Adolph Hofner's band that blended Western swing with Czech polkas. Hofner, Emil "Bash," 83

Hogan, Ben, 84

  • Ben Hogan

July 25, 1997
(26 years ago)

Golfing great who won all four major championships. Hogan, Ben, 84

Hogue, Alexandre, 96

  • Alexandre Hogue

July 22, 1994
(29 years ago)

An acclaimed painter of the Southwest, one of the core members of the Depression-era group known as the Dallas Nine. Hogue, Alexandre, 96

Hollingsworth, James F., 91

  • James F. Hollingsworth

March 9, 2010
(14 years ago)

In the Army for 36 years through World War II, Korea and Vietnam, called the most decorated military officer to come out of Texas A&M. Hollingsworth, James F., 91

Hollowell, Bill, 83

  • Bill Hollowell

January 18, 2012
(12 years ago)

East Texas legislator, Democrat was dean of the state House when he left in 1991 after serving 28 years. Hollowell, Bill, 83

Holtz, Mark, 51

  • Mark Holtz

September 7, 1997
(26 years ago)

Broadcaster, "voice of the Texas Rangers" for 17 seasons; died from leukemia and bone marrow disease. Holtz, Mark, 51

Holub, Emil Joseph "E.J.," 81

  • Emil Joseph "E.J. Holub

September 21, 2019
(4 years ago)

Played center and linebacker for Texas Technical College (now Texas Tech) and professionally in the AFL and NFL; native of Schulenburg raised in Lubbock was drafted sixth overall in 1961 by the Dallas Texans (later the Kansas City Chiefs); with the AFL, was the first player to start on both offense and defense in more than one Super Bowl and the only player to start two Super Bowls at two different positions; inducted into the Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame (1976), the Texas Tech Hall of Fame (1977), and the National Football Foundation's College Hall of Fame (1986). Holub, Emil Joseph "E.J.," 81

Hooks, Ralph Sr., 75

  • Ralph Hooks Sr.

February 8, 1995
(29 years ago)

Business, civic leader and former mayor of Abilene. Hooks, Ralph Sr., 75

Hooper, Tobe, 74

  • Tobe Hooper

August 26, 2017
(6 years ago)

Director of the 1974 cult horror film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre; native of Austin also directed the 1987 sequel with Dennis Hopper, as well as Poltergeist in 1982 with Steven Spielberg, and worked on other films, and various television programs. Hooper, Tobe, 74

Hopps, Walter, 72

  • Walter Hopps

March 20, 2005
(19 years ago)

Founding director of Houston's Menil Collection; also served as curator of 20th century art for the Smithsonian Institution; lived in Houston and Los Angeles. Hopps, Walter, 72

Horgan, Paul, 91

  • Paul Horgan

March 8, 1995
(29 years ago)

One of the foremost writers of the Southwest, Pulitzer Prize winner and honoree of the Texas Institute of Letters. Horgan, Paul, 91

Hosty, James P., 86

  • James P. Hosty

June 10, 2011
(12 years ago)

Was FBI agent in Dallas when told in October 1963 to investigate Lee Harvey Oswald as a potential spy, one of 12 agents reprimanded for investigative improprieties after the Warren Commission's report. Hosty, James P., 86

Houston, Sam IV, 85

  • Sam Houston IV

March 10, 2017
(7 years ago)

Great grandson of Texas president and general; worked to promote the study of Texas history through speaking at public schools and events such as the annual San Jacinto Day celebration near Houston; received a degree in history from the University of Houston; served in the Korean War and stayed in the Army Reserve, retiring as a lieutenant colonel. Houston, Sam IV, 85

Hovis, Larry, 67

  • Larry Hovis

September 9, 2003
(20 years ago)

Actor best known as Sgt. Carter on Hogan's Heroes; lecturer in theater at Texas State University–San Macros since 1990. Hovis, Larry, 67

Howard, Merideth, 52

  • Merideth Howard

September 8, 2006
(17 years ago)

Corpus Christi native; oldest female soldier killed in action since military operations began in Iraq and Afghanistan; first female firefighter in Bryan. Howard, Merideth, 52

Howell, Deborah, 68

  • Deborah Howell

January 1, 2010
(14 years ago)

San Antonio native was one of the first women to lead a big U.S. newspaper at the St. Paul Pioneer Press; died while vacationing in New Zealand. Howell, Deborah, 68

Hubenak, Joe, 64

  • Joe Hubenak

November 14, 2001
(22 years ago)

Member of the Texas House of Representatives from 1968 to 1979 and a leader in agricultural legislation; ran unsuccessfully for agricultural commissioner in 1978. Hubenak, Joe, 64

Hultgreen, Kara S., 29

  • Kara S. Hultgreen

October 25, 1994
(29 years ago)

Navy's first woman combat pilot; graduate of Alamo Heights High School in San Antonio; died in a training accident off the coast of Southern California. Hultgreen, Kara S., 29

Humphrey, William, 73

  • William Humphrey

August 20, 1997
(26 years ago)

Clarksville native wrote best-selling Home from the Hill and twelve other books. Humphrey, William, 73

Hunt, Lamar, 74

  • Lamar Hunt

December 13, 2006
(17 years ago)

As owner of the Dallas Texans was one of the founders of the AFL, instrumental in the merger of AFL and NFL; coined term "Super Bowl"; youngest son of legendary oilman H.L. Hunt. Hunt, Lamar, 74

Hunt, N. Bunker, 88

  • N. Bunker Hunt

October 21, 2014
(9 years ago)

Second son of oil wildcatter H.L. Hunt, grew up in Tyler and Dallas, in the 1960s-70s one of the world's richest men, but lost much of his fortune after trying to corner the world's silver market just before the price collapsed. Hunt, N. Bunker, 88

Hunt, Tom, 85

  • Tom Hunt

November 11, 2008
(15 years ago)

Former chairman of Hunt Petroleum and adviser to his uncle, famed wildcatter H.L. Hunt. Hunt, Tom, 85

Hunter, John Thurman Jr. "Long John," 84

  • John Thurman "Long John" Hunter Jr.

January 4, 2016
(8 years ago)

Blues guitarist known for his onstage showmanship; worked in Beaumont as a young man, relocated to El Paso where he played the Lobby Bar in Juarez in the 1960s; also a singer-songwriter known for "El Paso Rock" and "Alligators Around My Door." Hunter, John Thurman Jr. "Long John," 84

Hurd, John Gavin, 87

  • John Gavin Hurd

September 6, 2001
(22 years ago)

Republican leader, was president of the Texas independent oilmen's association and former U.S. ambassador to South Africa. Hurd, John Gavin, 87

Hutchison, Ray, 81

  • Ray Hutchison

March 30, 2014
(10 years ago)

Attorney instrumental in creation of DFW Airport, GOP state chairman, legislator, gubernatorial candidate, Dallas native graduated from SMU, husband of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Hutchison, Ray, 81

Hyatt, Walter, 47

  • Walter Hyatt

May 11, 1996
(27 years ago)

Country songwriter whose Uncle Walt's Band influenced many musicians in Austin's 1970s cosmic cowboy era; died in an airliner crash. Hyatt, Walter, 47

Hyer, Martha, 89

  • Martha Hyer

May 31, 2014
(9 years ago)

Fort Worth native, Arlington Heights graduate, received an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress for her role in the 1958 film Some Came Running opposite Frank Sinatra. Hyer, Martha, 89

Ivins, Molly, 62

  • Molly Ivins

January 31, 2007
(17 years ago)

Liberal newspaper columnist, commentator on Texas culture and politics, and former co-editor of the Texas Observer. Ivins, Molly, 62

Jackson, Gordon Dealey, 85

  • Gordon Dealey Jackson

November 26, 2004
(19 years ago)

Next-to-last surviving grandson of G. B. Dealey, who was co-founder of The Dallas Morning News; worked in water resource management. Jackson, Gordon Dealey, 85

Jackson, Grace "Pete," 93

  • Grace "Pete" Jackson

June 12, 1998
(25 years ago)

Founder of Ranchman's Cafe in Ponder whose down-home cooking brought visitors from around the world. Jackson, Grace "Pete," 93

Jackson, Joaquin, 80

  • Joaquin Jackson

June 15, 2016
(7 years ago)

Iconic 27-year Texas Ranger veteran who won fame after being featured on the cover of Texas Monthly in 1994 for a story on the law enforcement organization; Anton native pressed for the hiring in 1973 of the Ranger's first Hispanic officer in more than half a century. Jackson, Joaquin, 80

Jackson, Maynard Jr., 65

  • Maynard Jackson Jr.

June 23, 2003
(20 years ago)

Dallas native who became the first black mayor of Atlanta, Ga., in 1973. Jackson, Maynard Jr., 65

Jackson, Ruth, 91

  • Ruth Jackson

August 28, 1994
(29 years ago)

First woman orthopedic surgeon in United States. Jackson, Ruth, 91

Jacobs, Mike, 89

  • Mike Jacobs

July 28, 2014
(9 years ago)

Born Mendel Jakubowicz in Poland, he survived five years in concentration camps, came to Dallas in 1951, recounted his story to generations of children, founded the Dallas Holocaust Museum. Jacobs, Mike, 89

Jacobsen, Jake, 83

  • Jake Jacobsen

June 30, 2003
(20 years ago)

Legal assistant to President Lyndon B. Johnson, former Department of Public Safety commissioner, accused John Connally of taking bribe as Treasury secretary. Jacobsen, Jake, 83

Jaffee, Morris Douglas Sr., 78

  • Morris Douglas Jaffee Sr.

April 24, 2001
(22 years ago)

Businessman and political power broker in San Antonio; supported Henry B. Gonzalez, Frank Tejeda, Henry Cisneros; friend of Lyndon Johnson and Sam Rayburn. Jaffee, Morris Douglas Sr., 78

Jalomo, Valentin, 81

  • Valentin Jalomo

January 19, 2021
(3 years ago)

Astros superfan known for his elaborately quaffed mustache and customary seat in left-center field; grew up in Taft and moved to Houston where he worked as a bilingual teacher at Houston ISD until retirement in 2002. Jalomo, Valentin, 81

Jamail, Jeffrey G. "Jeff," 52

  • Jeffrey G. "Jeff" Jamail

May 23, 2004
(19 years ago)

Known as the face of Jamail's grocery, which was Houston's premier purveyor of fine food; his grandfather Najeeb "Jim" Jamail, a Lebanese immigrant, began the grocery business in 1907; died from a heart attack. Jamail, Jeffrey G. "Jeff," 52

Jamail, Joe, 90

  • Joe Jamail

December 23, 2015
(8 years ago)

Famed tort attorney and benefactor who gave millions to the University of Texas, Rice University, and arts and medical institutions in the state; son of a Lebanese immigrant, he was born in Houston where he graduated from St. Thomas High School, he earned his law degree from UT in 1953; his theatrical courtroom style resulted in winning cases that brought him an estimated $1.5 billion. Jamail, Joe, 90

Jamail, Lee Hage, 76

  • Lee Hage Jamail

January 15, 2007
(17 years ago)

Prominent Houston philanthropist; former member of state college coordinating board, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and other boards; wife of attorney Joseph D. Jamail. Jamail, Lee Hage, 76

Jameson, Betty, 89

  • Betty Jameson

February 7, 2009
(15 years ago)

Child prodigy in golf, won first tournament at 13, grew up in Dallas and San Antonio, attended UT-Austin 1939 to 1940, founding member of women's professional tour in 1950. Jameson, Betty, 89

Jefferson, Mildred, 84

  • Mildred Jefferson

October 15, 2010
(13 years ago)

Pittsburg (Tx.) native, physician who was a national figure in the anti-abortion movement, the first Black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School. Jefferson, Mildred, 84

Jenkins, Dan, 90

  • Dan Jenkins

March 7, 2019
(5 years ago)

Sportswriter for nearly 25 years for Sports Illustrated and author of Semi-Tough, the 1972 novel about pro football culture, also wrote Baja Oklahoma and others; avid golfer; first wrote on sports with fellow student Bud Shrake at Fort Worth Paschal High School; graduate of Texas Christian University; started in professional journalism at the Fort Worth Press in the 1950s. Jenkins, Dan, 90

Jenkins, M. T. "Pepper," 77

  • M. T. "Pepper" Jenkins

November 21, 1994
(29 years ago)

Pioneer anesthesiologist at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas; treated President Kennedy, Oswald, and later Jack Ruby. Jenkins, M. T. "Pepper," 77

Jennings, James, 71

  • James Jennings

December 2, 2004
(19 years ago)

Stadium voice of the Dallas Cowboys for 22 years until 1989; also announced at the Mesquite rodeo; served three terms on the Dallas school board in the 1970s. Jennings, James, 71

Jennings, Waylon, 64

  • Waylon Jennings

February 13, 2002
(22 years ago)

Littlefield native was part of country music's outlaw movement, had 16 No. 1 hits, the songwriter and guitarist had played in Buddy Holly's band. Jennings, Waylon, 64

Jernigan, James, 81

  • James Jernigan

August 10, 1996
(27 years ago)

Educator, former president of Texas A&I University in Kingsville. Jernigan, James, 81

Jimenez, Raul Sr., 66

  • Raul Jimenez Sr.

October 26, 1998
(25 years ago)

Built the Jimenez Food Products empire; another legacy is the Thanksgiving dinners he hosted each year for thousands poor people. Jimenez, Raul Sr., 66

Johnson, Belton Kleberg, 71

  • Belton Kleberg Johnson

May 19, 2001
(22 years ago)

Businessman and King Ranch heir; known as "B," his first language was Spanish; in 1959 he purchased his own ranch in Zavala County, the Chaparrosa, known for its annual sale of prized Santa Gertrudis cattle. Johnson, Belton Kleberg, 71

Johnson, Bob, 66

  • Bob Johnson

March 27, 1995
(29 years ago)

Parliamentarian of the Texas Senate since 1991 and House parliamentarian for 15 years. Johnson, Bob, 66

Johnson, E. J. "Jack," 89

  • E. J. "Jack" Johnson

November 16, 1996
(27 years ago)

Between 1931 and 1951 served Irving as mayor, councilman, policeman, school board member, and fire fighter. Johnson, E. J. "Jack," 89

Johnson, George S., 83

  • George S. Johnson

April 27, 1997
(26 years ago)

Former executive of the Dallas Times Herald where he worked from 1953 until his retirement in 1978. Johnson, George S., 83

Johnson, J. Lee III, 84

  • J. Lee Johnson III

August 18, 2002
(21 years ago)

Business and civic leader was part of team in 1960s that negotiated agreement between Fort Worth and Dallas to build D/FW International Airport. Johnson, J. Lee III, 84

Johnson, Jake, 75

  • Jake Johnson

September 9, 2006
(17 years ago)

Colorful legislator 1960 to 1973 known as a prankster; instrumental in creation of UT-San Antonio. Johnson, Jake, 75

Johnson, James L. "Rocky," 77

  • James L. "Rocky" Johnson

November 18, 2004
(19 years ago)

Vernon native was CEO of GTE Corp. in 1991 when he brought the domestic headquarters of the company (now Verizon) to North Texas. Johnson, James L. "Rocky," 77

Johnson, Ken, 74

  • Ken Johnson

November 8, 2008
(15 years ago)

Former Dallas Times Herald executive editor in the 1970s and '80s during a spirited fight against rival the Dallas Morning News. Johnson, Ken, 74

Johnson, Lady Bird, 94

  • Lady Bird Johnson

July 11, 2007
(16 years ago)

Born Claudia Taylor in Karnack, as first lady she championed wildflower conservation, and the policies of her husband President Lyndon Johnson, serving as his trusted adviser. Johnson, Lady Bird, 94

Johnson, Lee Otis, 62

  • Lee Otis Johnson

June 12, 2002
(21 years ago)

Student leader in the 1960s at Texas Southern University, arrested on a marijuana charge; "Free Lee Otis" became chant across Texas. Johnson, Lee Otis, 62

Johnson, Richard J. V., 75

  • Richard J. V. Johnson

January 14, 2006
(18 years ago)

During four decades at the Houston Chronicle he served as publisher, president, and chairman. Johnson, Richard J. V., 75

Johnson, Robert H. "Bob," 84

  • Robert H. "Bob" Johnson

August 25, 2007
(16 years ago)

Colorado City native, Associated Press editor and executive for 42 years mostly in Dallas, wrote first bulletin on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Johnson, Robert H. "Bob," 84

Johnston, Daniel Dale, 58

  • Daniel Dale Johnston

September 11, 2019
(4 years ago)

Cult-favorite singer-songwriter and visual artist; subject of the documentary The Devil and Daniel Johnston (2006) that explored his struggles with mental illness; created the famous "Hi, How Are You?" mural in Austin. Johnston, Daniel Dale, 58

Jones, Charlie, 77

  • Charlie Jones

June 12, 2008
(15 years ago)

TV sports anchor at Dallas' WFAA five years, announcer for AFL Dallas Texans beginning in 1960, called AFC games for NBC 1965 to 1997. Jones, Charlie, 77

Jones, Delwin, 94

  • Delwin Jones

July 25, 2018
(5 years ago)

Cotton farmer who represented the Lubbock area in the state House of Representatives from 1964-1972 as a Democrat and from 1989–2011 as a Republican; played key role in bringing a medical school and law school to Texas Tech University where he also served on the board of regents. Jones, Delwin, 94

Jones, Garth, 88

  • Garth Jones

January 18, 2006
(18 years ago)

Longtime newsman for the Associated Press who covered nine governors and 19 regular sessions of the Legislature. Jones, Garth, 88

Jones, George, 81

  • George Jones

April 26, 2013
(10 years ago)

Legendary country music singer was born in Saratoga and grew up in Beaumont, resided in Vidor, his songs on the charts since the 1950s included first hit "Why Baby Why" and "She Thinks I Still Care," "He Stopped Loving Her Today." Jones, George, 81

Jones, Grace, 87

  • Grace Jones

February 16, 2008
(16 years ago)

Born Grace Rosanky in Waelder, fashion maven whose boutique in Salado sold merchandise to customers across the globe, entered Baylor University at age 15, ferried aircraft during World War II. Jones, Grace, 87

Jones, John T., 76

  • John T. Jones

April 21, 1994
(30 years ago)

Chief executive of the Houston Chronicle for 16 years. Jones, John T., 76

Jones, Luther, 85

  • Luther Jones

March 3, 2002
(22 years ago)

Leader in Corpus Christi over four decades, first as commander of the Army Depot and then as mayor for eight years, granted title of mayor emeritus. Jones, Luther, 85

Jones, Wilford "Crazy Ray," 76

  • Wilford "Crazy Ray" Jones

March 17, 2007
(17 years ago)

As a character at Dallas Cowboys games he became nationally recognizable and an unofficial mascot. Jones, Wilford "Crazy Ray," 76

Jones, Woodrow Jr., 58

  • Woodrow Jones Jr.

November 22, 2005
(18 years ago)

Political science professor who became the first black dean at Texas A&M University in 1994 as head of the College of Liberal Arts; died in College Station after a long battle with heart disease. Jones, Woodrow Jr., 58

Jonsson, J. Erik, 93

  • J. Erik Jonsson

August 31, 1995
(28 years ago)

Former mayor of Dallas 1964 to 1971, whose impact as civic leader preceded and followed those years; former chairman of Texas Instruments. Jonsson, J. Erik, 93

Jordan, Barbara, 59

  • Barbara Jordan

January 17, 1996
(28 years ago)

Elected to Congress from Houston in 1972, becoming first black woman member from a Southern state; first black woman in Texas Senate 1966 to 1972; professor at the LBJ School of Public Affairs at UT-Austin 1979 until her death. Jordan, Barbara, 59

Jordan, Esteban "Steve," 71

  • Esteban "Steve" Jordan

August 13, 2010
(13 years ago)

Conjunto accordionist credited with introducing elements of jazz, pop, rock, and blues into the traditional polka genre. Jordan, Esteban "Steve," 71

Josey, Jack Symth, 86

  • Jack Symth Josey

February 27, 2003
(21 years ago)

Houston oilman who with others (see Sawtelle obit) developed Lakeway community on Lake Travis; on boards of University of Texas, Rice University, and Hermann Hospital. Josey, Jack Symth, 86

Junkins, Jerry R., 58

  • Jerry R. Junkins

May 29, 1996
(27 years ago)

Chairman and CEO of Texas Instruments Inc., the global electronic giant, Dallas civic leader; died of a heart attack in Stuttgart, Germany. Junkins, Jerry R., 58

Jurow, Martin, 92

  • Martin Jurow

February 12, 2004
(20 years ago)

A Dallas resident since 1971, he was a vital force on Broadway and in Hollywood; produced classics including Breakfast at Tiffany's. Jurow, Martin, 92

Justice, William Wayne, 89

  • William Wayne Justice

October 13, 2009
(14 years ago)

East Texas federal judge who wrote the decisions integrating Texas schools, reforming state prisons, and opening classrooms to children of illegal immigrants. Justice, William Wayne, 89

Justin, John Jr., 84

  • John Justin Jr.

February 26, 2001
(23 years ago)

Known worldwide for his cowboy boots and promoting Western heritage; while running the family business, he served on the Fort Worth city council and became mayor in 1961. Justin, John Jr., 84

Katz, Sol, 88

  • Sol Katz

May 9, 2002
(21 years ago)

Corsicana native started throwing The Dallas Morning News in high school and went on the serve on the board of directors of Belo, the parent company. Katz, Sol, 88

Kazen, Jimmy, 90

  • Jimmy Kazen

February 25, 2003
(21 years ago)

One of four sons of Lebanese immigrants who achieved prominence in South Texas politics; former prosecutor and judge. Kazen, Jimmy, 90

Keeter, Thomas Lee, 79

  • Thomas Lee Keeter

January 1, 2007
(17 years ago)

As head of horticulture services for the San Antonio parks department he devoted more than 30 years to beautifying the city, particularly the famed River Walk. Keeter, Thomas Lee, 79

Keeton, W. Page, 89

  • W. Page Keeton

January 10, 1999
(25 years ago)

Dean of the University of Texas School of Law from 1949 to 1974 credited with helping develop it into one of top such institutions. Keeton, W. Page, 89

Kelleher, Herb, 87

  • Herb Kelleher

January 3, 2019
(5 years ago)

Southwest Airlines co-founder (with Rollin King) in 1967; years of legal battles from competing airlines delayed operations of the low-fare carrier until 1971 when it began with flights between Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio; company grew to be a major national carrier with more than 120 million passengers a year; New Jersey native moved his law practice to San Antonio in 1961. Kelleher, Herb, 87

Kelsey, John R. Jr., 88

  • John R. Kelsey Jr.

July 21, 2010
(13 years ago)

Deport native, physician who was co-founder of the Kelsey-Sebold Clinics in Houston in the late 1950s. Kelsey, John R. Jr., 88

Kelso, John, 73

  • John Kelso

July 28, 2017
(6 years ago)

Longtime humor columnist for the Austin American-Statesman beginning in 1977; described as the "primary interpreter to the masses of some of what makes Austin so Austin". Kelso, John, 73

Kelton, Elmer, 83

  • Elmer Kelton

August 22, 2009
(14 years ago)

Famed Western novelist wrote more than 60 books mostly set in West Texas, spent most of his life as a journalist writing about livestock and ranches, first for the San Angelo Standard-Times. Kelton, Elmer, 83

Kemp, Harris A., 84

  • Harris A. Kemp

October 24, 1996
(27 years ago)

Architect who designed Dallas Memorial Auditorium and other downtown landmarks. Kemp, Harris A., 84

Kennard, Don, 81

  • Don Kennard

March 17, 2011
(13 years ago)

Champion of state parks and education, represented Fort Worth in Texas House 1953–1962, state Senate 1962–1973. Kennard, Don, 81

Kennedy, Ken, 61

  • Ken Kennedy

February 7, 2007
(17 years ago)

Rice University scientist whose software design work paved the way for emergence of the commercial supercomputing industry of the 1980s. Kennedy, Ken, 61

Kennedy, Rod, 84

  • Rod Kennedy

April 14, 2014
(10 years ago)

Entertainment producer who in 1972 started the Kerrville Folk Festival as an offshoot of the Texas State Arts & Crafts Fair; moved to Houston as a teen in the late 1940s. Kennedy, Rod, 84

Keyes, Evelyn, 91

  • Evelyn Keyes

July 4, 2008
(15 years ago)

Port Arthur native played Scarlet O'Hara's younger sister in Gone With the Wind, was married to Artie Shaw. Keyes, Evelyn, 91

Keys, Bobby, 70

  • Bobby Keys

December 2, 2014
(9 years ago)

Rolling Stones saxophonist grew up in Slaton, as a kid hung out with Buddy Holly and the Crickets, met Stones on tour in San Antonio in the mid-1960s, when he objected to their covering Buddy's "Not Fade Away," a friendly, professional bond followed. Keys, Bobby, 70

Kiefer, Adolph, 98

  • Adolph Kiefer

May 5, 2017
(6 years ago)

Swimmer who won a gold medal in the 1936 Berlin Olympics as a 17-year-old known as "Sonny Boy"; son of German immigrants, he attended the University of Michigan before following his coach Tex Robertson to the University of Texas at Austin in 1939; during service in the Navy in World War II he designed a comprehensive swim training program for recruits; founded a swimming equipment firm that developed the nylon swim suit and the kick-board; was the oldest living Olympic champion. Kiefer, Adolph, 98

Kilby, Jack St. Clair, 81

  • Jack St. Clair Kilby

June 20, 2005
(18 years ago)

The Nobel laureate and longtime engineer at Texas Instruments whose 1958 invention of the integrated circuit made possible the microprocessor and ushered in the electronics age. Kilby, Jack St. Clair, 81

Kilgarlin, William, 79

  • William Kilgarlin

November 5, 2012
(11 years ago)

Former Texas Supreme Court justice, devised the 1993 "Robin Hood" school finance plan that shifted funds to poorer districts, served in Legislature. Kilgarlin, William, 79

Kilgore, Joe M., 80

  • Joe M. Kilgore

February 10, 1999
(25 years ago)

Member of Congress for South Texas from 1954 to 1964 and adviser to Lyndon Johnson. Kilgore, Joe M., 80

Killingsworth, Jim, 83

  • Jim Killingsworth

June 10, 2007
(16 years ago)

Basketball coach at Texas Christian University where his teams, known as "Killer's Frogs," won back-to-back championships in the Southwest Conference in 1986 and 1987. Killingsworth, Jim, 83

Kilpatrick, Charles O., 91

  • Charles O. Kilpatrick

June 26, 2013
(10 years ago)

Journalist started on East Texas newspapers in 1950s, later spent 40 years in San Antonio including as publisher of the Express-News 1971–1990. Kilpatrick, Charles O., 91

Kinch, Sam Jr., 70

  • Sam Kinch Jr.

February 1, 2011
(13 years ago)

Covered state and national politics for 40 years in Austin and Washington, many for The Dallas Morning News. Kinch, Sam Jr., 70

Kinchlow, Ben, 82

  • Ben Kinchlow

July 18, 2019
(4 years ago)

Co-host with Pat Robertson of the 700 Club on the Christian Broadcasting Network from 1975–1988 and 1992–1996; born in Uvalde where he went to Southwest Texas Junior College; served in the Air Force for 13 years; ordained in the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1971; conducted a youth ministry in Killeen before joining the television program. Kinchlow, Ben, 82

King, Betty, 89

  • Betty King

December 1, 2014
(9 years ago)

Secretary of the Texas Senate 1977–2001, before that worked in the state Capitol for 30 years in various posts. King, Betty, 89

King, Don C., 71

  • Don C. King

October 24, 2000
(23 years ago)

Jermyn native led the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association 1966 to 1995 as general manager; during his tenure the group grew to more than 13,000 members. King, Don C., 71

King, Larry L., 83

  • Larry L. King

December 20, 2012
(11 years ago)

Putnam native was journalist, author and playwright, works included The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and his 1960s book The One-Eyed Man. King, Larry L., 83

Kingston, Mike, 56

  • Mike Kingston

February 13, 1994
(30 years ago)

Journalist, editor of the Texas Almanac from 1981 to 1994. Kingston, Mike, 56

Kinzler, Jack, 94

  • Jack Kinzler

March 4, 2014
(10 years ago)

Considered "Mr. Fix-It" at NASA where he worked for decades as chief of technical services, credited with saving the Skylab space station when the thermal shield failed in 1973. Kinzler, Jack, 94

Kitchens, C. T. "Jack," 85

  • C. T. "Jack" Kitchens

December 15, 2002
(21 years ago)

With McBrayer (see McBrayer obit) developed the first offset newspaper press. Kitchens, C. T. "Jack," 85

Klingenberg, Elmo, 84

  • Elmo Klingenberg

July 23, 2001
(22 years ago)

Served with the Fort Worth Stockyards for 32 years before retiring as president in 1978; died at his daughter's home in Chattanooga, Tenn. Klingenberg, Elmo, 84

Knight, Shirley, 83

  • Shirley Knight

April 22, 2020
(4 years ago)

Award-winning actress, including three Emmys and a Tony, never stopped working; native Kansan started in classic TV shows and nominated for Oscars for The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (1960) and Sweet Bird of Youth (1962); in later years helped build the Texas State University musical theater program to national prominence. Knight, Shirley, 83

Knox, Buddy, 65

  • Buddy Knox

February 14, 1999
(25 years ago)

Rockabilly singer and songwriter of the 1950s who wrote "Party Doll"; born in Happy. Knox, Buddy, 65

Kocurek, Willie, 98

  • Willie Kocurek

January 1, 2009
(15 years ago)

Austin civic icon, bow-tie-wearing pitchman in his appliance store commercials, served on school board 1946 to 1954 including four years as president. Kocurek, Willie, 98

Koonce, Paul B., 94

  • Paul B. Koonce

February 28, 2001
(23 years ago)

Longtime manager of Houston's municipal airport (1941 to 1973, named Hobby in 1967); helped plan the city's intercontinental airport (now called Bush). Koonce, Paul B., 94

Korioth, Tony, 71

  • Tony Korioth

May 29, 2004
(19 years ago)

Legislator from Sherman brought successful "one man, one vote" lawsuit in the 1960s, which challenged districting that concentrated power in rural areas. Korioth, Tony, 71

Koy Kistler, Margaret, 63

  • Margaret Koy Kistler

February 22, 2008
(16 years ago)

Part of legendary Koy sports family, hired out of UT-Austin in 1967 at the Abilene Reporter-News, becoming one of first female sportswriters in Texas. Koy Kistler, Margaret, 63

Koy, Ernie Sr., 97

  • Ernie Koy Sr.

January 1, 2007
(17 years ago)

Part of 1930 through 1932 UT Longhorn football teams with 22-7-1 record; played five years in major league baseball beginning with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Koy, Ernie Sr., 97

Kozmetsky, George, 85

  • George Kozmetsky

April 30, 2003
(20 years ago)

Benefactor of the University of Texas where he headed the College of Business Administration from 1966 to 1982; laid groundwork for Austin's emergence as a technology center. Kozmetsky, George, 85

Kraddick, David "Kidd," 53

  • David "Kidd" Kraddick

July 27, 2013
(10 years ago)

Radio and TV host of morning program heard in many U.S. markets as well as worldwide on the Armed Forces Radio Network; died suddenly in New Orleans while at a charity golf event. Kraddick, David "Kidd," 53

Kraft, Christopher, 95

  • Christopher Kraft

July 22, 2019
(4 years ago)

The face and voice of NASA's mission control during the early space flights, including the first moon landing in 1969; as the ground commander in Houston he explained what was happening on the flights at news conferences seen around the world; died in Houston, two days after the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. Kraft, Christopher, 95

Krause, Elton, 88

  • Elton Krause

November 15, 2011
(12 years ago)

Farmer/rancher who founded one of the state's most beloved swimming holes Krause Springs near Spicewood, opened in 1962. Krause, Elton, 88

Kreigel, Henry, 88

  • Henry Kreigel

July 18, 1996
(27 years ago)

Served in Houston as city treasurer for 17 years and eight as Harris County treasurer. Kreigel, Henry, 88

Kronkosky, Albert Jr., 87

  • Albert Kronkosky Jr.

October 23, 1995
(28 years ago)

Heir and former owner of the Gebhardt Chili Powder Co. Kronkosky, Albert Jr., 87

Kubiak, Dan, 60

  • Dan Kubiak

August, 1998
(25 years ago)

Democratic legislator who served eleven terms in the Texas House beginning in 1969. Kubiak, Dan, 60

Kuempel, Edmund, 67

  • Edmund Kuempel

November 4, 2010
(13 years ago)

Esteemed veteran Republican legislator since 1983 from Seguin, oversaw Capitol restoration in the 1990s. Kuempel, Edmund, 67

Kyle, Chris, 38

  • Chris Kyle

February 2, 2013
(11 years ago)

Former Navy SEAL was Midlothian resident, wrote best-selling book American Sniper about killing more than 150 in Iraq, he was shot and killed along with another veteran Chad Littlefield at a gun range near Glen Rose. Kyle, Chris, 38

LaFave, Jimmy, 61

  • Jimmy LaFave

May 21, 2017
(6 years ago)

Singer-songwriter of Americana style of music called Red Dirt; devotee of Woody Guthrie of Oklahoma, where LaFave spent part of his youth; Kerrville Folk Festival's songwriter of the year in 1996; his 2007 album Cimarron Manifesto reached No. 1 on the Americana Music Association chart; Wills Point native relocated to Austin in 1992. LaFave, Jimmy, 61

Lama, Tony Jr., 81

  • Tony Lama Jr.

December 9, 2012
(11 years ago)

Son of the founder of the iconic boot company, was CEO through the 1970s–80s, instrumental in getting brand known worldwide. Lama, Tony Jr., 81

Lampman, Hugh W., 69

  • Hugh W. Lampman

July 15, 2002
(21 years ago)

50-year broadcast veteran; hosted for nine years Music til Dawn at KRLD in Dallas; won Peabody Award. Lampman, Hugh W., 69

Lancarte, David Allen, 53

  • David Allen Lancarte

August 12, 2005
(18 years ago)

Co-owner of the landmark Fort Worth Tex-Mex restaurant Joe T. Garcia's, founded by his grandfather; died of heart failure. Lancarte, David Allen, 53

Lancarte, Esperanza "Hope," 86

  • Esperanza "Hope" Lancarte

November 20, 2014
(9 years ago)

Grande dame of the Fort Worth restaurant trade and mother of seven children, ran her family's iconic Joe T. Garcia's for decades. Lancarte, Esperanza "Hope," 86

Landes, James H., 84

  • James H. Landes

December 28, 1996
(27 years ago)

Former Hardin-Simmons University president and former executive director of Baptist General Convention of Texas. Landes, James H., 84

Landry, Tom, 75

  • Tom Landry

February 12, 2000
(24 years ago)

Football stalwart was Dallas Cowboy coach for 29 seasons; born and raised in Mission in the Rio Grande Valley; World War II veteran who went on to play for UT Longhorns and New York Giants. Landry, Tom, 75

Lane, Dick "Night Train," 73

  • Dick "Night Train" Lane

January 29, 2002
(22 years ago)

Austin high school athlete whose football career with the Los Angeles Rams and Detroit Lions earned him a place in the NFL Hall of Fame. Lane, Dick "Night Train," 73

Laney, Jean Moroney, 79

  • Jean Moroney Laney

September 22, 1999
(24 years ago)

Granddaughter of Dallas Morning News founder George Bannerman Dealey; active in civic groups, benefactor. Laney, Jean Moroney, 79

Lanier, Bob, 89

  • Bob Lanier

December 20, 2014
(9 years ago)

Real estate developer who was elected Houston mayor in 1991 on a promise to reduce the crime rate which plunged in his first term, served three terms. Lanier, Bob, 89

Lary, Yale, 86

  • Yale Lary

May 12, 2017
(6 years ago)

Fort Worth native was NFL Hall of Famer who played football for Texas A&M from 1949 to 1951 and baseball from 1950 to 1952 when the Aggies made the College World Series; he was safety and punter for the Detroit Lions in the 1950s when they won three national championships; served two terms in the Texas House of Representatives while playing pro football. Lary, Yale, 86

LaSelle, Dorothy Antoinette "Toni," 100

  • Dorothy Antoinette "Toni" LaSelle

July 26, 2002
(21 years ago)

Painter who during her 44-year tenure at Texas Woman's University inspired generations of young artists. LaSelle, Dorothy Antoinette "Toni," 100

Laurenzo, Ninfa Rodriguez, 77

  • Ninfa Rodriguez Laurenzo

June 17, 2001
(22 years ago)

The founder of Ninfa's restaurants, popularized fajitas, tacos al carbon; grew up in Lower Rio Grande Valley; widowed in 1969, she converted tortilla company in 1973 to first restaurant, which grew to the chain. Laurenzo, Ninfa Rodriguez, 77

Laws, Clarence A., 87

  • Clarence A. Laws

March 15, 1995
(29 years ago)

Leader of the NAACP, "Mr. Civil Rights" to a generation of Dallas blacks. Laws, Clarence A., 87

Lay, Kenneth, 64

  • Kenneth Lay

July 5, 2006
(17 years ago)

Founder of Houston's Enron Corporation who fell into disgrace amid national scandal and bankruptcy. Lay, Kenneth, 64

Lea, Sarah C. Dighton, 96

  • Sarah C. Dighton Lea

May 2, 2008
(15 years ago)

Widow of celebrated artist Tom Lea who served as a subject for his paintings, first woman to become a bank director in El Paso in 1974, headed many local civic and service groups including YWCA. Lea, Sarah C. Dighton, 96

Lea, Tom, 93

  • Tom Lea

January 29, 2001
(23 years ago)

Internationally-known artist and author first won fame in the 1930s as a landscape painter and muralist, and later as Life magazine correspondent during World War II. Lea, Tom, 93

Leachman, Robert, 68

  • Robert Leachman

April 1, 1996
(28 years ago)

Led the surgical team that performed the first heart catheterization in 1964 at St. Luke's Hospital in Houston. Leachman, Robert, 68

Leddy, James, 66

  • James Leddy

September 30, 2003
(20 years ago)

Legendary Abilene bootmaker whose exotic leathers of snake and ostrich drew many famed customers from George Jones to Jane Seymour. Leddy, James, 66

LeDoux, Chris, 56

  • Chris LeDoux

March 9, 2005
(19 years ago)

Country singer-songwriter; raised in Austin, former rodeo champion had hit duet, "Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy," with Garth Brooks in 1992; died from cancer. LeDoux, Chris, 56

Lee, Amy Freeman, 89

  • Amy Freeman Lee

July 20, 2004
(19 years ago)

Painter, author, art critic and art patron in San Antonio; headed board of trustees at the University of the Incarnate Word from 1973 to 1990. Lee, Amy Freeman, 89

Lee, Gordon "Porky," 71

  • Gordon "Porky" Lee

October 16, 2005
(18 years ago)

Fort Worth native was one of The Little Rascals in the 1930s, appearing in more than 40 Our Gang short films; later taught school in Post. Lee, Gordon "Porky," 71

Leeds Swanson, Lana, 63

  • Lana Leeds Swanson

February 15, 2009
(15 years ago)

Was known as Lana Phillips in 1966 when she was hit in the UT Tower shootings, became music teacher and founded Austin Children's Repertoire Company. Leeds Swanson, Lana, 63

LeMaistre, Charles, 92

  • Charles LeMaistre

January 28, 2017
(7 years ago)

Physician, medical educator, and academic administrator who served as chancellor of the University of Texas at Austin from 1971 to 1978 and president of the UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston from 1978 to 1996; his early work beginning in 1964 was educating others about the dangers of smoking, serving on the first U.S. Surgeon General's Advisory Committee on Smoking and Health. LeMaistre, Charles, 92

Lemons, Abe, 79

  • Abe Lemons

September 2, 2002
(21 years ago)

One of college basketball's winningest and wittiest coaches, at the University of Texas from 1977 to 1982, also coached at Pan American University. Lemons, Abe, 79

Leslie, Warren, 84

  • Warren Leslie

July 6, 2011
(12 years ago)

Dallas Morning News reporter who wrote the controversial 1964 best-seller contending a climate of right-wing extremism in Dallas set the scene for the Kennedy assassination. Leslie, Warren, 84

Levitt, Zola, 67

  • Zola Levitt

April 19, 2006
(18 years ago)

National televangelist who emphasized his own Jewish roots and those of Christianity. Levitt, Zola, 67

Lewis, Guy, 93

  • Guy Lewis

November 26, 2015
(8 years ago)

Hall of fame basketball coach who led the University of Houston team for 30 years including the Phi Slama Jama teams of the early 1980s; his teams were in 14 NCAA tournaments; among the players he coached were Clyde Drexler, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Elvin Hayes; native of Arp, attended Rice University and U. of H. where he played on the inaugural team in 1946. Lewis, Guy, 93

Lewis, Sam, 80

  • Sam Lewis

January 10, 2003
(21 years ago)

West Texas public relations figure who promoted jalapeños and armadillo racing; one of the original supporters of the Terlingua Chili Cook-off. Lewis, Sam, 80

Lezar, Harold J. "Tex" Jr., 55

  • Harold J. "Tex" Lezar Jr.

January 5, 2004
(20 years ago)

Member of the staffs of Presidents Nixon and Reagan, assistant to William F. Buckley; ran unsuccessfully for lieutenant governor in 1994; died of a heart attack at his Dallas home. Lezar, Harold J. "Tex" Jr., 55

Liberto, Frank, 84

  • Frank Liberto

November 5, 2017
(6 years ago)

His family's concession-supply company came up with the cheese sauce that allowed for the nation's first "concession nachos" to be introduced in 1976 at a Texas Ranger baseball game; native of San Antonio, Central Catholic High School, St. Mary's University 1955. Liberto, Frank, 84

Lich, Glen Ernst, 49

  • Glen Ernst Lich

October 15, 1997
(26 years ago)

Former history professor at Baylor University and Schreiner College, wrote The German Texans in 1981; slain at his ranch near Kerrville. Lich, Glen Ernst, 49

Lieberman, Harry (Larry Kane), 62

  • Harry (Larry Kane) Lieberman

January 26, 1998
(26 years ago)

Houston broadcaster who hosted a teen dance show in the 1950s and '60s. Lieberman, Harry (Larry Kane), 62

Liedtke, J. Hugh, 81

  • J. Hugh Liedtke

March 28, 2003
(21 years ago)

Oilman founded Zapata Petroleum Corp. in 1953 in Midland with future President George H. W. Bush, the firm became Pennzoil Co. where he was CEO. Liedtke, J. Hugh, 81

Linbeck, Leo Jr., 78

  • Leo Linbeck Jr.

June 8, 2013
(10 years ago)

Leading Houston businessman, headed family's construction company, a leader in battle to reform Texas tort laws, chaired probe of fatal Aggie bonfire collapse. Linbeck, Leo Jr., 78

Lindsey, Roland, 78

  • Roland Lindsey

September 20, 2018
(5 years ago)

Barbecue icon founded Bodacious Bar-B-Q in Longview in 1968; the company eventually expanded to 22 locations statewide; grew up in Dallas where he learned to barbecue at his father's cafe. Lindsey, Roland, 78

Ling, James J., 81

  • James J. Ling

December 17, 2004
(19 years ago)

Pioneer of the modern-day conglomerate, tycoon of LTV Corp., which helped propel Dallas into world financial spotlight in 1960s. Ling, James J., 81

Linthicum, Virginia Murchison, 83

  • Virginia Murchison Linthicum

December 25, 1996
(27 years ago)

Philanthropist and arts patron, was wife of oilman Clint Murchison Sr. and rancher Edward B. Linthicum. Linthicum, Virginia Murchison, 83

Lipscomb, Al, 86

  • Al Lipscomb

June 18, 2011
(12 years ago)

Dallas political and civil rights leader, city council member for 15 years. Lipscomb, Al, 86

Locke, Randall "Poodie," 60

  • Randall "Poodie" Locke

May 6, 2009
(14 years ago)

Willie Nelson's stage manager for 34 years and owner of Poodie's Hilltop Bar in Spicewood where Willie's crew hung out between tours. Locke, Randall "Poodie," 60

Lockett, Clodovia, 81

  • Clodovia Lockett

July 18, 1994
(29 years ago)

Nationally recognized educator, longtime University of Dallas science professor, Catholic nun. Lockett, Clodovia, 81

Locklin, Hank, 91

  • Hank Locklin

March 8, 2009
(15 years ago)

Grand Ole Opry member who hosted TV shows in Houston and Dallas in 1970s, had hits "Send Me the Pillow You Dream On" and "Please Help Me I'm Falling". Locklin, Hank, 91

Loetscher, Ila, 95

  • Ila Loetscher

January 4, 2000
(24 years ago)

Nicknamed "The Turtle Lady" for her campaigns for sea turtles on South Padre Island. Loetscher, Ila, 95

Loftis, Jack, 80

  • Jack Loftis

December 29, 2014
(9 years ago)

Hillsboro native, editor of the Houston Chronicle 1986-2002, which in the early years included adding news bureaus across Texas and in Latin America. Loftis, Jack, 80

Logan, Horace Lee, 86

  • Horace Lee Logan

October 13, 2002
(21 years ago)

Began country music's radio program Louisiana Hayride in 1948 where artist such as Elvis Presley and Hank Williams got their breaks. Logan, Horace Lee, 86

Long, Emma, 98

  • Emma Long

January 16, 2011
(13 years ago)

Austin's first female city council member in 1948, liberal firebrand served until 1969 when she was defeated after proposing a fair housing ordinance. Long, Emma, 98

Long, Huey, 105

  • Huey Long

June 10, 2009
(14 years ago)

Jazz great born in Sealy, played guitar with Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker and as part of the famed Ink Spots vocal group. Long, Huey, 105

Long, Travis, 86

  • Travis Long

January 5, 2007
(17 years ago)

Bellville native and highway engineer for 37 years who oversaw the construction of Austin's main two expressways, I-35 and MoPac. Long, Travis, 86

Longoria, Beatrice, 88

  • Beatrice Longoria

March 27, 2008
(16 years ago)

Widow of war hero Pvt. Felix Longoria whose reburial in 1949 became a national incident when a South Texas funeral home refused use of its chapel because the Longorias were Mexican-American. Longoria, Beatrice, 88

Longoria, Raul, 80

  • Raul Longoria

May 7, 2001
(22 years ago)

Democrat represented the Rio Grande Valley in the Texas House 1960 to 1973; state senate 1973 to 1981; district judge in Hidalgo County 1981 to 1994. Longoria, Raul, 80

Longoria, Valerio, 76

  • Valerio Longoria

December 15, 2000
(23 years ago)

Innovator in conjunto music, taught accordion to children of San Antonio for many years. Longoria, Valerio, 76

Look, G. D. Sonny, 84

  • G. D. Sonny Look

December 29, 2003
(20 years ago)

Legendary Houston restaurateur whose Sir-Loin House and Inn were noted steak houses from 1959 to 1991; active supporter of Houston rodeo. Look, G. D. Sonny, 84

Lopez, Arturo, 77

  • Arturo Lopez

October 16, 2015
(8 years ago)

Restaurateur who helped make the puffy taco a staple of the San Antonio food scene; he put it on the menu after he acquired Ray's Drive Inn in the mid-1960s, the first to give the fried food its lasting name. Lopez, Arturo, 77

Lopez, Isidro, 75

  • Isidro Lopez

August 16, 2004
(19 years ago)

Saxophonist and singer from Alice who combined conjunto with Orquesta to forge Tejano music in 1940s to 1960s; half Apache, his nickname was "El Indio". Lopez, Isidro, 75

Lopez, Trinidad "Trini" III, 83

  • Trinidad "Trini" Lopez III

August 11, 2020
(3 years ago)

Singer and guitarist, his debut album, Trini Lopez at PJs, sold more than a million copies and earned a gold disc; designed two guitars for Gibson in 1964 that are prized by collectors; also did some acting, including a role in The Dirty Dozen (1967); grew up in Dallas but started his career in Wichita Falls. Lopez, Trinidad "Trini" III, 83

Lounge, John M., 64

  • John M. Lounge

March 1, 2011
(13 years ago)

Astronaut who flew on three shuttle missions, including the first after the 1986 Challenger disaster. Lounge, John M., 64

Love, Dan, 88

  • Dan Love

October 13, 2017
(6 years ago)

Austin television and radio broadcaster in the 1950s and 1960s on KTBC and KHFI; served on the Austin city council in the 1970s; born Marvin Love in Dallas; Sunset High School 1947, University of Texas 1952. Love, Dan, 88

Love, Jim, 77

  • Jim Love

May 10, 2005
(18 years ago)

Houston sculptor born in Amarillo; highly visible works include Portable Trojan Bear in Houston's Hermann Park. Love, Jim, 77

Lowe, James E. Jr. "Jim," 73

  • James E."Jim" Lowe Jr.

May 28, 2000
(23 years ago)

Voice of giant Big Tex at State Fair. Lowe, James E. Jr. "Jim," 73

Loyd, Nikki Araguz, 44

  • Nikki Araguz Loyd

November 6, 2019
(4 years ago)

California-born author, speaker, and same-sex-marriage activist; after her husband, a sheriff's deputy and firefighter, was killed in a fire in 2010, her in-laws refused to allow her to see her stepchildren and filed two lawsuits to have the marriage annulled and to take away her firefighter's spousal benefits; a judge annulled the marriage in 2011 but she continued to fight, eventually having her marriage ruled legal in 2015. Loyd, Nikki Araguz, 44

Luby, Robert M., 88

  • Robert M. Luby

August 13, 1998
(25 years ago)

Founded the Luby's Cafeteria chain in San Antonio in 1947. Luby, Robert M., 88

Luedecke, Alvin R., 87

  • Alvin R. Luedecke

August 9, 1998
(25 years ago)

Retired Air Force general who headed the Atomic Energy Commission for six years and served as Texas A&M University president in 1970 Luedecke, Alvin R., 87

Luksa, Frank, 77

  • Frank Luksa

October 23, 2012
(11 years ago)

Sportswriter for five decades at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Dallas Times-Herald, and Dallas Morning News, covering the NFL Cowboys from their first years. Luksa, Frank, 77

Luna, Earl, 74

  • Earl Luna

August 15, 1996
(27 years ago)

Politically active lawyer; in 1963 as president of school board cast deciding vote to desegregate Garland schools. Luna, Earl, 74

Luna, Greg, 66

  • Greg Luna

November 6, 1999
(24 years ago)

Democrat served in Texas House 1985 to 1992 and state senate 1993 to 1999; honored for work in education; helped found the Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund in 1968. Luna, Greg, 66

Lyle, Eldon W., 89

  • Eldon W. Lyle

December 28, 1997
(26 years ago)

Known nationally as the "Tyler rose doctor," made major contributions to rose research. Lyle, Eldon W., 89

Lyle, John Emmett, 93

  • John Emmett Lyle

November 11, 2003
(20 years ago)

Former legislator and congressman from Corpus Christi during the 1940s and 1950s. Lyle, John Emmett, 93

Macdonald, H. Malcolm, 83

  • H. Malcolm Macdonald

July 5, 1997
(26 years ago)

Professor of government at The University of Texas for more than 30 years. Macdonald, H. Malcolm, 83

MacEoin, Gary, 94

  • Gary MacEoin

July 9, 2003
(20 years ago)

San Antonio resident and writer known internationally for his reporting on Latin America and the Roman Catholic Church; U.N. representative for the International Catholic Press Union from 1954 to 1963. MacEoin, Gary, 94

Machado, Mike, 74

  • Mike Machado

July 29, 1998
(25 years ago)

Spent 41 years presiding over San Antonio municipal and state district courts. Machado, Mike, 74

Mack, Gary, 68

  • Gary Mack

July 15, 2015
(8 years ago)

Kennedy assassination expert who was curator at the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, broadcaster joined Dallas' KXAS in 1981, became archivist at the museum in 1994 and appeared on many documentaries on the events of November 1963. Mack, Gary, 68

Maddux, Elizabeth Huth Coates, 86

  • Elizabeth Huth Coates Maddux

May 12, 1996
(27 years ago)

Descendant of a Castroville founder and noted San Antonio philanthropist. Maddux, Elizabeth Huth Coates, 86

Madla, Frank, 69

  • Frank Madla

November 24, 2006
(17 years ago)

Important political leader in San Antonio who represented Bexar County in the Legislature for 33 years, the last 13 in the state senate. Madla, Frank, 69

Magers, Judy

  • Judy Magers

January 26, 2007
(17 years ago)

Better known as the burro lady or La Riena, she wandered the Trans-Pecos for decades alone with her burro. Magers, Judy

Magness, B. Don, 75

  • B. Don Magness

July 17, 2008
(15 years ago)

Miss Texas pageant showman, named manager of Will Rogers Auditorium in 1965, spent 33 years with city of Fort Worth as promoter of events, coached contestants to Miss America. Magness, B. Don, 75

Maguire, Jack Russell, 80

  • Jack Russell Maguire

August 27, 2000
(23 years ago)

Directed UT-Austin alumni organization for 20 years; historian. Maguire, Jack Russell, 80

Mahon, Eldon B., 87

  • Eldon B. Mahon

December 3, 2005
(18 years ago)

Loraine native served as federal judge for 30 years; oversaw desegregation of Fort Worth schools and ruled that Dallas city council at-large districts diluted minority voting power. Mahon, Eldon B., 87

Mahoney, Don, 74

  • Don Mahoney

December 28, 1994
(29 years ago)

Former rodeo performer who appeared on Houston television stations for 27 years. Mahoney, Don, 74

Malone, Dorothy, 93

  • Dorothy Malone

January 19, 2018
(6 years ago)

Actress discovered by a Hollywood talent agent in a 1943 production at Southern Methodist University; won an Academy Award for the 1956 film Written on the Wind; best known as a star in the 1960s television series Peyton Place; Dallas resident since 1971. Malone, Dorothy, 93

Malone, Moses, 60

  • Moses Malone

September 13, 2015
(8 years ago)

Houston Rockets legend who played both in the ABA and NBA where he was three-time MVP; led Rockets to the 1981 NBA finals. Malone, Moses, 60

Mancuso, Frank, 89

  • Frank Mancuso

August 4, 2007
(16 years ago)

Served 30 years (1963 to 1993) on the Houston city council; catcher for St. Louis Browns 1944 American League champs and for Houston Buffs. Mancuso, Frank, 89

Manente, Vladimiro, 81

  • Vladimiro Manente

April 28, 2002
(21 years ago)

Italian-born priest in Laredo credited with starting the cursillo retreat movement in the United States in 1958. Manente, Vladimiro, 81

Manges, Clinton, 87

  • Clinton Manges

September 23, 2010
(13 years ago)

South Texas rancher and oil tycoon, confidant, and friend to state officials including Jim Mattox and Bob Bullock. Manges, Clinton, 87

Manis, Norma, 79

  • Norma Manis

February 23, 2013
(11 years ago)

Restaurateur of down-home cooking, starting with Norma's Cafe in Dallas in the late 1950s, went on to start Mama's Daughters Diner with four locations. Manis, Norma, 79

Mann, Carol, 77

  • Carol Mann

May 20, 2018
(5 years ago)

Star of the Ladies Professional Golf Association in the 1960s and 1970s; served as the LPGA president; retired from golf in 1981 to become a television commentator; elected to the Texas Golf Hall of Fame in 2010. Mann, Carol, 77

Manriquez, Margarita, 71

  • Margarita Manriquez

October 29, 2000
(23 years ago)

State Fair food vendor who in the 1950s helped popularize tacos and nachos. Manriquez, Margarita, 71

Mantle, Mickey, 63

  • Mickey Mantle

August 13, 1995
(28 years ago)

Famed baseball player for the New York Yankees. The Oklahoma native had been a Dallas resident since 1957. Mantle, Mickey, 63

Marcus, Lawrence, 96

  • Lawrence Marcus

November 1, 2013
(10 years ago)

With his more high-profile brother Stanley in 1950 took over the family department store founded by their father and aunt Carrie Neiman. Marcus, Lawrence, 96

Marcus, Stanley, 96

  • Stanley Marcus

January 22, 2002
(22 years ago)

Internationally known retailer heading Neiman Marcus from 1950 to 1977; civic leader and commentator, wrote books on merchandising and fashion. Marcus, Stanley, 96

Marion, Anne, 81

  • Anne Marion

February 11, 2020
(4 years ago)

President of Burnett Ranches in West Texas since 1980, including the 6666 Ranch; Fort Worth native kept the Four Sixes ahead of the pack in land stewardship and breeding and has been recognized by the AQHA, the National Cowgirl Museum, and the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame; started the Burnett Oil Company and served as chairman of the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce. Marion, Anne, 81

Marr, Dave, 63

  • Dave Marr

October 5, 1997
(26 years ago)

Houston golfer who went on to become a PGA champion and popular TV broadcaster. Marr, Dave, 63

Marsh, Estelle Fariss, 90

  • Estelle Fariss Marsh

September 15, 2003
(20 years ago)

Amarillo philanthropist who married Stanley Marsh Jr. in 1936; active in city's charities. Marsh, Estelle Fariss, 90

Marsh, Stanley 3, 76

  • Stanley Marsh 3

June 17, 2014
(9 years ago)

Scion of oil family, banker and television executive, patron of the arts including iconic Cadillac Ranch sculpture outside Amarillo. Marsh, Stanley 3, 76

Marshall, E. Pierce, 67

  • E. Pierce Marshall

June 20, 2006
(17 years ago)

Son of oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II who battled celebrity Anna Nicole Smith for his father's fortune. Marshall, E. Pierce, 67

Martin, J. C. "Pepe," 85

  • J. C. "Pepe" Martin

November 11, 1998
(25 years ago)

Longtime South Texas civic leader who served six terms as mayor of Laredo. Martin, J. C. "Pepe," 85

Martin, Lecil Travis (Boxcar Willie), 67

  • Lecil Travis "Boxcar Willie" Martin

April 12, 1999
(25 years ago)

Mechanic from Mansfield and Arlington who found fame as country music entertainer. Martin, Lecil Travis (Boxcar Willie), 67

Martin, Slater, 86

  • Slater Martin

October 18, 2012
(11 years ago)

NBA Hall of Famer for the (Minneapolis) Lakers in the 1950s, native of Elmina, grew up in Houston, star for the UT Longhorns in the 1940s. Martin, Slater, 86

Martinez, Matt, 86

  • Matt Martinez

November 27, 2003
(20 years ago)

Owner of Austin's popular El Rancho restaurant, which he opened in 1952; was Texas Golden Gloves boxing champion in 1937. Martinez, Matt, 86

Martinez, Reuben D., 77

  • Reuben D. Martinez

May 9, 2008
(15 years ago)

Headed El Fenix restaurant chain founded by his father in Dallas in 1918, philanthropist who assisted generations of students at Dallas Jesuit school. Martinez, Reuben D., 77

Marzio, Peter C., 67

  • Peter C. Marzio

December 9, 2010
(13 years ago)

Elevated to national esteem the Houston Museum of Fine Arts where he was director for nearly 30 years. Marzio, Peter C., 67

Mascolo, Guy, 65

  • Guy Mascolo

May 9, 2009
(14 years ago)

Co-founder of the international hair salon Toni & Guy started with his brother Toni in London in 1963, came to Dallas in 1983. Mascolo, Guy, 65

Mashek, John W., 77

  • John W. Mashek

November 3, 2009
(14 years ago)

Reporter from 1955 at The Dallas Morning News who sent him to Washington in 1960 to cover the Texas congressional delegation, headed Southwest bureau for U.S. News & World Report. Mashek, John W., 77

Massey, Charlotte, 82

  • Charlotte Massey

November 2, 2000
(23 years ago)

Civic leader and philanthropist; descendant of El Paso pioneer Zach White. Massey, Charlotte, 82

Masterson, Harris III, 82

  • Harris Masterson III

April 7, 1997
(27 years ago)

Houston investor and art patron. Masterson, Harris III, 82

Mata, Eduardo, 52

  • Eduardo Mata

January 4, 1995
(29 years ago)

Former Dallas Symphony conductor; died in a plane crash in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Mata, Eduardo, 52

Matocha, Lee Roy, 70

  • Lee Roy Matocha

July 12, 2003
(20 years ago)

Bandleader who for four decades entertained Texans with broadcasts of Czech music, raised in Plum. Matocha, Lee Roy, 70

Matson, Ollie, 80

  • Ollie Matson

February 19, 2011
(13 years ago)

NFL star for 14 years was born and raised to age 14 in Trinity, Olympic medalist in track in 1952. Matson, Ollie, 80

Matthews, E.O. "Coots," 86

  • E.O. "Coots" Matthews

March 31, 2010
(14 years ago)

Part of the Boots and Coots oil well firefighting business, helped put out Kuwaiti oil fires following the first Gulf war. Matthews, E.O. "Coots," 86

Matthews, Gordon, 65

  • Gordon Matthews

February 23, 2002
(22 years ago)

Austin inventor who created the first voice mail system in the late 1970s and patented it in 1982. Matthews, Gordon, 65

Matthews, Watt, 98

  • Watt Matthews

April 13, 1997
(27 years ago)

Legendary West Texas cattleman of the Reynolds-Matthews ranching clan. Matthews, Watt, 98

Matthews, Wilbur Lee, 95

  • Wilbur Lee Matthews

March 17, 1998
(26 years ago)

Noted lawyer described by the San Antonio Express-News as "one of the most influential men in San Antonio from the 1950s through the 1970s". Matthews, Wilbur Lee, 95

Matthiesen, Leroy T., 88

  • Leroy T. Matthiesen

March 22, 2010
(14 years ago)

Catholic bishop in the Panhandle for 17 years, in 1981 counseled Catholics to leave their jobs at the local Pantex plant that assembled nuclear weapons. Matthiesen, Leroy T., 88

Mattox, Jim, 65

  • Jim Mattox

November 20, 2008
(15 years ago)

Crusading populist Texas attorney general, part of "Dirty Thirty" reforming faction in Legislature, three-term congressman, lost Democratic primary race for governor against Ann Richards in 1990. Mattox, Jim, 65

Matz, Eleanor, 81

  • Eleanor Matz

December 25, 1995
(28 years ago)

One of Harlingen's best-known civic activists. Matz, Eleanor, 81

Mauldin, Joe B., 74

  • Joe B. Mauldin

February 7, 2015
(9 years ago)

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer joined Buddy Holly and the Crickets in 1957 as their bass player at the age of 16, went on to become a recording engineer. Mauldin, Joe B., 74

Mauzy, Oscar, 73

  • Oscar Mauzy

October 10, 2000
(23 years ago)

Known as "the blue-collar intellectual"; raised in Houston; was state senator from Dallas from 1967 until his election in 1986 to the Texas Supreme Court; Democrat was member of the "Killer Bees" reform bloc in 1979. Mauzy, Oscar, 73

Maverick, Maury Jr., 82

  • Maury Maverick Jr.

January 28, 2003
(21 years ago)

Liberal lawyer, legislator and newspaper columnist, civil rights advocate for 50 years; son of New Deal congressman and San Antonio mayor. Maverick, Maury Jr., 82

Mayes, Charlotte, 56

  • Charlotte Mayes

February 25, 2004
(20 years ago)

Dallas political leader; served four terms on the city council; died of leukemia. Mayes, Charlotte, 56

Mays, Avery, 83

  • Avery Mays

October 2, 1994
(29 years ago)

Epitome of the Dallas business and civic leader of the 1950s and '60s, led renovation of State Fair Music Hall. Mays, Avery, 83

Maysel, Lou, 82

  • Lou Maysel

November 18, 2005
(18 years ago)

Longtime sports editor and columnist for the Austin American-Statesman; Brenham native was also respected historian of UT Longhorn football. Maysel, Lou, 82

McAlester, Virginia Savage, 76

  • Virginia Savage McAlester

April 9, 2020
(4 years ago)

Architectural historian and Dallas native, wrote A Field Guide to American Houses, which was named in the top ten outstanding reference books in 1984 by the American Library Association; helped found Preservation Dallas to conserve historic buildings and areas in the city. McAlester, Virginia Savage, 76

McAshan, Susan Clayton, 95

  • Susan Clayton McAshan

June 10, 2001
(22 years ago)

Arts patron through family fortune from Anderson Clayton & Co.; founder of the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center. McAshan, Susan Clayton, 95

McBrayer, Staley Thomas, 92

  • Staley Thomas McBrayer

April 14, 2002
(22 years ago)

Credited with bringing offset printing to small newspapers in the 1950s when he and a team of engineers (see Kitchens obit) developed the offset newspaper press. McBrayer, Staley Thomas, 92

McCain, Claude Jr., 63

  • Claude McCain Jr.

March 12, 1995
(29 years ago)

First black administrator at Dallas' Parkland Hospital. McCain, Claude Jr., 63

McCall, Abner, 80

  • Abner McCall

June 11, 1995
(28 years ago)

Led Baylor University from 1961 to 1981. McCall, Abner, 80

McCall, David B. Jr., 79

  • David B. McCall Jr.

February 17, 2004
(20 years ago)

Called Mr. Plano, he helped transform a small farm community into a massive suburb; served as mayor in 1950s. McCall, David B. Jr., 79

McCann, Thomas, 80

  • Thomas McCann

August 1, 1996
(27 years ago)

Construction contractor who served as Fort Worth mayor in late 1950s. McCann, Thomas, 80

McClendon, Sarah, 92

  • Sarah McClendon

January 8, 2003
(21 years ago)

Tyler native known as the colorful and aggressive White House reporter from the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt to that of George W. Bush; served in the Army in World War II, champion of veterans' causes. McClendon, Sarah, 92

McConn, Jim, 68

  • Jim McConn

March 14, 1997
(27 years ago)

Businessman who served as Houston's mayor during the boom years 1978 to 1982; from 1989 until his death, director of the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau. McConn, Jim, 68

McCormick, Patricia, 83

  • Patricia McCormick

March 26, 2013
(11 years ago)

Became first professional woman bullfighter in 1951, spent teen years in Big Spring, retired to Midland in early 2000s. McCormick, Patricia, 83

McCorvey, Norma, 69

  • Norma McCorvey

February 18, 2017
(7 years ago)

The "Roe" in the Roe v. Wade case that became the landmark 1973 Supreme Court decision on abortion in the United States; native of Louisiana was raised in Texas, married at 16, divorced and left pregnant three times by different men; underwent a religious conversion in the mid-1990s, first as an evangelical and then as a Catholic, she became an anti-abortion campaigner. McCorvey, Norma, 69

McCoy, Houston, 72

  • Houston McCoy

December 27, 2012
(11 years ago)

One of the two Austin police officers who ended the 1966 UT tower shootings when they shot the sniper. McCoy, Houston, 72

McCulloch, Robert, 92

  • Robert McCulloch

November 30, 1995
(28 years ago)

Scottish machinist who was a cornerstone of what became LTV Corp. McCulloch, Robert, 92

McCurdy, Dan, 76

  • Dan McCurdy

February 5, 2018
(6 years ago)

Broadcaster and advertising director who was co-creator of the slogan "Oh Thank Heaven for 7-Eleven" in 1967; also helped introduce the Slurpee frozen drink; began in radio in high school in Stamford; retired to Sherman. McCurdy, Dan, 76

McDermott, Robert F., 86

  • Robert F. McDermott

August 28, 2006
(17 years ago)

Retired Air Force brigadier general was influential businessman and civic leader in San Antonio; former chairman of NBA Spurs. McDermott, Robert F., 86

McDuffie, Glenn, 86

  • Glenn McDuffie

March 9, 2014
(10 years ago)

Believed to be the sailor kissing the nurse in the famous World War II-era photo, later a mail carrier and semi-pro baseball player; died in Dallas, where he had lived since 2009. McDuffie, Glenn, 86

McFaddin, Jean, 75

  • Jean McFaddin

April 17, 2018
(6 years ago)

Lufkin native credited with making the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade a supreme New York and national event; was events planner for Macy's for 24 years; graduate of Lufkin High School 1960, University of Texas in 1964, and master's in theater production in 1966. McFaddin, Jean, 75

McGrew, Jack, 88

  • Jack McGrew

November 25, 2001
(22 years ago)

Denton native was a pioneer in Texas broadcasting beginning in 1930; was program director at KPRC in Houston during coverage of the Texas City explosions in 1947. McGrew, Jack, 88

McKenzie, W.A. "Billy Mac," 87

  • W. A. "Billy Mac" McKenzie

April 18, 2010
(14 years ago)

Houston Reagan grad, lawyer who served as Texas A&M regent 1981–93, Republican stalwart was chairman when George H.W. Bush chose College Station for his presidential library. McKenzie, W.A. "Billy Mac," 87

McKinley, DeWitt, 91

  • DeWitt McKinley

April 9, 1997
(27 years ago)

Former foundry worker and Fuller Brush salesman who became Fort Worth's mayor in the late 1960s. McKinley, DeWitt, 91

McKnight, Felix R., 93

  • Felix R. McKnight

February 7, 2004
(20 years ago)

Considered by many the dean of Dallas newspaper journalism, held key management positions at The Dallas Morning News and the Dallas Times Herald. McKnight, Felix R., 93

McKnight, Peyton, 71

  • Peyton McKnight

December 21, 1995
(28 years ago)

Former state legislator and oilman. McKnight, Peyton, 71

McKool, Mike, 84

  • Mike McKool

February 22, 2003
(21 years ago)

Dallas lawyer was longtime Democratic leader, state senator from 1968 to 1972; son of immigrant Lebanese parents. McKool, Mike, 84

McLagan, Ian, 69

  • Ian McLagan

December 3, 2014
(9 years ago)

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame keyboardist and 20-year Austin resident, toured and recorded with Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen, London native played with the Faces in 1960s. McLagan, Ian, 69

McMurtry, Larry Jeff, 84

  • Larry Jeff McMurtry

March 25, 2021
(3 years ago)

Novelist and screenwriter born in Archer City, his works were mostly set in the Old West or contemporary Texas; won the Pulitzer Prize in 1985 for Lonesome Dove, which was adapted into a TV miniseries that won seven Emmy awards; wrote the adapted screenplay for Brokeback Mountain (2005) with cowriter Diana Ossana, for which they won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay; as president of the nonprofit PEN America in 1989, testified before the U.S. Congress against an immigration law that denied entry to foreign writers based on ideological differences. McMurtry, Larry Jeff, 84

McNair, Bob, 81

  • Bob McNair

November 23, 2018
(5 years ago)

The energy mogul who brought the NFL back to Houston in 1999 when he was awarded the franchise that would become the Texans; raised in North Carolina, moved to Houston in 1960 where his philanthropic contributions included $100 million to Baylor College of Medicine and $1 million each for relief after hurricanes Katrina and Harvey. McNair, Bob, 81

McNally, Terrence, 81

  • Terrence McNally

March 24, 2020
(4 years ago)

Decorated playwright with a six-decade long career; won his first Tony for Kiss of the Spider Woman; lived in Corpus Christi as a child, where his father owned a Schlitz distributorship; much later, wrote the controversial play Corpus Christi, in which Jesus and his disciples are homosexuals. McNally, Terrence, 81

McNutt, L. W. "Bill" Jr., 81

  • L. W. "Bill" McNutt Jr.

September 1, 2006
(17 years ago)

As president for 30 years built Collin Street Bakery into an international brand, mainly through direct-mail marketing. McNutt, L. W. "Bill" Jr., 81

McPherson, Harry Jr., 82

  • Harry McPherson Jr.

February 16, 2012
(12 years ago)

Tyler native was adviser, speechwriter to President Lyndon Johnson, wrote memoir A Political Education. McPherson, Harry Jr., 82

McSwain, Ross, 82

  • Ross McSwain

November 2, 2012
(11 years ago)

Longtime columnist for the San Angelo Standard-Times covering all things Texan, author of eight books of non-fiction. McSwain, Ross, 82

Meaux, Huey P., 82

  • Huey P. Meaux

April 23, 2011
(13 years ago)

The "Crazy Cajun" created his own music industry in Houston where he was producer for the Sir Douglas Quintet, Freddy Fender and others. Meaux, Huey P., 82

Mecom, Mary Elizabeth, 86

  • Mary Elizabeth Mecom

May 4, 1996
(27 years ago)

Widow of Houston oilman John W. Mecom, active in her husband's enterprises. Mecom, Mary Elizabeth, 86

Mendelsohn, John, 82

  • John Mendelsohn

January 7, 2019
(5 years ago)

Led MD Anderson Cancer Center to national prominence as president from 1996 to 2011; under his tenure the center expanded facilities, doubled in staff and patients, and annual revenues quadrupled to $3.1 billion as it became recognized as the nation's top cancer hospital. Mendelsohn, John, 82

Mendoza, Lydia, 91

  • Lydia Mendoza

December 20, 2007
(16 years ago)

First star of Mexican-American Tejano music with first hit "Mal Hombre" in the 1930s, received National Medal of Arts in 1999. Mendoza, Lydia, 91

Meredith, Don, 72

  • Don Meredith

December 5, 2010
(13 years ago)

Dallas Cowboys quarterback whose charm and wit brought fame as commentator for Monday Night Football where he always acknowledged his parents, Jeff and Hazel, back in Mount Vernon. Meredith, Don, 72

Merryman, Jerry, 86

  • Jerry Merryman

February 27, 2019
(5 years ago)

Co-inventor of the pocket calculator; at Texas Instruments starting in 1965, he along with Jack Kilby and James Van Tassel created the prototype now in the Smithsonian Institution; the team also pioneered rechargeable batteries and thermal printing; native of Hearne, learned electronics as a boy reading a book called Radio Engineering, attended Texas A&M University. Merryman, Jerry, 86

Mersky, Roy, 82

  • Roy Mersky

May 8, 2008
(15 years ago)

Led the University of Texas law library as director beginning in 1965, making it one of the best in the nation, veteran of Battle of the Bulge. Mersky, Roy, 82

Mesinger, Maxine, 75

  • Maxine Mesinger

January 19, 2001
(23 years ago)

Popular society columnist at the Houston Chronicle for more than 40 years; moved from early local television in 1954 to newspapers; her Big City Beat was known for its "Maxine-isms" such as "She snoops to conquer". Mesinger, Maxine, 75

Metcalf, Shelby, 76

  • Shelby Metcalf

February 8, 2007
(17 years ago)

In 27 seasons as basketball coach at Texas A&M, 1963 to 1990, his teams won six Southwest Conference championships. Metcalf, Shelby, 76

Meyer, Alice Kleberg Reynolds, 71

  • Alice Kleberg Reynolds Meyer

June 28, 2000
(23 years ago)

Patron of the arts, museums in San Antonio; descendant of King Ranch family. Meyer, Alice Kleberg Reynolds, 71

Meyer, Fred, 84

  • Fred Meyer

September 24, 2012
(11 years ago)

Dallas businessman who headed the Texas Republican Party during its ascendancy in the 1980s-90s. Meyer, Fred, 84

Meyer, June, 79

  • June Meyer

May 13, 1997
(26 years ago)

San Antonio business leader and mentor to professional women. Meyer, June, 79

Meyers, Louis, 60

  • Louis Meyers

March 11, 2016
(8 years ago)

One of the four founders of the South by Southwest festival in 1987 where he was the music festival director for the first eight years; grew up in Austin, played in regional bands in the 1970s. Meyers, Louis, 60

Michels, Doug, 59

  • Doug Michels

June 12, 2003
(20 years ago)

Houston artist who created the Panhandle landmark of 10 Cadillacs planted nose down; died in Australia in a climbing accident. Michels, Doug, 59

Michener, James, A., 90

  • James Michener

October 16, 1997
(26 years ago)

Pulitzer Prize-winning author of such epic novels as Texas and Hawaii who taught at and eventually endowed the University of Texas. Michener, James, A., 90

Middleton, Harry, 95

  • Harry Middleton

January 20, 2017
(7 years ago)

Speechwriter for Lyndon B. Johnson for the last two years of his presidency; director of the LBJ presidential library for more than three decades, and from 2004 to 2013 taught a class about the Johnson years at the University of Texas at Austin; credited with persuading Lady Bird Johnson to release in 1990 LBJ's secretly recorded White House tapes. Middleton, Harry, 95

Miles, Buddy, 60

  • Buddy Miles

February 26, 2008
(16 years ago)

Drummer on Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland album, sang on the California Raisins commercials in 1980s, wrote and performed song "Them Changes". Miles, Buddy, 60

Milford, Dale, 71

  • Dale Milford

December 26, 1997
(26 years ago)

Dallas broadcaster and three-term Democratic member of Congress in the 1970s. Milford, Dale, 71

Milkovisch, Mary, 85

  • Mary Milkovisch

March 18, 2002
(22 years ago)

With husband, John, created the famed Beer Can House which has become a Houston folk art landmark. Milkovisch, Mary, 85

Miller, Ann, 81

  • Ann Miller

January 22, 2004
(20 years ago)

Chireno native became the glamorous tap dancer in Hollywood's golden age of musicals; performed on Broadway in Sugar Babies in 1979; from 1958 to 1961 she was married to Dallas oilman William Moss. Miller, Ann, 81

Miller, Chris, 68

  • Chris Miller

March 12, 1995
(29 years ago)

Served in Legislature from 1973 to 1978, was a leader for equal rights for women. Miller, Chris, 68

Miller, Dale, 87

  • Dale Miller

April 23, 1997
(27 years ago)

Veteran lobbyist in Washington for many Texas interests; from 1932 to 1940 edited in Dallas The Southwestern Banker and Texas Weekly. Miller, Dale, 87

Miller, J. D., 73

  • J. D. Miller

March 23, 1996
(28 years ago)

El Campo native, country songwriter ("It Wasn't God Who Made Honky-Tonk Angels"). Miller, J. D., 73

Miller, Ray, 89

  • Ray Miller

September 27, 2008
(15 years ago)

Broadcast newsman in Houston beginning in 1951, created The Eyes of Texas TV program in 1969 and wrote accompanying travel guides. Miller, Ray, 89

Miller, Vance C., 79

  • Vance C. Miller

February 23, 2013
(11 years ago)

Dallas real estate mogul, Republican political donor and supporter of the arts. Miller, Vance C., 79

Miller, Vassar, 74

  • Vassar Miller

October 31, 1998
(25 years ago)

Twice named poet laureate of Texas and a Pulitzer Prize nominee. Miller, Vassar, 74

Mitchan, Junior, 72

  • Junior Mitchan

January 3, 2005
(19 years ago)

Corpus Christi native was bass player and vocalist with pioneers of Western swing, Bob Wills and Adolph Hofner. Mitchan, Junior, 72

Mitchell, George, 94

  • George Mitchell

July 26, 2013
(10 years ago)

Galveston native, son of Greek immigrant became prominent independent oilman; pioneer in hydraulic fracking, developer of The Woodlands community north of Houston. Mitchell, George, 94

Mitchell, Suzanne, 73

  • Suzanne Mitchell

September 27, 2016
(7 years ago)

Fort Worth native made the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders a global brand beginning in 1976 when she took over the squad and recruited a choreographer; University of Oklahoma journalism graduate had previously worked in public relations in New York; she left the Cowboys in 1989 when Jerry Jones bought the team. Mitchell, Suzanne, 73

Mobley, William Hodges, 78

  • William Hodges Mobley

March 25, 2020
(4 years ago)

Former president of Texas A&M University and former chancellor of The Texas A&M University System; Ohio native promoted diversity and athletic integrity and expanded international opportunities for both students and faculty; later helped develop executive talent for corporations and academic institutions while living in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Mobley, William Hodges, 78

Moczygemba, Henry, 80

  • Henry Moczygemba

March 2, 1995
(29 years ago)

Well-known priest of the Archdiocese of San Antonio and descendant of the founders of Panna Maria, the first U.S. Polish settlement. Moczygemba, Henry, 80

Moffett, Jim Bob, 82

  • Jim Bob Moffett

January 8, 2021
(3 years ago)

Houston-raised oilman and philanthropist; played football at the University of Texas under coach Darrell Royal and became a major UT donor after finding success in oil; his New Orleans-based company's international operations drew intense criticism; a plan to develop land near the Barton Creek aquifer in Austin inspired activists to create the Save Our Spring Alliance and ultimately went to the U.S. Supreme Court, where the company lost. Moffett, Jim Bob, 82

Moncure, Rhymes H. Jr., 61

  • Rhymes H. Moncure Jr.

August 19, 2006
(17 years ago)

First black man to lead the United Methodist Church as bishop in North Texas. Moncure, Rhymes H. Jr., 61

Montalvo, Jose Luis, 47

  • Jose Luis Montalvo

August 14, 1994
(29 years ago)

Known as the "black hat poet." Montalvo, Jose Luis, 47

Montgomery, Bob, 77

  • Bob Montgomery

December 4, 2014
(9 years ago)

First sang with Buddy Holly at Hutchinson Junior High in Lubbock in 1949 as "Buddy and Bob," co-wrote some Holly songs as well as "Misty Blue" and the Patsy Cline hit, "Back in Baby's Arms". Montgomery, Bob, 77

Montgomery, Marvin "Smokey," 88

  • Marvin "Smokey" Montgomery

June 6, 2001
(22 years ago)

Banjo picker for the Light Crust Doughboys. Montgomery, Marvin "Smokey," 88

Moody, Chip, 54

  • Chip Moody

December 26, 2001
(22 years ago)

Television anchorman during a 30-year career in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, El Paso, and Waco; died after a series of health problems. Moody, Chip, 54

Moody, Shearn Jr., 63

  • Shearn Moody Jr.

June 26, 1996
(27 years ago)

Son of wealthy Galveston family, supported various projects including Moody Gardens and restoration of Opera House. Moody, Shearn Jr., 63

Moon, Wally, 87

  • Wally Moon

February 9, 2018
(6 years ago)

Baseball and basketball star at Texas A&M University 1949-1950; Arkansas native was National League rookie of the year for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1954, helped lead the Los Angeles Dodgers to World Series titles in 1959, 1963, and 1965; retired to Bryan. Moon, Wally, 87

Mooney, Ralph, 82

  • Ralph Mooney

March 20, 2011
(13 years ago)

Played pedal steel guitar for Merle Haggard, Buck Owens and Waylon Jennings and wrote "Crazy Arms". Mooney, Ralph, 82

Moore, Hilmar, 92

  • Hilmar Moore

December 4, 2012
(11 years ago)

Served 63 years, beginning in 1949, as mayor of Richmond, near Houston, said to be the longest-serving mayor in the nation. Moore, Hilmar, 92

Moore, William T., 81

  • William T. Moore

May 27, 1999
(24 years ago)

Former state senator credited with leading the fight to get women admitted to Texas A&M University. Moore, William T., 81

Moorman, Lewis J. Jr., 80

  • Lewis J. Moorman Jr.

November 28, 1997
(26 years ago)

Past chairman of the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research and trustee of the related institute. Moorman, Lewis J. Jr., 80

Morales, Francisco "Pancho," 78

  • Francisco "Pancho" Morales

January 2, 1997
(27 years ago)

Credited with inventing the margarita in Ciudad Juarez in 1942. Morales, Francisco "Pancho," 78

Morehead, Richard M. Sr., 89

  • Richard M. Morehead Sr.

January 31, 2003
(21 years ago)

Former Austin bureau chief of The Dallas Morning News where he worked for 36 years, retiring in 1978; served on the Texas Judicial Council for 31 years. Morehead, Richard M. Sr., 89

Moreland, Ralph, 82

  • Ralph Moreland

March 29, 2009
(15 years ago)

Stamford native founded in 1962 Austin's Holiday House chain, home of the "flame-kissed burger," reaching 26 restaurants before closing in 2004. Moreland, Ralph, 82

Moreno, Joe, 40

  • Joe Moreno

May 6, 2005
(18 years ago)

Legislator from Houston killed in auto crash near La Grange; Democrat had been state representative since 1998. Moreno, Joe, 40

Morgan, Grant B., 83

  • Grant B. Morgan

December 8, 2004
(19 years ago)

Started Big Tex Western Wear in San Antonio, which was later joined by branches in Houston, Austin, and San Marcos. Morgan, Grant B., 83

Morgan, Joe, 77

  • Joe Morgan

October 11, 2020
(3 years ago)

Second baseman and member of the Big Red Machine at Cincinnati Reds; played with the Houston Colt .45s/Houston Astros, from 1963 to 1971 and again in 1980; born in Bonham before moving with his family to California; two-time National League MVP, 10-time All Star, won the Golden Glove 5 times; voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1990; after retirement he gained acclaim as a broadcaster. Morgan, Joe, 77

Moroles, Jesús, 64

  • Jesús Moroles

June 15, 2015
(8 years ago)

Noted Rockport sculptor was named State Artist in 2011, born to cotton farmers near Corpus Christi; died in a traffic accident near Jarrell. Moroles, Jesús, 64

Moroney, James M. Jr., 85

  • James M. Moroney Jr.

February 8, 2007
(17 years ago)

Last surviving grandson of George Bannerman Dealey, founder of The Dallas Morning News; he served as publisher of The News from 1980 to 1985 and on the board of the parent company Belo for 48 years. Moroney, James M. Jr., 85

Morris, Willie, 64

  • Willie Morris

August 2, 1999
(24 years ago)

Mississippi-born author wrote classic coming-of-age memoir North Toward Home; entered University of Texas in 1952 where he was editor of the Daily Texan; went on to a tenure as editor of the liberal journal Texas Observer. Morris, Willie, 64

Morton, Azie Taylor, 67

  • Azie Taylor Morton

December 7, 2003
(20 years ago)

First African-American to serve as U.S. treasurer 1977 to 1980; civil rights activist in Austin in 1960s. Morton, Azie Taylor, 67

Mosbacher, Robert A., 82

  • Robert A. Mosbacher

January 24, 2010
(14 years ago)

Houston oilman prominent in Republican politics, U.S. secretary of commerce for longtime friend President George H.W. Bush. Mosbacher, Robert A., 82

Moursund, A. W., 82

  • A. W. Moursund

April 22, 2002
(22 years ago)

Central Texas lawyer who with friend Lyndon B. Johnson worked to bring electricity to the region; served in Texas House from 1948 to 1952. Moursund, A. W., 82

Mowery, Anna, 86

  • Anna Mowery

April 20, 2017
(7 years ago)

Decatur native was pioneer Republican leader in Tarrant County becoming county chair in 1975; in 1988 elected to the state House of Representatives, saying she did not "come down here to pass bills. I come down here to kill legislation"; the advocate for limited government and pro-life legislation remained in office until 2007. Mowery, Anna, 86

Moya, Richard, 84

  • Richard Moya

February 16, 2017
(7 years ago)

First Mexican-American office-holder in Travis County (Austin) when he, an owner of a printing shop, was elected county commissioner in 1970, serving until 1986; worked to reform welfare and hiring practices in the county; he later served as deputy chief of staff for Gov. Ann Richards. Moya, Richard, 84

Mueller, Marge, 69

  • Marge Mueller

July 25, 2004
(19 years ago)

Called "Sheriff," for three decades she served beer and kept order in Luckenbach. Mueller, Marge, 69

Mueller, Robert L. "Bobby," 69

  • Robert L. "Bobby" Mueller

September 6, 2008
(15 years ago)

Owner and pitmaster of iconic barbecue joint in Taylor started by his father Louie in 1949. Mueller, Robert L. "Bobby," 69

Murchison, Lucille Gannon "Lupe," 75

  • Lucille Gannon "Lupe" Murchison

July 3, 2001
(22 years ago)

Arts patron, long-time regent for the University of North Texas, former co-owner of Dallas Cowboys. Murchison, Lucille Gannon "Lupe," 75

Murphy, Charles A., 79

  • Charles A. Murphy

March 23, 1998
(26 years ago)

Considered founder of Texas Southern University who as legislator from 1947 to 1955 co-wrote the bill establishing it. Murphy, Charles A., 79

Murray, Arthur, 92

  • Arthur Murray

July 25, 2011
(12 years ago)

Air Force test pilot who in 1954 set an attitude record of 90,440 feet, longtime resident of Clifton. Murray, Arthur, 92

Muse, M. Lamar, 86

  • M. Lamar Muse

February 5, 2007
(17 years ago)

Airline executive raised in Palestine, Tx., who helped launch Southwest Airlines in 1971; in 1981 he started Muse Air with his son. Muse, M. Lamar, 86

Naranjo, Ruben, 53

  • Ruben Naranjo

October 12, 1998
(25 years ago)

Conjunto superstar, singer and accordionist known for his slow, danceable style; died of heart failure. Naranjo, Ruben, 53

Nash, Johnny, 80

  • Johnny Nash

October 6, 2020
(3 years ago)

Best known for 1972 hit "I Can See Clearly Now," the Houston native also sang reggae and recorded an album in Kingston, Jamaica; got his start singing covers on local television show Matinee; his master tapes were among those destroyed in a fire at Universal Studios in 2008. Nash, Johnny, 80

Nasher, Raymond D., 85

  • Raymond D. Nasher

March 16, 2007
(17 years ago)

Developer of Dallas' NorthPark shopping mall in the 1960s; philanthropist who donated sculpture collection and museum to the city. Nasher, Raymond D., 85

Navaira, Emilio, 53

  • Emilio Navaira

May 16, 2016
(7 years ago)

Tejano singer who was successful in Mexico as well as the United States; San Antonio native majored in music at Texas State University; grew up listening to Willie Nelson and Bob Wills, he crossed over to country music in the 1990s; died in New Braunfels; it was believed he suffered a heart attack while jogging. Navaira, Emilio, 53

Neal, Frederick "Curly," 77

  • Frederick "Curly" Neal

March 26, 2020
(4 years ago)

Featured ball handler for the Harlem Globetrotters; played in more than 6,000 games in 97 countries over his 22-year career; became the fifth Globetrotter to have his jersey (22) retired in 2008; averaged 23.1 points per game as a college player in his native North Carolina. Neal, Frederick "Curly," 77

Nelson, Byron, 94

  • Byron Nelson

September 26, 2006
(17 years ago)

Golf icon who dominated the game in the 1940s; went on to second career as TV commentator. Nelson, Byron, 94

Nelson, George "Pop," 92

  • George "Pop" Nelson

March 13, 1997
(27 years ago)

Houston barber who was a key civil rights leader there starting in the 1940s. Nelson, George "Pop," 92

Neuhaus, Richard John, 72

  • Richard John Neuhaus

January 8, 2009
(15 years ago)

Liberal Lutheran pastor in civil rights struggle who became Catholic priest/theologian beacon for conservatives, as teenager ran store in Cisco, graduated from Concordia College in Austin in 1950s. Neuhaus, Richard John, 72

Neumann, Charles, 74

  • Charles Neumann

May 9, 1997
(26 years ago)

Former president of St. Mary's University who taught theology there for 28 years. Neumann, Charles, 74

Newbury, Mickey, 62

  • Mickey Newbury

September 29, 2002
(21 years ago)

Houstonian was among the Texas songwriters of the 1960s, first hit was "Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings"; his "An American Trilogy" was a Elvis Presley standard. Newbury, Mickey, 62

Newcomb, William W. Jr., 88

  • William W. Newcomb Jr.

February 8, 2010
(14 years ago)

UT professor of anthropology who focused on the rock art of Texas, led the Texas Memorial Museum for 21 years. Newcomb, William W. Jr., 88

Newhouse, Robert, 64

  • Robert Newhouse

July 22, 2014
(9 years ago)

Running back played in three Super Bowls for the Dallas Cowboys, threw the game-winning touchdown against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XII; died at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota while being treated following a stroke. Newhouse, Robert, 64

Niekro, Joe, 61

  • Joe Niekro

October 27, 2006
(17 years ago)

Knuckleball pitcher who came from obscurity to become the Houston Astros' all-time winner (1975 to 1985). Niekro, Joe, 61

Nix, Emery, 86

  • Emery Nix

December 6, 2005
(18 years ago)

Nicknamed "Ice Water," he quarterbacked TCU in upsets over No. 1-ranked UT in 1941 and highly ranked UCLA in 1942. Nix, Emery, 86

Nixon, Joan Lowery, 76

  • Joan Lowery Nixon

June 28, 2003
(20 years ago)

Award-winning author of more than 140 books, including murder mysteries and historical novels for children and for young adults. Nixon, Joan Lowery, 76

Nobis, Tommy, 74

  • Tommy Nobis

December 13, 2017
(6 years ago)

University of Texas football great on the Longhorns' 1963 national championship team, played linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL; native of San Antonio where he attended Thomas Jefferson High School. Nobis, Tommy, 74

Norsworthy, Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Moroney, 83

  • Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Moroney Norsworthy

March 6, 2001
(23 years ago)

Granddaughter of Dallas Morning News founder George Bannerman Dealey. Norsworthy, Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Moroney, 83

North, Phillip R., 79

  • Phillip R. North

April 12, 1998
(26 years ago)

Former executive editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram who became chairman of the Tandy Corp.; in Fort Worth, April 12, 1998. His wife, Janice Harris North, 77, active in charity work, died July 26, 1998, in Fort Worth. North, Phillip R., 79

Norton, Jim, 68

  • Jim Norton

June 12, 2007
(16 years ago)

One of the original AFL Houston Oilers and the franchise leader in pass interceptions. Norton, Jim, 68

O'Connor, Maconda Brown, 82

  • Maconda Brown O'Connor

May 19, 2012
(11 years ago)

Philanthropist and social worker with juvenile delinquents, daughter of wealthy Houston businessman George R. Brown of Brown & Root. O'Connor, Maconda Brown, 82

O'Connor, Tom Jr., 81

  • Tom O'Connor Jr.

August 7, 1996
(27 years ago)

Prominent South Texas rancher, oilman, and banker. O'Connor, Tom Jr., 81

O'Hair, Madalyn Murray, 76

  • Madalyn Murray O'Hair

March 15, 2001
(23 years ago)

Famed atheist; long-time Austin resident; her body and those of her son and granddaughter were found in Real County. O'Hair, Madalyn Murray, 76

O'Quinn, John, 68

  • John O'Quinn

October 29, 2009
(14 years ago)

Flamboyant Houston lawyer who won billions in cases involving breast implants, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals. O'Quinn, John, 68

Oates, Johnny, 58

  • Johnny Oates

December 24, 2004
(19 years ago)

Baseball manager who guided MLB Texas Rangers to three play-off berths; died from a brain tumor. Oates, Johnny, 58

Obledo, Mario, 78

  • Mario Obledo

August 18, 2010
(13 years ago)

Hispanic rights leader born in San Antonio, earned law degree at St. Mary's University, co-founded the Mexican American Legal Defense Fund, awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1998. Obledo, Mario, 78

Ohlendorf, Norbert Kurt "Dutch," 87

  • Norbert Kurt "Dutch" Ohlendorf

March 11, 2020
(4 years ago)

"Junction Boy" who survived a brutal and dangerous football camp in Bear Bryant's first year as coach at Texas A&M; enrolled from Lockhart to study mechanics and earned a walk-on spot on the football team as a sophomore in 1951; served in the Army after graduation, then became a teacher, advancing to area superintendent; continued to teach in retirement, this time as a college lecturer. Ohlendorf, Norbert Kurt "Dutch," 87

Oliphant, Benjamin, 83

  • Benjamin Oliphant

June 20, 1998
(25 years ago)

Methodist bishop of Houston area 1984 to 1992, supported civil rights struggle in 1950s and '60s as pastor in Louisiana, encouraged women in ministry. Oliphant, Benjamin, 83

Oliphant, T. G., 83

  • T. G. Oliphant

June 20, 1998
(25 years ago)

Pastored four West Texas churches over half a century and founded the NAACP in Taylor County. Oliphant, T. G., 83

Olson, Barbara Bracher, 45

  • Barbara Bracher Olson

September 11, 2001
(22 years ago)

Houston native and national conservative political commentator, wife of U.S. solicitor general; killed at the Pentagon in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Olson, Barbara Bracher, 45

Olson, Lyndon L. Sr., 80

  • Lyndon L. Olson Sr.

December 20, 2005
(18 years ago)

Son of Swedish immigrants and Waco attorney who represented Midland in the 1968 U.S. Supreme Court case establishing proportional representation in local government districts. Olson, Lyndon L. Sr., 80

Onstead, Robert, 73

  • Robert Onstead

August 4, 2004
(19 years ago)

Houston businessman raised in Ennis, co-founder and longtime president of Randalls Food Markets, which grew to 114 stores in the late 1990s. Onstead, Robert, 73

Ontiveros, Lupe, 69

  • Lupe Ontiveros

July 26, 2012
(11 years ago)

El Paso native was character actress, played murderous fan in 1997 Selena, also other film and TV roles including Desperate Housewives; Texas Woman's University grad. Ontiveros, Lupe, 69

Osteen, John, 77

  • John Osteen

January 23, 1999
(25 years ago)

Founding pastor of one of Houston's largest churches and a popular television evangelist. Osteen, John, 77

Overcash, Clifton Sr., 75

  • Clifton Overcash Sr.

January 5, 1997
(27 years ago)

Businessman and former Fort Worth mayor. Overcash, Clifton Sr., 75

Overcash, Reece A. Jr., 68

  • Reece A. Overcash Jr.

January 17, 1995
(29 years ago)

Dallas business and civic leader. Overcash, Reece A. Jr., 68

Overton, Richard, 112

  • Richard Overton

December 27, 2018
(5 years ago)

The nation's oldest World War II veteran and believed to be the oldest living man in the United States; born in Bastrop County in 1906; enlisted in the Army in September 1940 and served in the South Pacific with the all-black 1887th Engineer Aviation Battalion. Overton, Richard, 112

Overton, Volma, 81

  • Volma Overton

October 31, 2005
(18 years ago)

Civil rights leader who in the 1960s led efforts through sit-ins and picket lines for public accommodations and in 1970 to desegregate Austin public schools. Overton, Volma, 81

Owens, Buck, 76

  • Buck Owens

March 25, 2006
(18 years ago)

Founder of the Bakersfield Sound, his country hits included "Act Naturally" and "Waitin' in Your Welfare Line"; co-host of TV's Hee Haw; was born on a farm outside Sherman. Owens, Buck, 76

Pace, Linda, 62

  • Linda Pace

July 2, 2007
(16 years ago)

Heiress was patron of arts in San Antonio where she established an international artists residency program; her father created Pace Picante Sauce in 1947. Pace, Linda, 62

Page, Minnie Goodlow, 81

  • Minnie Goodlow Page

March 6, 1996
(28 years ago)

Dallas schoolteacher and community leader who served 13 years as president of Dallas Metro Section of the National Council of Negro Women. Page, Minnie Goodlow, 81

Palmer, Lester E., 94

  • Lester E. Palmer

September 21, 2003
(20 years ago)

Former Austin mayor and city council member who in the 1960s pushed construction of MoPac Boulevard, Loop 1, a major city thoroughfare. Palmer, Lester E., 94

Pappas, Pete H., 86

  • Pete H. Pappas

December 8, 2005
(18 years ago)

Dallas native was son of Greek immigrants who with his family built the chain of Pappas Restaurants. Pappas, Pete H., 86

Pardee, Jack, 76

  • Jack Pardee

April 1, 2013
(11 years ago)

Football legend was one of Bear Bryant's "Junction Boys," played six-man football at Christoval, went on to NFL playing for Rams and Redskins, coached U of H Cougars and, in the pros, the Bears, Redskins, and Oilers. Pardee, Jack, 76

Paredes, Américo, 83

  • Américo Paredes

May 5, 1999
(24 years ago)

Writer, folklorist and one of the founders and first director of the University of Texas Mexican American Studies program. Paredes, Américo, 83

Parker, Fess, 85

  • Fess Parker

March 18, 2010
(14 years ago)

TV's Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone, actor was born in Fort Worth and grew up in San Angelo. Parker, Fess, 85

Parker, Walt, 92

  • Walt Parker

January 22, 2010
(14 years ago)

Was a five-term legislator who helped development of the University of North Texas, worked decades as NFL referee. Parker, Walt, 92

Parr, Archer; 75

  • Archer Parr

November 2, 2000
(23 years ago)

Last son of the South Texas political dynasty; served as Duval County judge from 1959 to 1975 and three years in federal prison; grandson of state Sen. Archie Parr and nephew of George Parr. Parr, Archer; 75

Pass, Fred R., 87

  • Fred R. Pass

August 6, 2006
(17 years ago)

Rogers native was a writer with The Dallas Morning News and served as editor of the Texas Almanac from 1973 to 1981. Pass, Fred R., 87

Passe, Loel, 82

  • Loel Passe

July 15, 1997
(26 years ago)

Broadcasting voice of Houston baseball for 25 years, first with the Houston Buffs and finally with the Astros. Passe, Loel, 82

Pate, James Leonard, 67

  • James Leonard Pate

January 18, 2003
(21 years ago)

Former CEO of Pennzoil-Quaker State Co., assistant secretary of Commerce, and economic spokesman for President Gerald Ford. Pate, James Leonard, 67

Patman, Bill, 81

  • Bill Patman

December 9, 2008
(15 years ago)

State senator for 20 years and U.S. congressman for two terms 1981 to 1985 representing the Coastal Bend, son of longtime U.S. Rep. Wright Patman. Patman, Bill, 81

Patterson, Earl, 99

  • Earl Patterson

August 4, 2002
(21 years ago)

The oldest former drum major at Texas A&M University, in the 1920s helped start the Elephant Walk tradition. Patterson, Earl, 99

Patterson, Lucy Phelps, 68

  • Lucy Phelps Patterson

June 15, 2000
(23 years ago)

Longtime civic leader and first black woman elected to the Dallas city council in 1973. Patterson, Lucy Phelps, 68

Paxton, Bill, 61

  • Bill Paxton

February 25, 2017
(7 years ago)

Fort Worth native was the Hollywood star of such movies as Apollo 13, Titanic, and Twister, and many television projects including the 2015 miniseries Texas Rising, where he played Sam Houston; attended Aledo and Arlington Heights high schools; was involved in the beginning of Fort Worth's Lone Star Film Festival in 2006. Paxton, Bill, 61

Payne, Calvin III "Boots," 78

  • Calvin "Boots" Payne III

May 29, 2013
(10 years ago)

Fort Worth pitmaster of Cousin's Pit Barbecue, receiving national attention serving President Bush (41) and international recognition with EuroDisney operations. Payne, Calvin III "Boots," 78

Peabody, Elizabeth, 75

  • Elizabeth Peabody

December 25, 1996
(27 years ago)

Art and drama patron, former State Fair of Texas creative arts director. Peabody, Elizabeth, 75

Pearce, J. J., 88

  • J. J. Pearce

September 10, 1995
(28 years ago)

Former superintendent of Richardson schools from 1946 to 1970, guiding it from one rural campus to 44 schools. Pearce, J. J., 88

Pearle, Stanley, 92

  • Stanley Pearle

July 21, 2011
(12 years ago)

Optometrist who founded Pearle Vision in 1961, now with nearly 700 franchises. Pearle, Stanley, 92

Peña, Albert A. Jr., 88

  • Albert A. Peña Jr.

July 3, 2006
(17 years ago)

Four-term Bexar County commissioner, municipal court judge and pioneering civil rights leader. Peña, Albert A. Jr., 88

Penick, Harvey, 90

  • Harvey Penick

April 2, 1995
(29 years ago)

Legendary golf instructor at the University of Texas and Austin Country Club. Penick, Harvey, 90

Pennington, Mel, 69

  • Mel Pennington

August 4, 2003
(20 years ago)

A fixture on Austin television and radio beginning in 1965 as sportscaster and talk show host. Pennington, Mel, 69

Pequeno, Reymunda Trevino, 93

  • Reymunda Trevino Pequeno

April 21, 2003
(21 years ago)

Dallas native, wife of Methodist minister, was mother of 16 sons and four daughters, left 700 descendants. Pequeno, Reymunda Trevino, 93

Perez, Eloy N., 72

  • Eloy N. Perez

March 19, 1996
(28 years ago)

Tejano saxophonist and composer who formed the Latinaires in Rosenberg, a top band of the 1950s and '60s. Perez, Eloy N., 72

Perez, Johnny, 69

  • Johnny Perez

September 11, 2012
(11 years ago)

Drummer in 1960s on Sir Douglas Quintet's biggest hits including "She's About a Mover," later collaborated on songs with Joe "King" Carrasco. Perez, Johnny, 69

Perkins, Pinetop, 97

  • Pinetop Perkins

March 21, 2011
(13 years ago)

Boogie-woogie piano player, one of the last surviving members of the first Delta bluesmen; died in Austin, where he spent his last years. Perkins, Pinetop, 97

Perot, Ross, 89

  • Ross Perot

July 9, 2019
(4 years ago)

Texarkana native and computer services billionaire who ran for president as an independent in 1992, receiving almost 19 percent of the vote – he ran less successfully in 1996 – advocating a balanced budget; after graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1953, he started as a salesman for IBM; founded Electronic Data Systems in 1962; philanthropist for education and financier of missions to aid Americans held in Vietnam and Iran. Perot, Ross, 89

Perry, Bob, 80

  • Bob Perry

April 13, 2013
(11 years ago)

Houston homebuilder who was important financial patron for Texas Republican politics; grew up in Bosque County. Perry, Bob, 80

Perry, Malcolm O., 80

  • Malcolm O. Perry

December 5, 2009
(14 years ago)

Surgeon who attended President Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald at Parkland Hospital in 1963. Perry, Malcolm O., 80

Perry, Oma Bell, 90

  • Oma Bell Perry

May 29, 2003
(20 years ago)

Bay City native was a descendant of the sister of Stephen F. Austin, gave 7,500-acre ranch in Real County for an orphans' home and retirement village. Perry, Oma Bell, 90

Peterson, Ray, 65

  • Ray Peterson

January 25, 2005
(19 years ago)

Denton-born singer was billed as the "Golden Voice of Rock 'n' Roll"; had hits "Tell Laura I Love Her" and "The Wonder of You" in 1950s and 1960s. Peterson, Ray, 65

Petty, Opal, 86

  • Opal Petty

March 10, 2005
(19 years ago)

Raised in Goldthwaite, she won landmark case against the state in 1989 for being wrongly confined in mental institutions for 51 years; lived out the last 19 years of her life with her nephew's family in Christoval. Petty, Opal, 86

Phelps, John C., 96

  • John C. Phelps

May 16, 1999
(24 years ago)

Longtime Dallas civil rights leader; insurance man who fought for parks and recreation centers. Phelps, John C., 96

Phillips, Jimmy, 88

  • Jimmy Phillips

January 14, 2002
(22 years ago)

Populist in the Legislature from 1945 to 1959 and later mentor to some of the state's leading politicians; played key role in exposing 1950s veterans land scandal. Phillips, Jimmy, 88

Phinney, Louise Snow, 91

  • Louise Snow Phinney

August 24, 1994
(29 years ago)

Early female lawyer in Texas who was first woman to serve as chief clerk for a state legislature. Phinney, Louise Snow, 91

Pickens, Thomas "T" Boone, Jr., 91

  • Thomas "T" Boone Pickens

September 11, 2019
(4 years ago)

Oklahoma-born businessman and billionaire, well-known for his oil holdings and, later, support of alternative energy sources; announced the Pickens Plan in 2008, an energy proposal that aimed to move the U.S. away from OPEC sources of energy and toward domestic sources of natural gas, and wind and solar power. Pickens, Thomas "T" Boone, Jr., 91

Pickle, J. J. "Jake," 91

  • J. J. "Jake" Pickle

June 18, 2005
(18 years ago)

Represented Central Texas in Congress for 31 years, retiring in 1995; Roscoe native grew up in Big Spring; was young protégé of Lyndon Johnson. Pickle, J. J. "Jake," 91

Pierce, Robert J., 66

  • Robert J. Pierce

May 31, 1997
(26 years ago)

Physician who served Irving as mayor, school board president and city council member. Pierce, Robert J., 66

Pilgrim, Bo, 89

  • Bo Pilgrim

July 21, 2017
(6 years ago)

Founder of one of the biggest chicken producers in the United States, Pilgrim's Pride; born Lonnie Pilgrim in Pine, he and his brother Aubrey turned a feed-and-seed store in Pittsburg into a poultry company employing 35,000 and contracting with some 4,000 farms; Bo became the public face of the company in TV commercials. Pilgrim, Bo, 89

Pillsbury, Edmund P., 66

  • Edmund P. Pillsbury

March 25, 2010
(14 years ago)

Director of the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth 1980–98, a specialist in Italian Renaissance art. Pillsbury, Edmund P., 66

Pinkston, David "Pappy Dave Stone," 90

  • David "Pappy Dave Stone" Pinkston

February 18, 2004
(20 years ago)

Post native launched KDAV in 1953 in Lubbock, one of the first full-time country music stations; employed Waylon Jennings as a disc jockey. Pinkston, David "Pappy Dave Stone," 90

Pitzer, Kenneth S., 83

  • Kenneth S. Pitzer

December 26, 1997
(26 years ago)

Renowned chemist who served as president of Rice University (1961 to 1969). Pitzer, Kenneth S., 83

Platte, Claude Jr., 92

  • Claude Platte Jr.

September 27, 2013
(10 years ago)

Denison native was instructor for the Tuskegee airmen in World War II, after the war he became the first black commissioned an officer at Randolph AFB in San Antonio. Platte, Claude Jr., 92

Plummer, Matthew W. Sr., 87

  • Matthew W. Plummer Sr.

October 22, 2007
(16 years ago)

Born in San Antonio to a former slave, practiced law in Houston for nearly 50 years, fought to integrate the Harris County Courthouse cafeteria — when a cross was burned in his yard; he was also a flight instructor to the famous Tuskegee Airmen in World War II. Plummer, Matthew W. Sr., 87

Poor, Victor, 79

  • Victor Poor

August 17, 2012
(11 years ago)

Computer engineer working in San Antonio 1969–1984 when he helped create Intel's first microprocessor chips. Poor, Victor, 79

Pope, Jack, 103

  • Jack Pope

February 25, 2017
(7 years ago)

Served on the Texas Supreme Court from 1964 to 1985, was chief justice for the last three years of his tenure when he worked to extend legal assistance to the poor; born in Abilene; graduate of Abilene Christian University and the University of Texas law school; helped found in 1989 the Texas Center for Ethics and Professionalism. Pope, Jack, 103

Porter, G. Robert "Bob," 85

  • G. Robert "Bob" Porter

November 14, 2013
(10 years ago)

Long-time entertainment writer for the Dallas Times Herald, co-founded the video oral history collection at the Sixth Floor Museum. Porter, G. Robert "Bob," 85

Powell, Boone Sr., 84

  • Boone Powell Sr.

September 15, 1996
(27 years ago)

Chief executive officer of Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, 1948 to 1974. Powell, Boone Sr., 84

Powell, Maxine, 98

  • Maxine Powell

October 14, 2013
(10 years ago)

Was Motown's "Maven of Style" heading the label's in-house finishing school; born in Texarkana. Powell, Maxine, 98

Powell, Paul, 83

  • Paul Powell

December 28, 2016
(7 years ago)

East Texas minister who was called "Mr. Texas Baptist," born in Brookeland and raised in Port Arthur; dean for six years of Baylor University's theological seminary; pastor for 17 years of Tyler's Green Acres Baptist Church; also served as pastor in Belfalls, Troy, Taylor, and San Marcos; former president of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Powell, Paul, 83

Powell, Robert, 45

  • Robert Powell

June 14, 1995
(28 years ago)

Paraplegic and vice president of the National Right to Life Committee. Powell, Robert, 45

Powers, Bill, 72

  • Bill Powers

March 10, 2019
(5 years ago)

President of the University of Texas for almost ten years, until 2015; raised $3.1 billion, overhauled the undergraduate curriculum, launched the Longhorn (TV) Network, and helped establish the Dell Medical School at UT; came to teach at the UT law school in 1977, later served as dean. Powers, Bill, 72

Powers, Melvin Lane, 68

  • Melvin Lane Powers

October 8, 2010
(13 years ago)

Acquitted in the 1964 stabbing and clubbing death of the husband of Candace Mossler, his aunt who he allegedly was having an affair with. Powers, Melvin Lane, 68

Prather, Hugh, 72

  • Hugh Prather

November 15, 2010
(13 years ago)

Dallas native was author of self-help books including Notes to Myself, which has sold over 5 million copies. Prather, Hugh, 72

Preston, Billy, 59

  • Billy Preston

June 6, 2006
(17 years ago)

Houston native whose keyboards and vocals can be heard on songs of the Beatles and Rolling Stones; co-wrote Joe Cocker hit "You Are So Beautiful". Preston, Billy, 59

Preston, Thomas A. "Amarillo Slim," 83

  • Thomas A. "Amarillo Slim" Preston

April 29, 2012
(11 years ago)

The world poker champion whose showmanship broadened the appeal of the game. Preston, Thomas A. "Amarillo Slim," 83

Price, Ray, 87

  • Ray Price

December 16, 2013
(10 years ago)

Ballad singer who reshaped country music adding lush strings, hits included "Make the World Go Away" and "Crazy Arms"; Perryville native died in Mount Pleasant. Price, Ray, 87

Price, Robert D. "Bob," 76

  • Robert D. "Bob" Price

August 24, 2004
(19 years ago)

Pampa rancher was former state senator; represented part of the Panhandle in Congress from 1966 to 1974. Price, Robert D. "Bob," 76

Pride, Charley, 86

  • Charley Pride

December 12, 2020
(3 years ago)

Country singer and professional baseball player; a native of Mississippi, along with his brother Mack pitched for several teams in the Negro American League in the 1950s until he was drafted into the army; returned to baseball but soon became more famous for his voice; won almost every major award possible for a country musician; part-owner of the Texas Rangers and performed the national anthem at games. Pride, Charley, 86

Priest, Micael, 66

  • Micael Priest

September 11, 2018
(5 years ago)

Artist of the era of Armadillo World Headquarters when he created the widely recognized posters for Austin's music events of the time; raised partly in Bedford, first moved to Austin in 1969; attended UT-Austin and UT-Arlington. Priest, Micael, 66

Prigogine, Ilya, 86

  • Ilya Prigogine

May 28, 2003
(20 years ago)

Winner of the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1977 and for 35 years a professor at the University of Texas at Austin. Prigogine, Ilya, 86

Primas, Emma, 112

  • Emma Primas

January 30, 2018
(6 years ago)

One of the oldest Texans, born in Maynard, San Jacinto County, in 1905; owned a neighborhood grocery in northeast Houston for many years; spent her last years in Fort Bend County. Primas, Emma, 112

Prince, William I. "Bill" Sr., 93

  • William I. "Bill" Prince Sr.

June 1, 2007
(16 years ago)

Buffalo Soldier in the 10th Cavalry, which he joined as a teenager in 1928, first serving at Fort Huachuca, Ariz.; worked to preserve history of this and other black units of U.S. Army. Prince, William I. "Bill" Sr., 93

Proffitt, Tony, 61

  • Tony Proffitt

October 17, 2004
(19 years ago)

Political strategist and adviser to Bob Bullock, Bill Clements, and Jake Pickle; Liberty Hill resident also worked on the Jimmy Carter presidential campaign in 1976. Proffitt, Tony, 61

Prude, John G., 95

  • John G. Prude

February 24, 2000
(24 years ago)

West Texas pioneer whose family operates Prude Ranch. Prude, John G., 95

Pryor, Cactus, 88

  • Cactus Pryor

August 30, 2011
(12 years ago)

Folksy humorist and Austin media personality for decades starting in radio in 1941 and at KTBC-TV in 1951. Pryor, Cactus, 88

Puga, Genoveva, 92

  • Genoveva Puga

November 22, 2020
(3 years ago)

Migrant farm worker who became a civil rights activist fighting citrus company Donna Fruit for worker's compensation for son's wife and child after her son, Juan Torrez, died while performing his job; after winning the case, worked to bring the same justice to other farm workers through the courts; a statute ending worker's compensation exclusion for contractors signed into law 1984. Puga, Genoveva, 92

Pugh, Jethro, 70

  • Jethro Pugh

January 7, 2015
(9 years ago)

Pillar of the Dallas Cowboys Doomsday Defense 1965–78 including the Ice Bowl game with Green Bay in 1967, played in four Super Bowls. Pugh, Jethro, 70

Pulido, Dionicia, 92

  • Dionicia Pulido

June 23, 2003
(20 years ago)

Founded with her husband their first restaurant in 1966 which grew into a chain of 13 Pulidos restaurants across North Texas. Pulido, Dionicia, 92

Purcell, Graham, 92

  • Graham Purcell

June 11, 2011
(12 years ago)

Archer City native was congressman from Northwest Texas 1961–73. Purcell, Graham, 92

Pye, A. Kenneth, 62

  • A. Kenneth Pye

July 11, 1994
(29 years ago)

President of Southern Methodist University in Dallas since 1987. Pye, A. Kenneth, 62

Quinn, J. M. "Mike" Jr., 76

  • J. M. "Mike" Quinn Jr.

January 22, 2006
(18 years ago)

Newsman for The Dallas Morning News in Washington when Lyndon Johnson became president; went on to teach journalism at the University of Texas at Austin for 37 years. Quinn, J. M. "Mike" Jr., 76

Ragsdale, Charlotte, 57

  • Charlotte Ragsdale

April 7, 2007
(17 years ago)

Longtime Dallas civil rights activist and local Democratic political figure; died from cancer. Ragsdale, Charlotte, 57

Ragsdale, Paul, 66

  • Paul Ragsdale

August 14, 2011
(12 years ago)

One of Dallas' first black legislators, serving until 1986, co-founder in 1973 of Texas Legislative Black Caucus, championed civil rights. Ragsdale, Paul, 66

Railey, Peggy, 63

  • Peggy Railey

December 26, 2011
(12 years ago)

Ex-wife of Dallas pastor Walker Railey who was acquitted after being charged with her 1987 shooting, she never recovered, remaining in a vegetative state. Railey, Peggy, 63

Raillard, Raymond, 85

  • Raymond Raillard

January 1, 2002
(22 years ago)

Helped found the outdoor drama Texas staged each year in Palo Duro Canyon. Raillard, Raymond, 85

Ramirez, Mario, 91

  • Mario Ramirez

May 22, 2017
(6 years ago)

Physician founded his family practice in his hometown of Roma in 1950; became advocate for health care in the Rio Grande Valley; served on the University of Texas Board of Regents from 1989 to 1995 and was vice president of the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio from 1995 to 2007; also served as county judge of Starr County. Ramirez, Mario, 91

Ramsey, Buck, 59

  • Buck Ramsey

January 3, 1998
(26 years ago)

One-time cowboy who became nationally acclaimed poet and musician. Ramsey, Buck, 59

Rangel, Irma, 71

  • Irma Rangel

March 18, 2003
(21 years ago)

Kingsville Democrat was first Hispanic woman elected to the Legislature where she served for 26 years; advocate of higher education. Rangel, Irma, 71

Rao, Raja, 97

  • Raja Rao

July 8, 2006
(17 years ago)

Award-winning author who wrote Kanthapura in 1938, considered the first major Indian novel written in English; died in Austin, where he was UT emeritus professor of philosophy. Rao, Raja, 97

Rapoport, Audre, 92

  • Audre Rapoport

April 4, 2016
(8 years ago)

Philanthropist who with her late husband Bernard established in 1987 the Rapoport Foundation which gave millions of dollars for education, health care and social justice causes; raised in Waco, met her husband at the University of Texas at Austin. Rapoport, Audre, 92

Rapoport, Bernard, 94

  • Bernard Rapoport

April 5, 2012
(12 years ago)

Waco businessman who was the important financial patron for Texas Democratic politics for decades, including helping to found the Texas Observer. Rapoport, Bernard, 94

Ratliff, David W., 82

  • David W. Ratliff

March 12, 2008
(16 years ago)

A West Texas legislator for more than 21 years. Ratliff, David W., 82

Rauschenberg, Robert, 82

  • Robert Rauschenberg

May 12, 2008
(15 years ago)

Port Arthur native, attended UT-Austin, renowned and prolific artist who crossed boundaries to also sculpt, choreograph, perform. Rauschenberg, Robert, 82

Ravago, Miguel, 72

  • Miguel Ravago

June 24, 2017
(6 years ago)

Co-founder in 1975 and chef of Fonda San Miguel, Austin's first Mexican restaurant offering cuisine from interior Mexico; its regular customers included the families of Lyndon B. Johnson and George W. Bush; Ravago co-authored two books, including one with his co-founder Tom Gilliland. Ravago, Miguel, 72

Reavley, Thomas, 99

  • Thomas Reavley

December 1, 2020
(3 years ago)

Served on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit from 1979 until his death in 2020; born in Quitman; drove President Franklin Roosevelt to a meeting with Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin during Yalta Conference while serving as a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy; was Texas Secretary of State 1955–1957, state Supreme Court justice 1968–1977. Reavley, Thomas, 99

Rector, John A. Jr., 86

  • John A. Rector Jr.

July 13, 2006
(17 years ago)

Rose from advertising salesman to publisher (1985 to 1986) of The Dallas Morning News in nearly 40 years of service. Rector, John A. Jr., 86

Redman, Dewey, 75

  • Dewey Redman

September 2, 2006
(17 years ago)

Jazz tenor saxophonist and bandleader born to schoolteachers in Fort Worth; attended Prairie View A&M; taught school in Bastrop. Redman, Dewey, 75

Reeves, Connie, 101

  • Connie Reeves

August 17, 2003
(20 years ago)

Eagle Pass native, cowgirl who taught more than 30,000 girls to ride horses at Camp Waldemar near Hunt; retired at 80 but continued to teach at the camp; died in San Antonio, two weeks after a fall from her horse. Reeves, Connie, 101

Reid, Frances, 95

  • Frances Reid

February 3, 2013
(11 years ago)

Wichita Falls native who played family matriarch Alice Horton on the soap opera Days of Our Lives for more than 40 years. Reid, Frances, 95

Reid, Jan, 75

  • Jan Reid

September 19, 2020
(3 years ago)

Journalist and author of more than a dozen books; came to prominence writing for Texas Monthly, where his byline first appeared in 1973; grew up playing football and baseball in Wichita Falls; survived a shooting in 1998 and plagued by ill health; wrote both fiction and nonfiction, about history, politics, crime, sports, and occasionally music. Reid, Jan, 75

Reisch, Roger E., 89

  • Roger E. Reisch

February 12, 2013
(11 years ago)

National park ranger known as "Mr. Guadalupe Mountains," first employee there beginning in 1964, years before the national park was opened to the public in 1972, served until retiring in 1998. Reisch, Roger E., 89

Reynolds, Debbie, 84

  • Debbie Reynolds

December 28, 2016
(7 years ago)

El Paso native known as the wholesome actress of 1950s and 1960s films like Singin' in the Rain and The Unsinkable Molly Brown; her family moved to California in 1939 but she returned to her hometown occasionally where extended family remained; died in Los Angeles, one day after the death of her daughter, actress Carrie Fisher. Reynolds, Debbie, 84

Reynolds, Herbert, 77

  • Herbert Reynolds

May 25, 2007
(16 years ago)

President of Baylor University from 1981 to 1995 where he led charter change to a governing board more independent of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Reynolds, Herbert, 77

Rhodes, Mary, 49

  • Mary Rhodes

June 4, 1997
(26 years ago)

Registered nurse who served three terms as Corpus Christi mayor; died of cancer. Rhodes, Mary, 49

Rhodes, Robert, 69

  • Robert Rhodes

December 30, 1996
(27 years ago)

Retired executive editor of the Corpus Christi Caller-Times and former president of the Associated Press Managing Editors. Rhodes, Robert, 69

Richards, Ann, 73

  • Ann Richards

September 13, 2006
(17 years ago)

Waco area native was elected Democratic governor in 1990; known for her wit as well as her political savvy in the state and nationally. Richards, Ann, 73

Richardson, George L. "Skeet," 66

  • George L. "Skeet" Richardson

July 28, 1996
(27 years ago)

State legislator, Tarrant County commissioner and mayor of Keller; advocate of UT-Arlington as four-year school. Richardson, George L. "Skeet," 66

Richardson, Thelma Page, 85

  • Thelma Page Richardson

September 14, 1996
(27 years ago)

Retired teacher whose lawsuit in the 1940s forced Dallas schools to use equal pay scale for black and white teachers. Richardson, Thelma Page, 85

Richter, Walter H., 86

  • Walter H. Richter

September 8, 2003
(20 years ago)

Marble Falls native served in the Texas Senate from 1963 to 1965 and on several state boards. Richter, Walter H., 86

Riddle, Charles, 60

  • Charles Riddle

December 30, 1996
(27 years ago)

Operated Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse from 1989; named one of four greatest pitmasters in America by Parade magazine in 1995. Riddle, Charles, 60

Riddle, Ned, 81

  • Ned Riddle

October 13, 2003
(20 years ago)

Former Dallas Morning News artist who drew the syndicated cartoon Mr. Tweedy. Riddle, Ned, 81

Riggs, Leonard, 95

  • Leonard Riggs

February 21, 2001
(23 years ago)

Came to Longview in 1936 to design the Lacy Gardens, brought first azaleas into the area; named to the newly-credited Landscape Architects Board by Gov. Preston Smith in 1969. Riggs, Leonard, 95

Riley, John E. "Jack," 78

  • John E. "Jack" Riley

April 17, 2003
(21 years ago)

Served 33 years with NASA, broadcast voice of the Apollo program, providing commentary for the first moon walk. Riley, John E. "Jack," 78

Roach, Joe, 49

  • Joe Roach

April 18, 2011
(13 years ago)

Houston Republican was prosecutor, three-term city council member and advocate for people with disabilities; a dwarf, he died of an undisclosed illness in Houston. Roach, Joe, 49

Roach, Walter, 82

  • Walter Roach

September 25, 1996
(27 years ago)

Devoted 39 years to Texas Christian University as football player, coach and director of the placement office. Roach, Walter, 82

Roberts, Hisako Tsuchiyama, 104

  • Hisako Tsuchiyama Roberts

January 18, 2018
(6 years ago)

Co-founder with her husband of the renowned Salt Lick in Driftwood; met Thurman Roberts in her native Hawaii during World War II and together they opened the barbecue restaurant in 1967; she held a master's degree in psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles. Roberts, Hisako Tsuchiyama, 104

Robertson, J. M. "Tex," 98

  • J. M. "Tex" Robertson

August 27, 2007
(16 years ago)

UT-Austin's first swim coach beginning in 1936, Sweetwater native founded Camp Longhorn in 1939 where thousands of youngsters learned to swim. Robertson, J. M. "Tex," 98

Robinson, Charles P. "Charlie," 75

  • Charles P. "Charlie" Robinson

July 11, 2021
(2 years ago)

Actor best known for playing "Mac" in the sitcom Night Court; native of Houston and member of the Actors Studio; performed theater in Houston before moving to Hollywood; returned to theater in 2010 and performed iconic roles including Willy Loman. Robinson, Charles P. "Charlie," 75

Robinson, Frank, 83

  • Frank Robinson

February 7, 2019
(5 years ago)

Beaumont native became the first Black manager in major league baseball in 1975 with the Cleveland Indians; raised in California, he was known as a slugger when he played for 21 seasons mostly for the Cincinnati Reds and Baltimore Orioles; the only player to win the MVP title in both leagues. Robinson, Frank, 83

Roddy, Rod, 66

  • Rod Roddy

October 27, 2003
(20 years ago)

Fort Worth native who was the voice of television's The Price is Right, where he invited contestants to "Come on down!"; worked in radio in Dallas-Fort Worth before going to Hollywood. Roddy, Rod, 66

Rodriguez, Sylvan, 52

  • Sylvan Rodriguez

April 7, 2000
(24 years ago)

Broadcast news veteran of 23 years in his native San Antonio and later in Houston; shared battle with cancer with his viewers. Rodriguez, Sylvan, 52

Roegelein, William Jr., 82

  • William Roegelein Jr.

January 24, 2004
(20 years ago)

San Antonio businessman who led the family processed-meat business, founded in 1905, which became one of the largest in the state. Roegelein, William Jr., 82

Rogers, Julie, 83

  • Julie Rogers

February 12, 1998
(26 years ago)

Beaumont philanthropist who supported causes ranging from the arts to medicine. Rogers, Julie, 83

Rogers, Kenneth Ray "Kenny," 81

  • Kenneth Ray "Kenny" Rogers

March 20, 2020
(4 years ago)

Beloved singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer born and raised in Houston; first began recording "teenage rock" in the 1950s, then became a country star; signature song "The Gambler" was a crossover hit in 1978 and won a Grammy in 1980; starred in the made-for-TV movie based on the song, as well as many other TV roles. Rogers, Kenneth Ray "Kenny," 81

Rogers, Lorene, 94

  • Lorene Rogers

January 11, 2009
(15 years ago)

Prosper native, biochemist who was first woman to head a major research university when she became president of the University of Texas in 1975. Rogers, Lorene, 94

Rogers, N. J. "Nate," 87

  • N. J. "Nate" Rogers

December 11, 2003
(20 years ago)

Optometrist who in the 1930s co-founded Texas State Optical in Beaumont along with three brothers; served on the Texas Optometry Board. Rogers, N. J. "Nate," 87

Rogers, Ralph, 87

  • Ralph Rogers

November 4, 1997
(26 years ago)

Dallas businessman instrumental in creating the Public Broadcasting System and reviving Parkland hospital and the Dallas Symphony. Rogers, Ralph, 87

Rogers, Sol J., 87

  • Sol J. Rogers

January 18, 2002
(22 years ago)

Houston-area philanthropist who in 1937 co-founded Texas State Optical in Beaumont, firm spread into Louisiana and New Mexico. Rogers, Sol J., 87

Rogers, Walter E., 92

  • Walter E. Rogers

May 31, 2001
(22 years ago)

Democrat represented the Panhandle in Congress from 1951 to 1966. Rogers, Walter E., 92

Rolark, Calvin, 67

  • Calvin Rolark

October 23, 1994
(29 years ago)

Founder of the United Black Fund of America, native of Texarkana. Rolark, Calvin, 67

Rosenthal, E. M. "Manny," 79

  • E. M. "Manny" Rosenthal

July 25, 2001
(22 years ago)

Philanthropist who built his fortune from the family-owned Standard Meat Co.; became an art patron who gained prominence in the national Jewish community. Rosenthal, E. M. "Manny," 79

Rostow, Elspeth, 90

  • Elspeth Rostow

December 9, 2007
(16 years ago)

Dean of LBJ School of Public Affairs at UT-Austin from 1977 to 1983, began teaching at UT in 1969, appointed to national advisory panels by President Reagan. Rostow, Elspeth, 90

Rostow, Walt, 86

  • Walt Rostow

February 13, 2003
(21 years ago)

Economist, University of Texas professor for 33 years and adviser to John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson; was an advocate of military intervention in Vietnam. Rostow, Walt, 86

Rote, Kyle, 73

  • Kyle Rote

August 15, 2002
(21 years ago)

San Antonio high school athlete, former SMU All-American and NFL star of the 1950s, playing with the New York Giants; sports broadcaster in the 1960s and 1970s. Rote, Kyle, 73

Royal, Darrell, 88

  • Darrell Royal

November 7, 2012
(11 years ago)

The legendary football coach of the UT Longhorns, led them to three national championships from 1957–1976. Royal, Darrell, 88

Rubottom, R. Richard, 98

  • R. Richard Rubottom

December 6, 2010
(13 years ago)

Diplomat who helped shape U.S. policy to Cuba and Latin America in the late 1950s, SMU professor. Rubottom, R. Richard, 98

Ruby, Lloyd, 81

  • Lloyd Ruby

March 23, 2009
(15 years ago)

Indianapolis 500, Daytona and Sebring racing veteran 1960 to 1977. Ruby, Lloyd, 81

Rudder, Margaret, 87

  • Margaret Rudder

March 3, 2004
(20 years ago)

Called the First Lady of Texas A&M; Sonora native was wife of the university's best-known president, Gen. James Earl Rudder, who served from 1959 to 1970. Rudder, Margaret, 87

Ruiz, Daniel E., 53

  • Daniel E. Ruiz

March 25, 2000
(24 years ago)

Prominent in East Austin grassroots coalition formed in 1970s; died of a heart attack. Ruiz, Daniel E., 53

Ruiz, David, 63

  • David Ruiz

November 15, 2005
(18 years ago)

Convict whose 1972 lawsuit led to sweeping changes in the Texas prison system; in a prison hospital. Ruiz, David, 63

Runyon, Marvin, 79

  • Marvin Runyon

May 3, 2004
(19 years ago)

Raised in Dallas; U.S. postmaster general 1992 to 1998; chairman of TVA under President Reagan; executive for Ford Motors and Nissan. Runyon, Marvin, 79

Rush, E. F. "Frank," 89

  • E. F. "Frank" Rush

January 5, 2005
(19 years ago)

Beginning in 1971, developed Sandy Lake Amusement Park in Carrollton, which became a regional institution known to band students in five states for its competitions. Rush, E. F. "Frank," 89

Rutherford, J. T. "Slick," 85

  • J. T. "Slick" Rutherford

November 6, 2006
(17 years ago)

Democratic congressman from 1954 to 1962 from a district that spanned West Texas from Midland to El Paso; one of few from Texas to vote for the 1960 civil rights bill. Rutherford, J. T. "Slick," 85

Ryburn, Frank, 80

  • Frank Ryburn

June 5, 1994
(29 years ago)

Directed trust which funded Nobel-winning research on cholesterol at UT Medical Center in Dallas. Ryburn, Frank, 80

Safir, Nathan, 83

  • Nathan Safir

September 7, 1996
(27 years ago)

Developed Spanish-language radio and television stations in the 1940s and '50s. Safir, Nathan, 83

Sahm, Doug, 58

  • Doug Sahm

November 18, 1999
(24 years ago)

Texas music icon evolved from 1960s rock and roll with Sir Douglas Quintet and "She's About a Mover" to Texas Tornados of the 1990s and playing country and conjunto; died of a heart attack while in Taos, N.M. Sahm, Doug, 58

Sakowitz, Ann, 96

  • Ann Sakowitz

January 18, 2010
(14 years ago)

Matriarch of the Houston retail family, San Antonio native attended Rice University, patron of the arts. Sakowitz, Ann, 96

Salling, Mark, 35

  • Mark Salling

January 30, 2018
(6 years ago)

Actor who played Puck on the television series Glee from 2008 to 2013; native of Dallas; 2001 graduate of Lake Highlands High School where he was a member of the wrestling team; died in Los Angeles, an apparent suicide. Salling, Mark, 35

Sample, Joe, 75

  • Joe Sample

September 12, 2014
(9 years ago)

Jazz great was one of the founders with Wayne Henderson of the Jazz Crusaders, pianist and keyboardist was Houston native attended Texas Southern University. Sample, Joe, 75

Samuels, Joseph, 95

  • Joseph Samuels

January 19, 2011
(13 years ago)

A leader in the Jewish community in Houston where he was from 1973 publisher of the Jewish Herald-Voice. Samuels, Joseph, 95

San Pedro, Enrique, 68

  • Enrique San Pedro

July 17, 1994
(29 years ago)

Bishop of Catholic Diocese of Brownsville since 1991. San Pedro, Enrique, 68

Sanborn, Eunice G., 114

  • Eunice G. Sanborn

January 31, 2011
(13 years ago)

According to Gerontology Research Group, the world's oldest person when she died. Sanborn, Eunice G., 114

Sanchez, Henry Jr., 63

  • Henry Sanchez Jr.

February 25, 1995
(29 years ago)

Served in Legislature from South Texas 1967 to 1974. Sanchez, Henry Jr., 63

Sanchez, Ricardo, 54

  • Ricardo Sanchez

September 3, 1995
(28 years ago)

Chicano poet and educator who grew up in El Paso's El Barrio del Diablo. Sanchez, Ricardo, 54

Sanders, H. Barefoot, 83

  • H. Barefoot Sanders

September 21, 2008
(15 years ago)

Federal judge who oversaw desegregation of Dallas schools, served in U.S. Justice Department in Johnson administration, former legislator lost race for U.S. Senate in 1972. Sanders, H. Barefoot, 83

Sandoval, Ruben, 55

  • Ruben Sandoval

June 19, 1996
(27 years ago)

Civil rights lawyer and activist. Sandoval, Ruben, 55

Sankary, Abraham "Al," 86

  • Abraham "Al" Sankary

November 15, 2011
(12 years ago)

Founded Al's Formal Wear which outfitted men for weddings and proms starting in 1952, expanding to several states. Sankary, Abraham "Al," 86

Sauer, George Jr., 69

  • George Sauer Jr.

May 7, 2013
(10 years ago)

Waco high school football star, went on the play for UT Longhorns as part of 1963 national champions, played for New York Jets. Sauer, George Jr., 69

Savage, Wallace, 87

  • Wallace Savage

June 19, 2000
(23 years ago)

Dallas mayor (1949 to 1951) known for historic preservation and working for racial equality. Savage, Wallace, 87

Sawtelle, G. Flint, 82

  • G. Flint Sawtelle

August 24, 2001
(22 years ago)

Oilman who with others (see Josey obit) developed land around Lake Travis in 1962 into resort and retirement center known as Lakeway Inn and Marina. Sawtelle, G. Flint, 82

Scarlett, Harold Thomas, 70

  • Harold Thomas Scarlett

October 21, 1996
(27 years ago)

Pioneering environmental reporter for The Houston Post in the 1970s. Scarlett, Harold Thomas, 70

Schambach, R.W., 85

  • R. W. Schambach

January 17, 2012
(12 years ago)

Internationally known evangelist for more than 60 years, had headquarters in Tyler. Schambach, R.W., 85

Scharbauer, Clarence Jr., 88

  • Clarence Scharbauer Jr.

February 21, 2014
(10 years ago)

Rancher and philanthropist of prominent Permian Basin family, donor to hospital, sports complex, a horse-racing enthusiast. Scharbauer, Clarence Jr., 88

Schepps, George, 98

  • George Schepps

January 14, 1998
(26 years ago)

Sports enthusiast and member of prominent Dallas business family, founded Texas Baseball Hall of Fame. Schepps, George, 98

Schepps, Harmon, 93

  • Harmon Schepps

August 23, 2011
(12 years ago)

Dallas civic leader was son of Russian immigrants, built the family name into a well-known brand of dairy products. Schepps, Harmon, 93

Schirra, Walter M. "Wally," 84

  • Walter M. "Wally" Schirra

May 3, 2006
(17 years ago)

One of the original Mercury 7 astronauts working in Houston and the only one to fly in all three of NASA's manned spacecraft programs. Schirra, Walter M. "Wally," 84

Schmidt, Harvey, 88

  • Harvey Schmidt

February 28, 2018
(6 years ago)

Co-creator of The Fantasticks, the romance that opened Off-Broadway in 1960 and became the world's longest-running musical; he and collaborator Tom Jones were students at the University of Texas at Austin when Jones wrote the book and lyrics and Schmidt wrote the music, including "Try to Remember"; born in Dallas. Schmidt, Harvey, 88

Schmidt, Rick, 73

  • Rick Schmidt

February 11, 2019
(5 years ago)

Owner of the well-known Kreuz Market in Lockhart where he served barbecue without forks or sauce; in 2011 he sold the business to his son; Rick moved the market from downtown in 1999 to a new building down the road after a well-publicized dispute with his sister – the feud ended years later with a joint barbecue venture in Bee Cave. Schmidt, Rick, 73

Schorre, Charles, 71

  • Charles Schorre

July 20, 1996
(27 years ago)

Artist and important figure in Houston art community. Schorre, Charles, 71

Schramm, Texas E. "Tex," 83

  • Texas E. "Tex" Schramm

July 15, 2003
(20 years ago)

President and general manager for 29 years of the Dallas Cowboys, making them into "America's Team," University of Texas journalism graduate. Schramm, Texas E. "Tex," 83

Schreiner, Charles III, 74

  • Charles Schreiner III

April 22, 2001
(23 years ago)

Founder of the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association; grandson of legendary Texas Ranger who amassed 600,000 acres including YO Ranch near Kerrville; preceded in death by son Louis Albert II (age 41, from heart attack) by one week. Schreiner, Charles III, 74

Schwartz, A.R. "Babe," 92

  • A. R. "Babe" Schwartz

August 10, 2018
(5 years ago)

Democratic state senator from Galveston from 1960 until 1981, where he was leader of liberal causes; championed environmental protections and public access to Texas beaches; graduate of Galveston Ball High School, Texas A&M University, and UT law school. Schwartz, A.R. "Babe," 92

Schwartz, Maryln, 69

  • Maryln Schwartz

September 29, 2011
(12 years ago)

Popular columnist beginning in 1980 for The Dallas Morning News, began as a reporter there in 1966. Schwartz, Maryln, 69

Schwartz, Walter, 81

  • Walter Schwartz

July 7, 2003
(20 years ago)

Mayor of Brenham, chancellor and former president of Blinn College when it grew from 3,500 in 1984 to 9,000, also served two terms as state legislator. Schwartz, Walter, 81

Scoggins, Jerry, 93

  • Jerry Scoggins

December 7, 2004
(19 years ago)

Mount Pleasant native who sang the theme song "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" for The Beverly Hillbillies; got his start in Dallas radio in the 1930s. Scoggins, Jerry, 93

Scruggs, Charles G., 77

  • Charles G. Scruggs

July 24, 2001
(22 years ago)

Former editor with the Progressive Farmer magazine; Texas Tech regent. Scruggs, Charles G., 77

Scurlock, Elizabeth, 99

  • Elizabeth Scurlock

June 9, 2003
(20 years ago)

Philanthropist who with her husband, oilman Eddy Scurlock, benefited the Texas Medical Center and the Institute of Religion in Houston; the Edna native died in Houston. Scurlock, Elizabeth, 99

Seals, Dan, 61

  • Dan Seals

March 25, 2009
(15 years ago)

McCamey native was pop/country singer "England Dan" who with John Ford Coley had 1976 hit "I'd Really Rather See You Tonight," older brother Jimmy was in Seals & Crofts. Seals, Dan, 61

Searcy, John Marvin, 90

  • John Marvin Searcy

June 2, 2007
(16 years ago)

Raised in Fort Worth, started Interstate Battery in 1952, which grew to thousands of retail outlets nationwide. Searcy, John Marvin, 90

Sears, Barbra Pace, 71

  • Barbra Pace Sears

March 5, 2005
(19 years ago)

Secretary to Martin Luther King Jr. at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; later served as urban planner and community affairs manager for Fort Worth. Sears, Barbra Pace, 71

Seldin, Donald W., 97

  • Donald W. Seldin

April 25, 2018
(5 years ago)

Brooklyn native came to Dallas in 1951 to head the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center department of internal medicine; served 36 years guiding Southwestern into a national leader in biomedicine; faculty would include six Nobel laureates. Seldin, Donald W., 97

Selena (Selena Quintanilla Perez), 23

  • Selena (Selena Quintanilla Perez)

March 23, 1996
(28 years ago)

labeled the "Queen of Tejano Music"; Lake Jackson native won Tejano Music Award Female Vocalist of the Year in 1987; shot and killed in Corpus Christi. Selena (Selena Quintanilla Perez), 23

Semenova, Tatiana, 76

  • Tatiana Semenova

September 23, 1996
(27 years ago)

Was first artistic director of the Houston Ballet in the 1950s. Semenova, Tatiana, 76

Semos, Chris, 68

  • Chris Semos

June 14, 2004
(19 years ago)

Served 16 years in the Legislature and 12 years as a Dallas County commissioner; active in the Dallas Greek community. Semos, Chris, 68

Senterfitt, Reuben, 96

  • Reuben Senterfitt

November 20, 2013
(10 years ago)

Native of San Saba County served as Texas House Speaker 1951–55, in 1941 co-sponsor of bill establishing M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston, in 1949 sponsored veterans' land legislation. Senterfitt, Reuben, 96

Sessions, William S., 90

  • William S. Sessions

June 21, 2020
(3 years ago)

Federal judge, appointed FBI director in 1987 by President Reagan; many associate him with the phrase "Winners Don't Use Drugs," which was included on all imported arcade games by law; the native Arkansan and Baylor graduate encouraged the FBI to develop a strong DNA program and automate the national fingerprinting process, reducing fingerprint search times from months to hours; attracted heavy criticism for the deadly confrontation with the Branch Davidians near Waco in 1993 and was dismissed by President Clinton later that year. Sessions, William S., 90

Sewell, James, 91

  • James Sewell

September 3, 1995
(28 years ago)

Oilman and former Texas A&M alumni association president. Sewell, James, 91

Seybold, William D., 89

  • William D. Seybold

July 19, 2004
(19 years ago)

Physician who with Dr. Marvin Kelsey founded in 1951 a Houston clinic as the first multi-specialty physician group; Kelsey-Seybold now has 21 clinics. Seybold, William D., 89

Shahan, James Tullis "Happy," 80

  • James Tullis "Happy" Shahan

January 31, 1996
(28 years ago)

Rancher who built the movie set for John Wayne's The Alamo and helped launch the Texas film industry. Shahan, James Tullis "Happy," 80

Shankle, Perry, 93

  • Perry Shankle

June 22, 1996
(27 years ago)

A founder of the San Antonio Livestock Show and former San Antonio Chamber of Commerce president. Shankle, Perry, 93

Sharpe, Ernest A., 80

  • Ernest A. Sharpe

May 1, 1996
(27 years ago)

University of Texas journalism professor for 40 years until 1982, wrote biography of Dallas Morning News founder George B. Dealey. Sharpe, Ernest A., 80

Shaver, Billy Joe, 81

  • Billy Joe Shaver

October 28, 2020
(3 years ago)

Country music pioneer known for "Honky Tonk Heroes" and "Live Forever"; born in Corsicana where he lived with his mother and grandmother; worked as a songwriter in Nashville where he earned $50 a week; released debut album, Old Five and Dimers Like Me, in 1973; Willie Nelson called him the greatest living songwriter. Shaver, Billy Joe, 81

Shearer, Bill, 45

  • Bill Shearer

March 13, 1996
(28 years ago)

Led one of Texas' best-known publishing companies; the Shearer company printed the first in a series of state atlases, The Roads of Texas. Shearer, Bill, 45

Shearer, William, 81

  • William Shearer

October 9, 2018
(5 years ago)

Doctor to Houston's famed "Bubble Boy" David Vetter who because of an immune disorder was isolated to a plastic bubble from 1978 to 1984 when he died; Shearer was one of the nation's leading immunologists at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital for 40 years. Shearer, William, 81

Shelby, Carroll, 89

  • Carroll Shelby

May 10, 2012
(11 years ago)

Renowned car builder (the Cobra) born in Leesburg, as driver was the second American to win Le Mans in 1959, lived near Pittsburg in retirement. Shelby, Carroll, 89

Shelton, A.B. "Stormy," 82

  • A. B. "Stormy" Shelton

January 16, 1997
(27 years ago)

Publisher of Abilene Reporter-News from 1964, becoming board chairman in 1995. Shelton, A.B. "Stormy," 82

Shepard, Alan, 74

  • Alan Shepard

July 21, 1998
(25 years ago)

One of the original Mercury 7 astronauts, he was the first American thrust into space on May 5, 1961; Houston-area business executive for many years. His wife, Louise, 76, died Aug. 25, 1998, in California. Shepard, Alan, 74

Shepherd, Mark Jr., 86

  • Mark Shepherd Jr.

February 4, 2009
(15 years ago)

Engineer and Dallas native who as CEO of Texas Instruments led it to power as a maker of semiconductors and consumer electronics. Shepherd, Mark Jr., 86

Sherman, Cecil, 82

  • Cecil Sherman

April 17, 2010
(14 years ago)

Fort Worth native, Baylor graduate became national leader of the theological moderates in the losing battle with conservatives of the Southern Baptist Convention. Sherman, Cecil, 82

Sherrill, Robert, 89

  • Robert Sherrill

August 19, 2014
(9 years ago)

Journalist and author received master's in English from UT-Austin in 1956, was associate editor of the Texas Observer beginning in 1960, wrote in 1967 The Accidental President, a critical portrait of Lyndon Johnson. Sherrill, Robert, 89

Sherrod, Blackie, 96

  • Blackie Sherrod

April 28, 2016
(7 years ago)

Long-time sportswriter at the Fort Worth Press beginning in 1946, and the Dallas Times-Herald, and from 1985 the Dallas Morning News; cited for his dry wit, the Belton native used Texas vernacular to endear himself to his readers; he was described as the curmudgeon-mentor of many other sports reporters of the region; writer Larry L. King profiled him in Texas Monthly in the 1970s as "The Best Sportswriter in Texas". Sherrod, Blackie, 96

Shine, Billy Joe, 75

  • Billy Joe Shine

March 23, 2015
(9 years ago)

Singer with the Dallas band Nightcaps, he wrote the 1959 rock and roll classic "Wine, Wine, Wine," he said, while sitting in a study hall at Jesuit Prep. Shine, Billy Joe, 75

Shipp, Bert, 85

  • Bert Shipp

April 20, 2015
(9 years ago)

40-year career in Dallas broadcasting included interviewing the Beatles in 1964 in their dressing room, and the first televised accounts of the JFK assassination directly from the WFAA newsroom. Shipp, Bert, 85

Shivers, Marialice Shary, 86

  • Marialice Shary Shivers

September 29, 1996
(27 years ago)

Widow of former Gov. Allan Shivers; she served on the board of regents of Pan American University from 1965 to 1978. Shivers, Marialice Shary, 86

Shivers, R.A. "Bud," 72

  • R. A. "Bud" Shivers

January 8, 2019
(5 years ago)

Investor and son of Gov. Allan Shivers was an influential backer of George W. Bush in Texas politics and a philanthropist, assisting Austin's Seton hospital by setting up a fund for financial support; served on the boards of St. Edward's University in Austin and the University of St. Thomas in Houston. Shivers, R.A. "Bud," 72

Shivers, Robin, 53

  • Robin Shivers

October 26, 2009
(14 years ago)

Launched a charity to provide health insurance for Austin musicians, daughter-in-law of former Gov. Allan Shivers; died in Austin, unexpectedly of unknown causes. Shivers, Robin, 53

Shoemaker, Bill, 72

  • Bill Shoemaker

October 12, 2003
(20 years ago)

Fabens native whose 41-year career as a jockey included winning four Kentucky Derbies; worked on his grandfather's ranch near Abilene before moving to Los Angeles. Shoemaker, Bill, 72

Shrake, Edwin "Bud," 77

  • Edwin "Bud" Shrake

May 8, 2009
(14 years ago)

Sportswriter for Sports Illustrated and novelist, Blessed McGill and other works, collaborated on best-selling sports title of all time, Harvey Penick's Little Red Book, buried in the Texas State Cemetery next to his longtime companion, former Gov. Ann Richards. Shrake, Edwin "Bud," 77

Shuford, Harry, 92

  • Harry Shuford

May 16, 2007
(16 years ago)

Two-time All American and tri-captain of SMU's 1936 Rose Bowl team; president of Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis and the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association. Shuford, Harry, 92

Silber, John, 86

  • John Silber

September 27, 2012
(11 years ago)

Academic leader at UT-Austin from 1957 until 1970 when regent chairman Frank Erwin fired him for opposing changes in the College of Arts and Sciences. Silber, John, 86

Simmons, Tom, 85

  • Tom Simmons

March 17, 2000
(24 years ago)

Former executive editor and vice president of The Dallas Morning News. Simmons, Tom, 85

Simmons, William F. "Bill," 80

  • William F. "Bill" Simmons

January 24, 2005
(19 years ago)

Longtime keyboard player for the Light Crust Doughboys; veteran Western swing musician won a Grammy Award in 2003. Simmons, William F. "Bill," 80

Simpson, James P., 87

  • James P. Simpson

November 27, 2010
(13 years ago)

Former FBI agent and lawyer who helped close down illegal gambling in Galveston in the late 1950s. Simpson, James P., 87

Sims, Bill, 84

  • Bill Sims

August 29, 2016
(7 years ago)

State senator for a large part of West Central Texas from 1983 to 1997; a Democrat who was an advocate for agriculture in the state; received in 1996 the Texas A&M Distinguished Agriculture Award for his leadership as the executive secretary of the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association. Sims, Bill, 84

Singer, Edwin, 85

  • Edwin Singer

February 12, 2000
(24 years ago)

Oilman and banker, a leader in promoting Corpus Christi arts and growth in the 20th century. Singer, Edwin, 85

Skeen, Clyde, 83

  • Clyde Skeen

October 10, 2000
(23 years ago)

Career in national defense and aerospace technology, became chief of LTV Corp., headed Dallas Transit Board. Skeen, Clyde, 83

Slater, Norvell, 87

  • Norvell Slater

April 18, 1995
(29 years ago)

Radio broadcaster whose Sunday morning show of hymns aired for 41 years in Dallas. Slater, Norvell, 87

Slater, O. Eugene, 90

  • O. Eugene Slater

March 11, 1997
(27 years ago)

Retired Methodist bishop of San Antonio and bishop-in-residence-emeritus for Perkins School of Theology at SMU. Slater, O. Eugene, 90

Smalley, Richard E., 62

  • Richard E. Smalley

October 28, 2005
(18 years ago)

Nobel Prize winner and Rice University chemistry professor, championed nanotechnology to address energy needs. Smalley, Richard E., 62

Smith, Anna Nicole, 39

  • Anna Nicole Smith

February 7, 2007
(17 years ago)

Born Vicki Lynn Hogan in Houston; former Playboy centerfold and wife of elderly oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II; died in the Bahamas of a drug overdose; her 20-year-old son Daniel died the previous Sept. 10 of a drug overdose. Smith, Anna Nicole, 39

Smith, Carl S., 89

  • Carl S. Smith

July 28, 1998
(25 years ago)

Served 51 years as Harris County's tax assessor and collector. Smith, Carl S., 89

Smith, Charles "Bubba," 66

  • Charles "Bubba" Smith

August 3, 2011
(12 years ago)

Beaumont high school star, went on to NFL with Colts, Raiders, Oilers, prolific career in movies and TV; in Los Angeles, Aug. 3, 2011. Smith, Charles "Bubba," 66

Smith, Liz, 94

  • Liz Smith

November 12, 2017
(6 years ago)

Fort Worth native whose gossip columns ran in various New York newspapers for 33 years; attended Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene before completing a degree in journalism at the University of Texas in Austin in 1949; besides her newspaper columns she also served as a commentator for the local Fox TV channel in New York and E! Entertainment Television. Smith, Liz, 94

Smith, Preston, 91

  • Preston Smith

October 18, 2003
(20 years ago)

Texas governor 1969 to 1973 known for his focus on higher education and work for Texas Tech University; plain-spoken son of poor tenant farmer who went on to own movie theaters in West Texas; created the Texas Film Commission; was in the Legislature beginning in 1944; served three terms as lieutenant governor 1962 to 1968. Smith, Preston, 91

Smothers, Clay, 69

  • Clay Smothers

June 11, 2004
(19 years ago)

Black conservative legislator who switched parties twice in the 1970s; ran unsuccessfully for Congress as a Republican in 1980. Smothers, Clay, 69

Snelson, W.E. "Pete," 91

  • W. E. "Pete" Snelson

April 26, 2014
(9 years ago)

Conservative Democratic state senator from Midland 1964–1983, raised in a ranching family in Grandfalls. Snelson, W.E. "Pete," 91

Snow, Clyde, 86

  • Clyde Snow

May 16, 2014
(9 years ago)

World-renowned forensic anthropologist who worked on cases from JFK to mass graves in Argentina to King Tut, Texas Tech graduate was raised in Ralls where his father was a physician and his mother a nurse. Snow, Clyde, 86

Solinger, Johnny, 55

  • Johnny Solinger

June 26, 2021
(2 years ago)

Singer-songwriter and lead vocalist for Skid Row from 1999 to 2015; loved both rock and country music as a boy in the Dallas-Fort Worth area; released a solo country album in 2008. Solinger, Johnny, 55

Solomon, Jimmie Lee, 64

  • Jimmie Lee Solomon

October 8, 2020
(3 years ago)

Attorney in Washington, D.C. hired by Major League Baseball; started in minor league relations, worked up the ladder to executive vice president of baseball development; grew up in Fort Bend County and played sports at Lamar Consolidated High School; attended Harvard Law after he was cut by the Oilers during training camp. Solomon, Jimmie Lee, 64

Southern, Terry, 71

  • Terry Southern

October 25, 1995
(28 years ago)

Dallas-reared author and screenwriter, including Dr. Strangelove and The Loved One. Southern, Terry, 71

Spears, Billie Jo, 73

  • Billie Jo Spears

December 14, 2011
(12 years ago)

Country singer whose 1975 "Blanket on the Ground" went No. 1 in 1975, she first performed as a teenager on the Louisiana Hayride. Spears, Billie Jo, 73

Spears, Dan "Bee," 62

  • Dan "Bee" Spears

December 8, 2011
(12 years ago)

Bassist for Willie Nelson for more than four decades, grew up in Helotes. Spears, Dan "Bee," 62

Spears, Franklin Scott, 64

  • Franklin Scott Spears

April 10, 1996
(28 years ago)

Former Texas Supreme Court justice and state legislator. Spears, Franklin Scott, 64

Speir, Col. Wilson E. "Pat," 84

  • Col. Wilson E. "Pat" Speir

April 22, 2002
(22 years ago)

Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety from 1968 to 1980; began 36-year service in the department as a highway patrolman. Speir, Col. Wilson E. "Pat," 84

Spelce, Fannie Lou, 89

  • Fannie Lou Spelce

April 11, 1998
(26 years ago)

Called "the Grandma Moses of Texas," former nurse who after retiring at 64 gained notoriety as a folk artist. Spelce, Fannie Lou, 89

Spelling, Aaron, 83

  • Aaron Spelling

June 23, 2006
(17 years ago)

Noted Hollywood producer of Dynasty, Love Boat, and other TV hit shows; former SMU cheerleader grew up in South Dallas. Spelling, Aaron, 83

Spence, Ralph, 76

  • Ralph Spence

June 24, 1995
(28 years ago)

Leading East Texas oilman. Spence, Ralph, 76

Sprague, Charles, 88

  • Charles Sprague

September 17, 2005
(18 years ago)

Longtime head of the UT Southwestern Medical Center bringing it to international prominence. Sprague, Charles, 88

Stark, Nelda C., 90

  • Nelda C. Stark

December 13, 1999
(24 years ago)

Publicity-shy philanthropist in Orange who with her husband organized the Stark Foundation in 1961. Stark, Nelda C., 90

Stearns, Eldrewey, 89

  • Eldrewey Stearns

December 23, 2020
(3 years ago)

Civil rights activist, led demonstrations and sit-ins to desegregate Houston while attending law school at Texas Southern University; Galveston native won victories but no acclaim by imposing local media blackouts and once canceling a protest in exchange for integration of restaurants and theaters. Stearns, Eldrewey, 89

Steger, William M., 85

  • William M. Steger

June 4, 2006
(17 years ago)

Federal judge in East Texas for 35 years. Steger, William M., 85

Stehling, Felix, 87

  • Felix Stehling

December 10, 2012
(11 years ago)

Founded with his brother the Taco Cabana restaurants in San Antonio in 1978, now a chain 162 restaurants in several states. Stehling, Felix, 87

Steinbeck, Elaine, 88

  • Elaine Steinbeck

April 27, 2003
(20 years ago)

Austin native and former actress was widow of author John Steinbeck and supporter of his legacy. Steinbeck, Elaine, 88

Stemmons, John M., 92

  • John M. Stemmons

July 20, 2001
(22 years ago)

Dallas civic leader credited with moving a section of the Trinity River and making way for the freeway that bears his family's name. Stemmons, John M., 92

Stennis, Hampton, 76

  • Hampton Stennis

March 24, 1995
(29 years ago)

Assistant makeup editor at the Dallas Times Herald for 19 years. Stennis, Hampton, 76

Sternberg, Daniel A., 87

  • Daniel A. Sternberg

August 26, 2000
(23 years ago)

Dean of the school of music at Baylor University for nearly 40 years. Sternberg, Daniel A., 87

Stevenson, Edith W. "Scottie," 93

  • Edith W. "Scottie" Stevenson

December 24, 2006
(17 years ago)

Served as Texas' first lady for her father-in-law, Gov. Coke Stevenson, after his wife died; lived with her daughters in the Governor's Mansion while her husband served in World War II. Stevenson, Edith W. "Scottie," 93

Stevenson, Ruth Carter, 89

  • Ruth Carter Stevenson

January 6, 2013
(11 years ago)

Nationally known arts patron, daughter of oilman Amon Carter Sr., she essentially founded Fort Worth's Museum of American Art. Stevenson, Ruth Carter, 89

Steves, Marshall Terrell, 77

  • Marshall Terrell Steves

October 30, 2000
(23 years ago)

San Antonio civic leader; worked to bring HemisFair '68 to completion; 13th-generation descendant of Canary Islanders. Steves, Marshall Terrell, 77

Stewart, Payne, 42

  • Payne Stewart

October 25, 1999
(24 years ago)

Professional golfer, graduate of Southern Methodist University; won U.S. Open twice and medals in the Southwest Conference in the late 1970s; died in a plane crash in South Dakota that also killed five others. Stewart, Payne, 42

Stillwell, Hallie Crawford, 99

  • Hallie Crawford Stillwell

August 18, 1997
(26 years ago)

Big Bend pioneer who became one of the region's most prominent and notable figures. Stillwell, Hallie Crawford, 99

Stone, Ron, 72

  • Ron Stone

May 13, 2008
(15 years ago)

Television newsman over four decades at Houston's KHOU and KPRC, began hosting The Eyes of Texas TV program in 1970s. Stone, Ron, 72

Storm, Gale, 87

  • Gale Storm

June 27, 2009
(14 years ago)

1950s TV star of My Little Margie and Oh! Susanna, born Josephine Cottle in Bloomington, raised in Houston where she performed in the drama club at San Jacinto High School. Storm, Gale, 87

Stovall, R. M. "Sharkey," 79

  • R. M. "Sharkey" Stovall

March 22, 1996
(28 years ago)

Former Fort Worth mayor who played major role in creation of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Stovall, R. M. "Sharkey," 79

Stram, Hank, 82

  • Hank Stram

July 4, 2005
(18 years ago)

Pro Football Hall-of-Famer, first coach of the AFL Dallas Texans in 1960 to 1962, moving with the team to Kansas City where he coached the Chiefs to two Super Bowls. Stram, Hank, 82

Strauss, Annette, 74

  • Annette Strauss

December 14, 1998
(25 years ago)

The first woman to be elected mayor of Dallas, serving 1987 to 1991; arts patron and advertising executive. Strauss, Annette, 74

Strauss, Robert S., 95

  • Robert S. Strauss

March 19, 2014
(10 years ago)

Political deal maker and advisor to presidents; Dallas attorney, Lockhart native, grew up in Stamford; led national Democratic Party in the 1970s. Strauss, Robert S., 95

Strauss, Ted, 89

  • Ted Strauss

September 5, 2014
(9 years ago)

Hamlin native, businessman, banker, and philanthropist, younger brother of Robert Strauss, husband of Annette Strauss who was Dallas mayor 1987–91. Strauss, Ted, 89

Street, James, 65

  • James Street

September 30, 2013
(10 years ago)

As quarterback he led the UT Longhorns over Arkansas win the college national title in 1969, Longview native went on to a career in finance. Street, James, 65

Strickland, Phil, 64

  • Phil Strickland

February 11, 2006
(18 years ago)

Lobbied for Baptist Convention of Texas causes for 38 years in Austin, fighting gambling and advocating for children's care and for church-state separation. Strickland, Phil, 64

Stumberg, Louis, 87

  • Louis Stumberg

May 3, 2011
(12 years ago)

San Antonio businessman who in 1946 launched with this father and brother Patio brand frozen Mexican dinners. Stumberg, Louis, 87

Sullivan, Niki, 66

  • Niki Sullivan

April 6, 2004
(20 years ago)

Raised in Lubbock; played guitar with Buddy Holly and the Crickets during their climb to stardom in 1957. Sullivan, Niki, 66

Summerall, Pat, 82

  • Pat Summerall

April 16, 2013
(11 years ago)

Southlake resident was star kicker for the New York Giants in the late 1950s, best-known as the calm voice of NFL broadcasts for some 40 years. Summerall, Pat, 82

Supple, Jerome, 67

  • Jerome Supple

January 16, 2004
(20 years ago)

President of Texas State University–San Marcos from 1989 to 2002, where he increased admission standards, research funding, and the university endowment. Supple, Jerome, 67

Sutton, A. C. Sr., 83

  • A. C. Sutton Sr.

March 30, 2002
(22 years ago)

Godchild of George Washington Carver and former president of the Texas NAACP; former member of the Texas Youth Commission. Sutton, A. C. Sr., 83

Swayze, Patrick, 57

  • Patrick Swayze

September 14, 2009
(14 years ago)

Movie star and dancer was native of Houston, his mother started the city's Jazz Ballet Company, track and field star at Waltrip High School. Swayze, Patrick, 57

Swayze, Patsy, 86

  • Patsy Swayze

September 16, 2013
(10 years ago)

Houston dance instructor for her son Patrick, as well as for Tommy Tune, Debbie Allen, Randy Quaid, and Jaclyn Smith; choreographed the 1980 film Urban Cowboy. Swayze, Patsy, 86

Taniguchi, Alan, 75

  • Alan Taniguchi

January 14, 1998
(26 years ago)

Dean of the School of Architecture at the University of Texas from 1967 to 1972 when he left to head the architecture school at Rice University until 1978. Taniguchi, Alan, 75

Tate, Buddy, 87

  • Buddy Tate

February 10, 2001
(23 years ago)

Sherman native was saxophonist with the Count Basie band in the 1940s. Tate, Buddy, 87

Tatro, Amber, 42

  • Amber Tatro

August 8, 2018
(5 years ago)

Center of the 1984 Supreme Court case that gave rights to disabled students; the unanimous decision said the Irving school district should provide certain health care measures that did not require a doctor; died in Dallas from complications of infections resulting from her congenital spinal defect. Tatro, Amber, 42

Taylor, Dallas, 66

  • Dallas Taylor

January 18, 2015
(9 years ago)

Drummer for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, as well as John Sebastian, grew up in San Antonio, overcame drug addiction to become counselor for other addicts. Taylor, Dallas, 66

Taylor, J. W. "Bill," 90

  • J. W. "Bill" Taylor

June 10, 2002
(21 years ago)

Starting in 1939, Anson native helped build Taylor Publishing into one of the nation's largest sellers of school yearbooks. Taylor, J. W. "Bill," 90

Taylor, Johnnie, 62

  • Johnnie Taylor

May 31, 2000
(23 years ago)

Soul singer made his first rhythm-and-blues hit in 1968 with "Who's Making Love," in 1976 hit top of charts with "Disco Lady". Taylor, Johnnie, 62

Taylor, Lonn, 79

  • Lonn Taylor

June 26, 2019
(4 years ago)

Smithsonian Institution historian beginning in 1984, retiring in 2002 to Fort Davis; author of a book on the Star-Spangled Banner; director (1970-1977) of the Winedale Historical Complex near Round Top; also worked on the 1968 HemisFair and with the Dallas Historical Society and Museum of New Mexico; attended high school in Fort Worth; graduate of Texas Christian University. Taylor, Lonn, 79

Tejeda, Frank, 51

  • Frank Tejeda

January 30, 1997
(27 years ago)

Democratic member of Congress for South Texas, decorated Marine veteran, served 16 years in Legislature. Tejeda, Frank, 51

Telles, Raymond L., 97

  • Raymond L. Telles

March 8, 2013
(11 years ago)

First Mexican-American elected mayor of El Paso 1957-61, adviser to President Kennedy, served as ambassador to Costa Rica. Telles, Raymond L., 97

Temple, Arthur III "Buddy," 73

  • Arthur "Buddy" Temple III

April 14, 2015
(9 years ago)

Part of a dynasty of East Texas lumbermen, served in Legislature 1973–81 where he worked for nature conservation, ran for governor in 1982. Temple, Arthur III "Buddy," 73

Temple, Arthur Jr., 86

  • Arthur Temple Jr.

April 12, 2006
(18 years ago)

Businessman who turned his grandfather's sawmill firm into the Temple-Inland Inc. wood products empire. Temple, Arthur Jr., 86

Templeton, Arleigh B., 90

  • Arleigh B. Templeton

October 28, 2006
(17 years ago)

Headed three universities, Sam Houston State, UT–El Paso, and was first president of UT–San Antonio 1970 to 1972. Templeton, Arleigh B., 90

Tenayuca, Emma, 82

  • Emma Tenayuca

July 23, 1999
(24 years ago)

Labor organizer, human rights activist and educator. Tenayuca, Emma, 82

Thomas, E. Donnall, 92

  • E. Donnall Thomas

October 20, 2012
(11 years ago)

Won 1990 Nobel Prize for discovering that transplanting bone marrow could save cancer patients, Mart native and UT-Austin grad. Thomas, E. Donnall, 92

Thomas, James B., 82

  • James B. Thomas

March 16, 2007
(17 years ago)

Galveston minister, city council member and NAACP president instrumental in bringing lawsuit to desegregate Galveston schools. Thomas, James B., 82

Thomas, Lera, 92

  • Lera Thomas

July 24, 1993
(30 years ago)

First Texas woman elected to Congress in 1966, to fill out the term of her husband Albert Thomas. Thomas, Lera, 92

Thomason, William, 85

  • William Thomason

June 20, 1999
(24 years ago)

Longtime rancher, entrepreneur and attorney; on Gen. Douglas MacArthur's staff in World War II. Thomason, William, 85

Thompson, Garfield, 89

  • Garfield Thompson

December 7, 2005
(18 years ago)

Black leader who organized his fellow maintenance workers at the Tarrant County Courthouse and later was elected to the Legislature 1984 to 1994. Thompson, Garfield, 89

Thompson, Hank, 82

  • Hank Thompson

November 6, 2007
(16 years ago)

Waco native, country music Hall of Famer who with his Brazos Valley Boys blended honky-tonk and Western swing in hits including "The Wild Side of Life" and "Six Pack to Go". Thompson, Hank, 82

Thompson, John P., 77

  • John P. Thompson

January 28, 2003
(21 years ago)

Dallas philanthropist and civic leader who for decades held top positions at the Southland Corp., now 7-Eleven Inc.; former chairman of the chancellor's council at the University of Texas. Thompson, John P., 77

Thornberry, Homer, 86

  • Homer Thornberry

December 12, 1995
(28 years ago)

Democratic congressman from Austin from 1948 to 1963; federal judge from 1963 until his death. Thornberry, Homer, 86

Thornton, E. H. Jr., 95

  • E. H. Thornton Jr.

July 10, 2005
(18 years ago)

Legislator, chairman of the State Highway Commission, a director of the Texas Turnpike Authority and a member of the Texas Battleship Commission. Thornton, E. H. Jr., 95

Tichenor, McHenry, 98

  • McHenry Tichenor

October 24, 1996
(27 years ago)

Built a radio empire of all-Spanish radio to the United States and spread Tejano music. Tichenor, McHenry, 98

Tijerina, Pete, 80

  • Pete Tijerina

May 14, 2003
(20 years ago)

Laredo native and attorney who created the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund in 1968, a national civil-rights organization. Tijerina, Pete, 80

Tijerina, Reies Lopez, 88

  • Reies Lopez Tijerina

January 19, 2015
(9 years ago)

Chicano movement leader born to migrant farmworkers in Falls City, formed a group in 1963 to reclaim Spanish and Mexican land grants for Latinos; led a group that occupied a courthouse in northern New Mexico in 1967. Tijerina, Reies Lopez, 88

Tillman, Floyd, 88

  • Floyd Tillman

August 22, 2003
(20 years ago)

Raised in Post, began playing guitar with Adolph Hofner; went on to write crossover county-to-pop hits such as "Slipping Around" and "It Makes No Difference Now". Tillman, Floyd, 88

Tillman, Harrel Gordon Sr., 73

  • Harrel Gordon Tillman Sr.

June 19, 1998
(25 years ago)

An actor on stage and in movies in the 1940s; appointed Houston's first black municipal court judge in 1964. Tillman, Harrel Gordon Sr., 73

Tinsley, Jack, 69

  • Jack Tinsley

October 12, 2004
(19 years ago)

Guided the Fort Worth Star-Telegram to two Pulitzer Prizes as executive editor, retiring in 2000; started as reporter there in 1959. Tinsley, Jack, 69

Tittle, Y.A., 90

  • Y. A. Tittle

October 8, 2017
(6 years ago)

Famed New York Giants quarterback was born Yelberton Abraham Tittle Jr. in Marshall where he attended high school before playing football at Louisiana State University 1944-1947; he began pro football with the old Baltimore Colts of the All-America Football Conference and then played for the San Francisco 49ers, who traded him to New York in 1961. Tittle, Y.A., 90

Tobian, Milton I., 77

  • Milton I. Tobian

March 1, 2000
(24 years ago)

Founded Common Cause of Texas; fought for open public records. Tobian, Milton I., 77

Tobin, Robert Lynn Batts, 66

  • Robert Lynn Batts Tobin

April 26, 2000
(23 years ago)

Nationally prominent patron of the arts and renowned art collector. Tobin, Robert Lynn Batts, 66

Tobolowsky, Hermine Dalkowitz, 74

  • Hermine Dalkowitz Tobolowsky

July 25, 1995
(28 years ago)

Dallas lawyer widely regarded as the mother of the Texas Equal Rights Amendment. Tobolowsky, Hermine Dalkowitz, 74

Tolar, Charlie, 65

  • Charlie Tolar

April 28, 2003
(20 years ago)

Running back for the AFL Houston Oilers, because of his height (5 ft.-6 in.) known as the "Human Bowling Ball". Tolar, Charlie, 65

Toomey, Anna, 99

  • Anna Toomey

February 11, 1998
(26 years ago)

Retired staff artist for The Dallas Morning News who drew in 1941 the first county maps used in the Texas Almanac. Toomey, Anna, 99

Topfer, Angela, 55

  • Angela Topfer

June 3, 2003
(20 years ago)

Austin civic leader, wife of Dell Computer executive, benefactor gave millions of dollars to social causes; complications from cancer. Topfer, Angela, 55

Torn, Rip, 88

  • Rip Torn

July 9, 2019
(4 years ago)

Actor born in Temple; Taylor (Tx.) High School Class of 1948; studied agriculture at Texas A&M University, then switched to drama at the University of Texas; after service in the U.S. Army he moved to Hollywood; nominated for an Oscar in 1984; received an Emmy in 1996 as supporting actor in the HBO series The Larry Sanders Show; also appeared on Broadway. Torn, Rip, 88

Towery, Ken, 93

  • Ken Towery

May 2, 2016
(7 years ago)

Journalist and publisher who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1955 at the Cuero Daily Record for his articles exposing corruption at the Texas Veterans Land Board; he later was owner/publisher of newspapers in Floydada, Belton, and Crosby County; served on the board of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for ten years, including two terms as chairman. Towery, Ken, 93

Trejo, Frank, 95

  • Frank Trejo

September 29, 2002
(21 years ago)

Elmendorf native known as dean of Hispanic journalists in Texas; wrote "Frank Talk" and "Around the Plaza" columns in the San Antonio Light. Trejo, Frank, 95

Treviño, John Jr., 78

  • John Treviño Jr.

April 4, 2017
(7 years ago)

First Mexican-American on Austin's city council, was part of the coalition of blacks, labor, and youth that came into city government with the 1975 election of Mayor Jeff Friedman and the "hippie city council," which marked the first time progressives took power in Austin; Treviño served for 13 years; pushed for hiring fairness in city employment, led efforts to establish health clinics in the city. Treviño, John Jr., 78

Truan, Carlos, 76

  • Carlos Truan

April 10, 2012
(12 years ago)

Served 34 years in the Legislature, championed bilingual education, pursued strict ethics reforms, a member of the "Dirty Thirty". Truan, Carlos, 76

True, S.M., 88

  • S. M. True

May 15, 2012
(11 years ago)

Prominent West Texas farmer who headed the Texas Farm Bureau in the 1980s and 90s; died in a tractor accident on his South Plains farm near Plainview. True, S.M., 88

Truhill, Jerri Sloan, 85

  • Jerri Sloan Truhill

November 18, 2013
(10 years ago)

Test pilot was one of the Mercury 13, a shadow group of women, privately financed, who in the 1960s went through astronaut testing to see if they had the "right stuff," received media attention when Clare Boothe Luce criticized NASA in a Life article for excluding women while the Soviets had already sent women into space. Truhill, Jerri Sloan, 85

Tschoepe, Thomas A., 93

  • Thomas A. Tschoepe

January 24, 2009
(15 years ago)

Pilot Point farm boy who spent 24 years living simply as Catholic bishop, first in San Angelo 1966 to 1969, then in Dallas retiring in 1990; criticized for transferring to new positions priests accused of sexual molestation. Tschoepe, Thomas A., 93

Tucker, Karla Faye, 38

  • Karla Faye Tucker

February 3, 1998
(26 years ago)

Her execution for the pickax slayings of two persons became an international news event. Tucker, Karla Faye, 38

Tunnell, Byron, 74

  • Byron Tunnell

March 7, 2000
(24 years ago)

Former Texas House speaker and railroad commissioner. Tunnell, Byron, 74

Tunnell, Curtis, 67

  • Curtis Tunnell

April 13, 2001
(23 years ago)

First official archaeologist of state 1965 to 1981. Tunnell, Curtis, 67

Tupa, Julius Victor, 71

  • Julius Victor Tupa

October 5, 2002
(21 years ago)

Editor of the Texas Polka News, director of the Texas Polka Music Assoc., called Houston's polka king. Tupa, Julius Victor, 71

Turman, Jimmy, 91

  • Jimmy Turman

February 13, 2019
(5 years ago)

One-term speaker of the state House of Representatives during the establishment of the state sales tax in 1961-1962; Fannin County native; teacher with degrees from what is now Texas A&M University-Commerce and a Ph.D. from the University of Texas in Austin in 1957. Turman, Jimmy, 91

Turner, Tom E. Sr., 87

  • Tom E. Turner Sr.

January 24, 2001
(23 years ago)

Fort Worth native founded Sigmor chain of gasoline/convenience stores. Turner, Tom E. Sr., 87

Tweedy, Malcolm, 83

  • Malcolm Tweedy

May 12, 2006
(17 years ago)

A catalyst beginning in the 1950s for creation of the Fort Davis National Historic Site. Tweedy, Malcolm, 83

Tyrrell, Susan, 67

  • Susan Tyrrell

June 12, 2012
(11 years ago)

Actress in some 75 movies and TV shows including as Oma in John Huston's 1971 Fat City, for which she received an Oscar nomination. Tyrrell, Susan, 67

Uher, Tom, 81

  • Tom Uher

March 9, 2019
(5 years ago)

Democratic legislator served for 35 years representing Brazoria, Matagorda, and Wharton counties; focused on education issues, also authored bill to allow direct access to MD Anderson cancer center without doctor referral; law degree from the University of Texas in 1962. Uher, Tom, 81

Umlauf, Charles J., 83

  • Charles J. Umlauf

November 19, 1994
(29 years ago)

Sculptor and professor of art at the University of Texas in Austin from 1941 to 1981. Umlauf, Charles J., 83

Upshaw, Gene, 63

  • Gene Upshaw

August 20, 2008
(15 years ago)

Hall of Fame football star, Robstown native and lineman at Texas A&I University and for Oakland Raiders, led NFL Players Association since 1983, guiding the union toward winning free-agency rights for players. Upshaw, Gene, 63

Vaccaro, Christine Pavia, 93

  • Christine Pavia Vaccaro

June 20, 2001
(22 years ago)

As co-founder of Mario's restaurant she helped pioneer Italian cuisine in Dallas beginning in 1943; the nationally-recognized restaurant operated until 1980; mother of actress Brenda Vaccaro. Vaccaro, Christine Pavia, 93

Valenti, Jack, 85

  • Jack Valenti

April 26, 2007
(16 years ago)

Houston-born aide to President Lyndon Johnson who became president of the Motion Picture Association of America, where he instituted the movie rating system. Valenti, Jack, 85

Valentine, Foy, 82

  • Foy Valentine

January 6, 2006
(18 years ago)

Van Zandt County native was ethicist and civil rights advocate who headed the Southern Baptist Convention's public policy arm. Valentine, Foy, 82

Van Zandt, Townes, 52

  • Townes Van Zandt

January 1, 1997
(27 years ago)

Noted country-folk songwriter, Fort Worth native. Van Zandt, Townes, 52

Vandergriff, Charles Pleasant (Mrs. W. T.), 94

  • Charles Pleasant "Mrs. W. T." Vandergriff

December 18, 1997
(26 years ago)

Matriarch of leading Arlington family and philanthropist. Vandergriff, Charles Pleasant (Mrs. W. T.), 94

Vandergriff, Tom, 84

  • Tom Vandergriff

December 30, 2010
(13 years ago)

Longtime Arlington mayor first elected in 1951 who transformed the city by luring General Motors, the Texas Rangers and the tourist industry, Tarrant County judge until 2006. His wife, Anna Waynette, 82, preceded him in death, July 3, 2009. Vandergriff, Tom, 84

Vandiver, Frank E., 79

  • Frank E. Vandiver

January 7, 2005
(19 years ago)

Military historian who served as president of Texas A&M University 1981 to 1988; also was president of the University of North Texas 1979 to 1981 and acting president of Rice University 1968 to 1970. Vandiver, Frank E., 79

Vela, Filemon, 68

  • Filemon Vela

April 13, 2004
(20 years ago)

Federal judge since 1980; was member of South Texas family with roots to mid-1700s. Vela, Filemon, 68

Vela, Ruben, 72

  • Ruben Vela

March 9, 2010
(14 years ago)

Famed conjunto accordionist called "King of the Dance Hall Sound," known for pioneering a choppy, staccato style. Vela, Ruben, 72

Villaronga, Raúl G., 82

  • Raúl G. Villaronga

March 20, 2021
(3 years ago)

Vietnam War veteran and first Puerto Rican mayor of Killeen for three terms (1992–1998); after serving 26 years, retired from the U.S. Army as a colonel in 1985 while stationed at Fort Hood; while mayor, negotiated an agreement with the Army to make Robert Gray Army Airfield in Fort Hood a Joint Use Airport, allowing more transportation to the area. Villaronga, Raúl G., 82

Vincent, Lloyd D., 70

  • Lloyd D. Vincent

August 5, 1994
(29 years ago)

President of Angelo State University in San Angelo since 1967. Vincent, Lloyd D., 70

Vowell, Jack, 79

  • Jack Vowell

August 29, 2006
(17 years ago)

El Paso Republican legislator from 1980 to 1994, named one of state's top lawmakers by Texas Monthly; championed education issues. Vowell, Jack, 79

Wacker, Jim, 66

  • Jim Wacker

August 26, 2003
(20 years ago)

Colorful former football coach at Texas Christian University and Southwest Texas State University. Wacker, Jim, 66

Wade, Bob "Daddy-O," 76

  • Bob "Daddy-O" Wade

December 23, 2019
(4 years ago)

Austin-born artist raised in El Paso known for shaping the Texas Cosmic Cowboy counterculture in the 1970s; created outsized sculptures including the Lone Star Café Iguana, now displayed in the Fort Worth Zoo, and the World's Largest Cowboy Boots, which can be seen at the North Star Mall in San Antonio; also created hand-tinted photographs he published in two books. Wade, Bob "Daddy-O," 76

Wade, David, 77

  • David Wade

March 20, 2001
(23 years ago)

Nationally-known food writer and broadcast personality. Wade, David, 77

Wade, Henry, 86

  • Henry Wade

March 1, 2001
(23 years ago)

Served as district attorney of Dallas (1951 to 1986), including the murder trial of Jack Ruby and the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion case; compiled one of the nation's highest conviction rates. Wade, Henry, 86

Wagner, Helen, 91

  • Helen Wagner

May 1, 2010
(13 years ago)

Lubbock native played mild-mannered Nancy Hughes on the soap opera As the World Turns for more than 50 years. Wagner, Helen, 91

Walker, Billy, 77

  • Jerry Jeff Walker

May 21, 2006
(17 years ago)

Ralls native and Grand Ole Opry star sang "Cross the Brazos at Waco" and "Charlie's Shoes"; died in an accident on an Alabama interstate along with his wife and two band members. Walker, Billy, 77

Walker, Charlie, 81

  • Charlie Walker

September 12, 2008
(15 years ago)

Grand Ole Opry member and well-known disc jockey at KMAC in San Antonio starting in 1951, born in Copeville, had singing hit "Pick Me Up on Your Way Down". Walker, Charlie, 81

Walker, Cindy, 87

  • Cindy Walker

March 23, 2006
(18 years ago)

Mexia resident wrote classic country songs, such as "You Don't Know Me" and "Bubbles in My Beer," and pop songs, including "Dream Baby" for Roy Orbison. Walker, Cindy, 87

Walker, Doak, 71

  • Doak Walker

September 27, 1998
(25 years ago)

Heisman Trophy winner who propelled Southern Methodist University football into the national spotlight in the 1940s. Walker, Doak, 71

Walker, Jerry Jeff, 78

  • Billy Walker

October 23, 2020
(3 years ago)

Country and folk singer-songwriter known for "Mr. Bojangles"; born Ronald Clyde Crosby in New York state, he roamed the country playing music under stage names "Jerry Ferris" and "Jeff Walker" before adopting the current one; settled in Austin in 1970s and joined the outlaw country scene; continued writing and performing until diagnosed with throat cancer in 2017. Walker, Jerry Jeff, 78

Wallace, Mack, 73

  • Mack Wallace

June 28, 2003
(20 years ago)

Former Railroad Commission chairman, Athens native was legal counsel to Gov. Dolph Briscoe. Wallace, Mack, 73

Wallach, Eli, 98

  • Eli Wallach

June 24, 2014
(9 years ago)

Brooklyn-born actor came to study drama at UT-Austin in the 1930s because of the low tuition and, he said, it was in Texas that he learned to ride horses. Wallach, Eli, 98

Walls, B. Carmage, 90

  • B. Carmage Walls

November 22, 1998
(25 years ago)

Newspaper entrepreneur who ended racial discrimination practices in his Southern papers. Walls, B. Carmage, 90

Walser, Don, 72

  • Don Walser

September 20, 2006
(17 years ago)

Country singer out of Brownfield and Lamesa whose yodel earned him the label "Pavarotti of the Plains". Walser, Don, 72

Walton, Cedar, 79

  • Cedar Walton

August 19, 2013
(10 years ago)

Pianist who played with John Coltrane and who composed many jazz standards, Dallas native was first taught by his mother, an aspiring concert pianist, he was in the band at Lincoln High School in Dallas. Walton, Cedar, 79

Ware, Browning, 73

  • Browning Ware

October 29, 2002
(21 years ago)

For 20 years, beginning in 1976, pastor of First Baptist Church in Austin, community and ecumenical leader. Ware, Browning, 73

Warnock, Barton H., 87

  • Barton H. Warnock

June 9, 1998
(25 years ago)

Trans-Pecos icon and leading authority on the botany of the Big Bend and the Chihuahuan Desert. Warnock, Barton H., 87

Watkins, Ross C., 81

  • Ross C. Watkins

May 29, 2001
(22 years ago)

Regent for Texas A&M; innovative bridge builder who constructed two international spans over the Rio Grande. Watkins, Ross C., 81

Watson, Johnny "Guitar," 61

  • Johnny "Guitar" Watson

May 17, 1996
(27 years ago)

Rhythm and blues musician; Houston native's recordings included "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy"; died on tour in Japan. Watson, Johnny "Guitar," 61

Watson, Murray Jr., 86

  • Murray Watson Jr.

July 24, 2018
(5 years ago)

Prominent Democratic legislator from 1957 to 1973 serving from his native McLennan County; champion of higher education who as state senator was the proponent for establishing the Texas State Technical College, which now has 10 campuses around the state; graduate of Baylor University. Watson, Murray Jr., 86

Watson, Robert José "Bob," 74

  • Robert José "Bob" Watson

May 14, 2020
(3 years ago)

Professional baseball player and executive; signed by the Houston Astros in 1965 as an amateur free agent; the Californian nearly quit the game when faced with discrimination in the South while playing in the minors; played outfield and first base for the Astros from 1966–1978, then traded to the Red Sox; ended his career batting .295 with 184 home runs and 989 RBI; credited with hitting the one-millionth home run in major league history. Watson, Robert José "Bob," 74

Watson, W. Marvin, 93

  • W. Marvin Watson

November 26, 2017
(6 years ago)

Headed the White House staff of Lyndon B. Johnson from 1965 until 1968, when he was appointed U.S. postmaster general, then a Cabinet-level position; a Johnson ally since 1948 when he saw LBJ campaigning in Waco, where Watson was attending Baylor University; native of Oakhurst, San Jacinto County. Watson, W. Marvin, 93

Watson, Willard, 73

  • Willard Watson

June 12, 1995
(28 years ago)

One of the region's leading folk artists. Watson, Willard, 73

Weber, David J., 69

  • David J. Weber

August 20, 2010
(13 years ago)

Historian of the Southwest who focused on the relationship between Mexico and the United States, professor at SMU in Dallas. Weber, David J., 69

Webster, Roger, 91

  • Roger Webster

October 6, 2011
(12 years ago)

Electrical engineer who led the Texas Instruments team that developed the pocket-size transistor radio in 1954. Webster, Roger, 91

Wedgeworth, Ann, 83

  • Ann Wedgeworth

November 16, 2017
(6 years ago)

Actress in film and on Broadway, won a Tony Award for her role in Neil Simon's Chapter Two; was the flirty divorcee on the TV series Three's Company; born in Abilene where her father was an educator; graduate of Southern Methodist University. Wedgeworth, Ann, 83

Weirus, Richard "Buck," 76

  • Richard "Buck" Weirus

May 8, 1997
(26 years ago)

Headed Texas A&M University former students association from 1964 to 1979. Weirus, Richard "Buck," 76

Welch, Christopher Evan, 48

  • Christopher Evan Welch

December 2, 2013
(10 years ago)

Actor best known as venture capitalist Gregory on HBO's Silicon Valley, a graduate of Irving MacArthur High School and the University of Dallas; died of lung cancer. Welch, Christopher Evan, 48

Welch, Frank, 90

  • Frank Welch

June 22, 2017
(6 years ago)

Renowned architect of residences and public buildings across Texas including the Cole Theater and other buildings in Midland where he worked for 30 years before moving to Dallas in 1985; one of his best known structures is a small, remote shelter called "The Birthday" which was built on a bluff overlooking ranchland in Sterling County; native of Sherman and graduate of Texas A&M University. Welch, Frank, 90

Welch, June Rayfield, 70

  • June Rayfield Welch

September 2, 1998
(25 years ago)

Former chairman of the history department at the University of Dallas who was widely known for his Texas history radio shows. Welch, June Rayfield, 70

Welch, Louie, 89

  • Louie Welch

January 27, 2008
(16 years ago)

Five-term mayor of Houston from 1963 to 1973 after four terms on the city council beginning in 1949, led city's chamber of commerce after leaving political office. Welch, Louie, 89

Wells, Henrietta Bell, 96

  • Henrietta Bell Wells

February 27, 2008
(16 years ago)

Only female member of the 1930 Wiley College team that took part in the first interracial collegiate debate; Houston native later taught in public schools and served as dean of women at Dillard University. Wells, Henrietta Bell, 96

Wells, Marshall F., 78

  • Marshall F. Wells

November 5, 1996
(27 years ago)

Served 37 years as grants coordinator for Houston Endowment, the charitable trust. Wells, Marshall F., 78

Wenglein, George Herman, 88

  • George Herman Wenglein

April 12, 2005
(19 years ago)

CEO and chairman of Luby's Cafeterias from 1972 to 1988 when the company made Forbes list of 200 Best Small Companies. Wenglein, George Herman, 88

Wentworth, Margaret Stafford, 75

  • Margaret Stafford Wentworth

May 2, 1996
(27 years ago)

Leader of the Republican Party in Bexar County. Wentworth, Margaret Stafford, 75

West, Arch, 97

  • Arch West

September 20, 2011
(12 years ago)

Leader of the Frito-Lay team that developed in 1964 the Doritos chip, which became one of the firm's top-selling snacks. West, Arch, 97

West, Buddy, 71

  • Buddy West

June 25, 2008
(15 years ago)

Eight-term legislator from Odessa, supported UT-Permian Basin and Presidential Museum there. West, Buddy, 71

West, James T., 86

  • James T. West

August 14, 2002
(21 years ago)

Corsicana native was former co-owner and president of Wolf Brand Chili and son of the founder. West, James T., 86

West, Mary Nan, 75

  • Mary Nan West

January 1, 2001
(23 years ago)

South Texas rancher and civic leader who steered the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo for nearly 20 years; chaired Texas A&M University board of regents. West, Mary Nan, 75

Westmoreland, Harry Lee Jr., 65

  • Harry Lee Westmoreland Jr.

February 16, 2007
(17 years ago)

Inventor of a portable drilling rig that could be carried in a pickup; founder of a charity to provide safe drinking water to Third World countries. Westmoreland, Harry Lee Jr., 65

Wheeler, John A., 96

  • John A. Wheeler

April 13, 2008
(16 years ago)

Nuclear physicist taught at UT-Austin from 1976 to 1986, involved in Manhattan Project, coined term "black hole" in 1967. Wheeler, John A., 96

Wheeler, Nina Daniels, 60

  • Nina Daniels Wheeler

July 10, 1995
(28 years ago)

Civil rights crusader and Democratic party activist. Wheeler, Nina Daniels, 60

White, James, 81

  • James White

January 24, 2021
(3 years ago)

Owner of the iconic Broken Spoke dance hall in Austin, along with his wife Annetta White and his two daughters; brought joy to patrons through food, drinks, and Texas Two-Steppin' to live bands since 1964; Austin native. White, James, 81

White, John C., 70

  • John C. White

January 20, 1995
(29 years ago)

Longtime Texas agriculture commissioner and Democratic party leader. White, John C., 70

White, Mark, 77

  • Mark White

August 5, 2017
(6 years ago)

Democratic governor of Texas, 1983-1987, when he championed education reform including the "no pass, no play" rule for high school athletes and limiting class size in elementary schools; Henderson native received his bachelor's and law degrees from Baylor University, he also served as Texas secretary of state and attorney general. White, Mark, 77

White, Richard C., 74

  • Richard C. White

February 18, 1998
(26 years ago)

Democratic member of Congress 1965 to 1983 from West Texas; in El Paso, Feb. 18, 1998. White, Richard C., 74

Whiteaker, Mildred, 75

  • Mildred Whiteaker

July 8, 1996
(27 years ago)

Journalist who pioneered coverage of women's issues in the San Antonio Express-News where she worked for 32 years. Whiteaker, Mildred, 75

Whittier, Julius, 68

  • Julius Whittier

August 25, 2018
(5 years ago)

First black football letterman at the University of Texas; the UT board of regents had dropped its ban on black players in 1963, but not until 1970 did Whittier become the first to make varsity; San Antonio Highlands High School graduate 1969; earned a law degree at UT and was a longtime prosecutor in Dallas. Whittier, Julius, 68

Widman, Ralph Jr. "Buddy," 90

  • Ralph "Buddy" Widman Jr.

November 17, 2009
(14 years ago)

Voice of sports play-by-play at Dallas' WFAA in 1940s–1960s. Widman, Ralph Jr. "Buddy," 90

Wier, Rusty, 65

  • Rusty Wier

October 9, 2009
(14 years ago)

Singer-songwriter was a Texas music legend, part of the Austin scene of the 1970s, wrote "Don't It Make You Want to Dance". Wier, Rusty, 65

Wiesenthal, Harold, 84

  • Harold Wiesenthal

May 27, 2012
(11 years ago)

Houston retail icon known for his TV commercials and flashy style, his store Harolds in the Heights was a fixture for more than 60 years. Wiesenthal, Harold, 84

Wilkerson, David, 79

  • David Wilkerson

April 7, 2011
(13 years ago)

Lindale resident was evangelical minister and author of The Cross and the Switchblade, founder of Teen Challenge International and the Times Square Church in New York. Wilkerson, David, 79

Wilkerson, Floyd F., 89

  • Floyd F. Wilkerson

November 18, 1996
(27 years ago)

Dallas educator, journalist and civic leader. Wilkerson, Floyd F., 89

Wilkin, Marijohn, 86

  • Marijohn Wilkin

October 28, 2006
(17 years ago)

Born Marijohn Melson in Kemp; was Nashville Hall of Fame songwriter, including "The Long Black Veil"; prominent Music Row publisher. Wilkin, Marijohn, 86

Williams, Bert, 91

  • Bert Williams

May 25, 2017
(6 years ago)

Former mayor of El Paso who in 1962, as city councilman, proposed a civil rights act that was passed and which made the city the first in Texas and the South to end Jim Crow segregation laws; Arizona native grew up in El Paso; mayor from 1971 to 1973. Williams, Bert, 91

Williams, Clarence, 69

  • Clarence Williams

August 24, 1996
(27 years ago)

Longtime civic leader in East Side San Antonio. Williams, Clarence, 69

Williams, Clayton, 88

  • Clayton Williams

February 14, 2020
(4 years ago)

Midland businessman who ran for Texas governor against State Treasurer Ann Richards in 1990; initially led in polls by 20 points but made ill-advised comments on the campaign trail and ultimately lost the race; continued in business, taking Clayton Williams Energy, Inc. public in 1993 and diversifying into ranching and real estate. Williams, Clayton, 88

Williams, Don, 78

  • Don Williams

September 8, 2017
(6 years ago)

Country singer whose 1980 hit "I Believe in You" topped the country charts and crossed over to the pop Top 40; born in Floydada the son of a mechanic who moved frequently; eventually the singer graduated from Gregory-Portland High School in 1958; his popularity was international, in Latin America, Africa, and especially England where Country Music People magazine named him artist of the decade in 1980. Williams, Don, 78

Williams, Frank S., 87

  • Frank S. Williams

November 25, 2020
(3 years ago)

Retired police officer, as a patrol officer in 1963 was sent to question Lee Harvey Oswald in connection with the shooting death of fellow officer J.D. Tippit, unaware that Oswald was also wanted for the death of President John F. Kennedy the same day; later became a detective, then a sergeant before retiring from the Dallas Police Department in 1978. Williams, Frank S., 87

Williams, Helen White, 81

  • Helen White Williams

February 25, 2005
(19 years ago)

Manor native was, along with her husband Eugene, longtime personal assistant in the Lyndon Johnson household beginning in 1950 and until President Johnson left the White House in 1969; Johnson, in his memoirs, wrote that his discovery of what the Williamses faced every time they drove back to Texas was an awakening to the indignity of discrimination against blacks. Williams, Helen White, 81

Williams, Lawton, 85

  • Lawton Williams

July 26, 2007
(16 years ago)

Composer of 1957 country hit "Fraulein," performer and emcee in early 1960s of Big D Jamboree which was broadcast from Dallas. Williams, Lawton, 85

Williams, Mack, 77

  • Mack Williams

March 12, 1995
(29 years ago)

Founding president of the Press Club of Fort Worth and publisher of the Fort Worth News-Tribune. Williams, Mack, 77

Williams, Milton Redd "Chief," 72

  • Milton Redd "Chief" Williams

October 31, 2007
(16 years ago)

Texas high school basketball legend led Dallardsville-Big Sandy to state championship in 1952, member of Alabama-Coushatta tribe. Williams, Milton Redd "Chief," 72

Williams, Van, 82

  • Van Williams

November 28, 2016
(7 years ago)

TV's Green Hornet in the 1960s; Fort Worth native; the ABC series was an introduction for American audiences to martial arts master Bruce Lee who played the sidekick; Williams, a TCU graduate, later had occasional TV appearances, including The Beverley Hillbillies and The Dick Van Dyke Show, until he retired in the 1980s. Williams, Van, 82

Williamson, Ric, 55

  • Ric Williamson

December 30, 2007
(16 years ago)

Chairman of the Texas Transportation Commission who championed toll roads, Abilene native was former legislator 1985 to 1998; died of a heart attack in Weatherford. Williamson, Ric, 55

Willingham, Noble, 72

  • Noble Willingham

January 17, 2004
(20 years ago)

Mineola native was character actor best-known for role as lawman C.D. Parker on the long-running Walker, Texas Ranger series; ran unsuccessfully for Congress from East Texas in 2000. Willingham, Noble, 72

Willis, Doyle Sr., 97

  • Doyle Willis Sr.

June 22, 2006
(17 years ago)

From 1947 to 1997 served four separate stints as state representative and senator from Tarrant County and in between served on the Fort Worth city council. Willis, Doyle Sr., 97

Willis, Phillip, 76

  • Phillip Willis

January 27, 1995
(29 years ago)

Captured the first World War II prisoner after Pearl Harbor attack, served in Legislature. Willis, Phillip, 76

Wilson, Burton, 95

  • Burton Wilson

June 2, 2014
(9 years ago)

New Englander studied photography at UT-Austin, his photos of the Austin music scene in the 1970s, including the Armadillo World Headquarters and Vulcan Gas Company, became lasting historical documents. Wilson, Burton, 95

Wilson, Charlie, 76

  • Charlie Wilson

February 10, 2010
(14 years ago)

Congressman from East Texas for twelve terms, his advocacy for the Afghan struggle against the Soviet Army was the subject of the film Charlie Wilson's War. Wilson, Charlie, 76

Wilson, Glen Parten Jr., 82

  • Glen Parten Wilson Jr.

January 8, 2005
(19 years ago)

Aeronautical engineer who helped create NASA; Waco native earlier was assistant to then Sen. Lyndon Johnson. Wilson, Glen Parten Jr., 82

Wilson, Mary Robert, 87

  • Mary Robert Wilson

November 19, 2001
(22 years ago)

The first woman to be awarded the Silver Star for her heroics as a nurse in World War II; Tom Brokaw wrote a chapter on her in his book The Greatest Generation. Wilson, Mary Robert, 87

Wilson, Pamela Francis, 65

  • Pamela Francis Wilson

July 18, 2020
(3 years ago)

Houston photographer and graphic designer; known for using rich lighting and saturated color in her portraits and earned the reputation as "the Annie Leibovitz of Texas"; her work has been featured in advertising campaigns, corporate reports, and magazines; photographed six U.S. presidents and many celebrities. Wilson, Pamela Francis, 65

Wilson, Robert A., 76

  • Robert A. Wilson

May 5, 2017
(6 years ago)

Father of actors Luke, Owen, and Andrew Wilson; led Dallas public television station KERA beginning in 1967; hired Jim Lehrer who anchored the innovative Newsroom in a format that went on to become the long-running national MacNeil-Lehrer Newshour on PBS. Wilson, Robert A., 76

Wilson, Tom, 72

  • Tom Wilson

August 10, 2016
(7 years ago)

Texas A&M University football coach from 1978 to 1981 after Emery Bullard resigned; Corsicana high school athlete went on to be All-Southwest Conference quarterback at Texas Tech University 1963–1965; coached high school football at Palestine and Corsicana. Wilson, Tom, 72

Wilson, Will, 93

  • Will Wilson

December 14, 2005
(18 years ago)

Dallas native was known as crime-busting Texas attorney general in the 1950s, taking on illegal gambling in Galveston; made unsuccessful runs for governor and senator in the 1960s. Wilson, Will, 93

Windham, Thomas, 61

  • Thomas Windham

January 12, 2000
(24 years ago)

Headed the Fort Worth police department for 14 years; advocate of neighborhood-based police programs; helped win creation of city crime tax in 1995 to funnel additional money to crime-fighting. Windham, Thomas, 61

Winter, Johnny, 70

  • Johnny Winter

July 16, 2014
(9 years ago)

Blues guitar legend from Beaumont, known for lightning-fast riffs and for collaborations with Jimi Hendrix and childhood hero Muddy Waters; died in Zurich while on a European tour. Winter, Johnny, 70

Wisch, Jessard "Jimmy," 85

  • Jessard "Jimmy" Wisch

January 26, 2002
(22 years ago)

Publisher and co-founder of the Texas Jewish Post, and a fixture in the Jewish community in North Texas; former president of the American Jewish Press Association. Wisch, Jessard "Jimmy," 85

Wisenbaker, Royce E., 84

  • Royce E. Wisenbaker

September 11, 2001
(22 years ago)

East Texas businessman and benefactor to Texas A&M University and the University of Texas at Tyler. Wisenbaker, Royce E., 84

Witherspoon, Joseph, 78

  • Joseph Witherspoon

June 21, 1995
(28 years ago)

Professor emeritus of law at the University of Texas in Austin and one of the founders of Texas Right to Life Committee. Witherspoon, Joseph, 78

Wittliff, Bill, 79

  • Bill Wittliff

June 9, 2019
(4 years ago)

Writer, filmmaker, and photographer who adapted Lonesome Dove into the hit 1989 mini-series; wrote and directed the 1986 film Red Headed Stranger, and wrote the screenplay for the 1981 film Raggedy Man; he and his wife published Texas authors at their Encino Press and founded the Southwestern Writers Collection at Texas State University in San Marcos; native of Taft, grew up in Edna and Gregory; graduated from the University of Texas in 1963. Wittliff, Bill, 79

Witts, David, 85

  • David Witts

October 25, 2006
(17 years ago)

Dallas attorney who along with his friend Carroll Shelby started the famous Terlingua Chili Cook-off in 1967; chaired the Texas Aeronautics Commission. Witts, David, 85

Wolff, Melvyn, 86

  • Melvyn Wolff

May 25, 2017
(6 years ago)

Houston native took over the low-end Star Furniture business from his Russian-immigrant father and turned it into one of the nation's most successful retail furniture operations; a graduate of the University of Houston, for which he was a keen supporter; the university in 2008 honored him and his wife, naming the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship for them. Wolff, Melvyn, 86

Wood, Gordon, 89

  • Gordon Wood

December 17, 2003
(20 years ago)

Second-winningest coach in Texas high school football history, mostly in Brownwood where he won seven titles. Wood, Gordon, 89

Woodward, Halbert Owen, 82

  • Halbert Owen Woodward

October 3, 2000
(23 years ago)

Coleman native, federal judge in northwest Texas (1968 to 1987). Woodward, Halbert Owen, 82

Woolf, Jack R., 90

  • Jack R. Woolf

June 10, 2014
(9 years ago)

Described as "the founding father" of UT-Arlington, he was president 1959–68 during tremendous growth, steered its transfer from A&M to UT system. Woolf, Jack R., 90

Woolley, Bryan, 77

  • Bryan Woolley

January 9, 2015
(9 years ago)

Newspaperman for several Texas papers including the Dallas Times Herald and the Dallas Morning News and an author who grew up in Fort Davis, his 1983 November 22, a fictional account of the JFK assassination, was praised as the best depiction of what Dallas was like in 1963. Woolley, Bryan, 77

Wright, Charles Alan, 72

  • Charles Alan Wright

July 7, 2000
(23 years ago)

Renowned constitutional scholar and professor at the University of Texas beginning in 1955; represented President Richard Nixon before the Supreme Court in 1974. Wright, Charles Alan, 72

Wright, Jim, 92

  • Jim Wright

May 6, 2015
(8 years ago)

Long time member of Congress from Fort Worth, elected majority leader in 1976 and Speaker in 1987, resigned in 1989, started political career in 1947 in the Legislature at the age of 23, then became mayor of Weatherford before he went to Congress in 1954. Wright, Jim, 92

Wynn, Jimmy, 78

  • Jimmy Wynn

March 26, 2020
(4 years ago)

Outfielder and home run-hitter for the Colt .45s and Houston Astros over 11 seasons; nicknamed "The Toy Cannon" for his short stature and long home runs; three-time All-Star, native Ohioan became the first player to hit a homer into the upper deck of the Astrodome; after retirement, returned to the Astros as a community outreach executive. Wynn, Jimmy, 78

Wyvell-Dickson, Dorothy, 83

  • Dorothy Wyvell-Dickson

May 20, 1997
(26 years ago)

One of the first medical specialists in Midland in the late 1940s, conservative political activist who ran for Congress in 1960. Wyvell-Dickson, Dorothy, 83

Yancy, James Weldon II, 84

  • James Weldon Yancy II

September 10, 1995
(28 years ago)

Former Paul Quinn College president from 1939 to 1942 and a recognized African Methodist Episcopal Church historian. Yancy, James Weldon II, 84

Yarborough, Don, 83

  • Don Yarborough

September 23, 2009
(14 years ago)

Liberal Democrat was three-time candidate for governor in the 1960s, his challenge to incumbent John Connally was one of the reasons President John F. Kennedy came to Texas in November 1963. Yarborough, Don, 83

Yarborough, Ralph, 92

  • Ralph Yarborough

January 27, 1996
(28 years ago)

Longtime leading political liberal of Texas; from 1957 to 1970, the Chandler native served in the U.S. Senate where he sponsored the Cold War GI Bill. Yarborough, Ralph, 92

Young, Albert, 82

  • Albert Young

July 13, 1994
(29 years ago)

Sculptor who carved the "Texas Heroes" on the Hall of State at Fair Park in Dallas. Young, Albert, 82

Young, John A., 85

  • John A. Young

January 22, 2002
(22 years ago)

Democratic congressman from Corpus Christi for 22 years until 1978, and former Nueces County judge and prosecutor. Young, John A., 85

Youngblood, Guadalupe "Lupe" Jr., 55

  • Guadalupe "Lupe" Youngblood Jr.

February 4, 2002
(22 years ago)

South Texas political activist in the 1960s and 70s, former state chairman of La Raza Unida Party; lecturer in Mexican-American studies at several colleges. Youngblood, Guadalupe "Lupe" Jr., 55

Zale, Morris Bernard "MB," 93

  • Morris Bernard "MB" Zale

March 8, 1995
(29 years ago)

Russian immigrant who built the world's largest retail jewelry chain. Zale, Morris Bernard "MB," 93

Zale, Stanley, 71

  • Stanley Zale

January 17, 2004
(20 years ago)

Executive in the family jewelry business, civic leader was founder of the Autistic Society of Dallas and president of the Northeast Texas Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Zale, Stanley, 71

Zale, Sylvia, 90

  • Sylvia Zale

November 9, 2000
(23 years ago)

Philanthropist, wife of co-founder of Zale Jewelry Co. Zale, Sylvia, 90

Zapalac, Willie, 89

  • Willie Zapalac

May 18, 2010
(13 years ago)

1946 Aggie football captain, assistant to Bear Bryant with the Junction Boys in the mid-1950s, also coached with Darrell Royal and Bum Phillips. Zapalac, Willie, 89

Zientek, Marion P., 57

  • Marion P. Zientek

March 1, 1999
(25 years ago)

Longtime editor of the Texas Catholic Herald (1971 to 1997) which reached a circulation of 185,000 during his tenure; died of a heart attack, in Houston. Zientek, Marion P., 57

Zigler, Zig, 86

  • Zig Zigler

November 28, 2012
(11 years ago)

Nationally known motivational speaker who began in New York as a Dale Carnegie instructor, moved to Dallas in 1968. Zigler, Zig, 86

Zimmerman, Brian, 24

  • Brian Zimmerman

September 20, 1996
(27 years ago)

Former "boy mayor" of Crabb who attracted worldwide attention at age 11; died of a heart attack in Houston. Zimmerman, Brian, 24

Zindler, Marvin, 85

  • Marvin Zindler

July 29, 2007
(16 years ago)

Flamboyant Houston TV personality, newsman and longtime consumer advocate, his crusade against the Chicken Ranch in La Grange became basis for the movie and Broadway play Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Zindler, Marvin, 85