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The Texas Almanac is a valuable teaching resource for your students.

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The Texas Almanac Teacher's Guide is a collection of lesson plans designed to accompany the Texas Almanac in the classroom.

  • PDFs of each lesson are FREE to anyone.
  • The Answer Key is not included in the online documents but is available for free by request.

You must include your name, email address, school affiliation, and what version of the Almanac you are using. The answer key document will only be provided to official organizational email addresses or home school parents who have sufficiently identified themselves.

  • Answer Keys are also available for previous editions, including: Texas Almanac 2018–2019, Texas Almanac 2016–2017, Texas Almanac 2014–2015, Texas Almanac 2012–2013, and Texas Almanac 2010–2011.
  • Lessons based on special features in past issues of the Texas Almanac are available as Special Lessons at the bottom of the list of lessons.
  • Additional lessons will be added as additional content is made available and new editions are published.
  • Appendex tools, such as maps and craft-type activities, are available for use with many of the lessons.

These instructional suggestions and activities were written by current or former classroom teachers and represent a wealth of ideas for making use of the information provided by the Texas Almanac. There are a number of exciting projects related to the Texas Almanac that are worthy of noting, including: additional content available on, the availability of the current edition electronically via EBSCO's Texas Reference Center database through your school library, and the online availability of back issues of the Texas Almanac dating to 1857, which can be accessed here. We strongly encourage the purchase of hard copies of the Texas Almanac, as they can be more flexible when technology is unavailable. Furthermore, we realize that hard copy editions are available through a variety of outlets, but encourage you to purchase them through the Texas State Historical Association, as such purchases provide maximum benefit to the organization.

The text for the history lessons, Lessons 3–14, can be found here.

Table of Contents


Lesson 1 Texas, the Lone Star State Today
Lesson 2 Symbols of Texas
Lesson 3 Prehistoric Texas
Lesson 4 European Exploration
Lesson 5 Spanish Missions of Texas
Lesson 6 Colonial Texas
Lesson 7 Mexican Texas
Lesson 8 Mexican Texas to Independence
Lesson 9 Republic of Texas
Lesson 10 Annexation Debate to State
Lesson 11 Civil War and Reconstruction
Lesson 12 Back to Business After Reconstruction
Lesson 13 Texas in Conflict, 1900–1920
Lesson 14 Depression to Prosperity
Lesson 15 Environment of Texas
Lesson 16 Notable Earthquakes in Texas
Lesson 17 Water Resources
Lesson 18 Wildlife in Texas
Lesson 19 Weather in Texas
Lesson 20 Calendars in Texas
Lesson 21 Recreation in Texas
Lesson 22 Counties of Texas
Lesson 23 Counties and County Seats
Lesson 24 Cities and Towns in Texas
Lesson 25 Population in Texas
Lesson 26 Elections in Texas
Lesson 27 Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Texas
Lesson 28 The Constitution of Texas
Lesson 29 State Government
Lesson 30 Local Government
Lesson 31 Federal Government
Lesson 32 Crime in Texas
Lesson 33 Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Lesson 34 Culture and the Arts in Texas
Lesson 35 Religion in Texas
Lesson 36 Health and Science in Texas
Lesson 37 Education in Texas
Lesson 38 Media in Texas
Lesson 39 Modern Economy of Texas
Lesson 40 Transportation in Texas
Lesson 41 Minerals in Texas
Lesson 42 Agriculture in Texas
Lesson 43 Livestock in Texas
Lesson 44 Texas Talk
Lesson 45 Texas Hall of Fame
Lesson 46 Index Inventory

Special Lessons

Special Lesson 1 Spanish Missions of Texas
Special Lesson 2 Ranching in Texas
Special Lesson 3 Mesquite Trees
Special Lesson 4 Mineral Spas
Special Lesson 5 Rosenwald Schools
Special Lesson 6 Stagecoaching in Texas
Special Lesson 7 Civilian Conservation Corps in Texas
Special Lesson 8 Minor League and Black Baseball in Texas
Special Lesson 9 Lady Bird Johnson
Special Lesson 10 The Civil War on the Home Front
Special Lesson 11 Willie Nelson and the Austin Music Scene
Special Lesson 12 Using the Texas Almanac Archive
Special Lesson 13 Texas Art and Artists
Special Lesson 13 Texas Art and Artists Posters
Special Lesson 14 Historic Ranches of Texas
Special Lesson 15 Sports in Texas
Special Lesson 16 Texas County Maps
Special Lesson 17 Lone Star Cuisine
Special Lesson 18 More Texas Sports
Special Lesson 19 Assault: King of the Turf


Texas Outline Map  
Texas Geology Map  
Texas Counties Map with Names  
Texas Counties Map without Names  
Texas Rivers Map  
Line/Bar Graph Grid  
Miniature Book  
Ribbon-Tied Invitation  
Folded Envelope Invitation Card  
Tab Book  
Venn Diagrams  

Answer Key

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