Daingerfield, Texas

Daingerfield, Texas

The town of Daingerfield is the seat of Morris County, Texas. Photograph by Photolitherland.

Daingerfield, the county seat of Morris County, is on the Louisiana and Arkansas Railroad at the intersection of State highways 11 and 49 and U.S. Highway 259, in the south central part of the county. It is claimed that the first Europeans to visit the area camped by a spring near what is now the center of town around 1740. In 1830 Capt. London Daingerfield and a band of about 100 men fought a bloody battle with Indians near the spring. Daingerfield was killed, and the town that began to grow up in the area in the early 1840s was named in his honor. S. R. Shaddick started the first school in 1840. The town was named county seat of Paschal County, a judicial county in the Republic of Texas, and courts for the southern division of Red River County were held there in 1844. A post office was opened in 1846. William A. McClintock, who was traveling through the area in 1846, noted in his diary that the town consisted of "three or four cabins scarce fit for pigsties." By the early 1850s the town began to grow. Sylvia Academy, a private school for girls, opened around 1850, and in 1852 the Marshall Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church founded Chapel Hill College, which continued to operate until 1870.

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Tony and Aretha Evans (Parents)
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The City of Daingerfield, TX has been adopted by Tony & Aretha Evans in memory of their beloved son Tony Evans, Jr. (T.J.) Daingerfield was his second home. While growing up Tony Evans, Jr. spent almost every summer and holidays in Piney Heights with his grandparents L.V. Evans & Bonnie Evans. T.J. Loved so many things about Daingerfield. To name a few Daingerfield Tiger Football, attending church at Faith Temple C.O.G.I.C., Family Fireworks Show on the 4th of July, Piney Heights Reunion, Hot food from Tops Gas Station and Nachos from Hawkins. Tony Evans, Jr. forever in our hearts 6.4.2003-4.11.2021

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Pop. Year Source
2,522 2020 United States Census Bureau
2,364 2019 Texas Demographic Center
2,560 2010 United States Census Bureau
2,517 2000 United States Census Bureau
2,655 1990 United States Census Bureau
3,030 1980 United States Census Bureau
2,630 1970 United States Census Bureau
3,133 1960 United States Census Bureau
1,668 1950 United States Census Bureau
1,032 1940 United States Census Bureau