Enloe, Texas

Enloe, Texas

Enloe is an unincorporated community in Delta County, Texas. Photograph by Michael Barera.
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Enloe is at the junction of Farm roads 2949 and 198, three miles north of Cooper in north central Delta County. It is bordered on the southwest by Brushy Creek. The area was settled by 1888, when local residents established a Baptist Church. The town, however, remained unorganized until 1897, when J. A. Enloe donated the land to build a train stop on the Texas-Midland Railroad. That same year Jerry P. High opened the first Enloe post office and reported a population of about 100. The settlement began to develop around the railroad; the church was moved closer to the tracks. Town leaders obtained a school building from nearby Liberty and established the Enloe school district, which quickly absorbed the Mount Hebron, or Hagged, school. Records for 1897 reported one school, two teachers, and 104 students.

Enloe continued to grow and by 1904 had 273 inhabitants. In 1912 the Baptist congregation built a new church. In 1914 the population was 400. Residents could attend either the Baptist or Methodist Episcopal church and had access to a telephone exchange. Businesses included two banks, a telegraph office, a restaurant, two general stores, an apothecary, a seed store, and a bakery. The Carson Lumber Company was also headquartered in town. Cotton shipping was the major industry, and the community supported seven cotton buyers and two gins. In 1929 the town had 450 inhabitants. In 1936 the population was 265, and the town had a school, two factories, five businesses, a post office, two churches, and about forty homes. But with the onset of World War II, more residents moved away in search of jobs. By 1956 the population totaled 186. The Enloe school district had absorbed most of the nearby schools in 1959, but by 1964 only 150 people lived in town. Seven businesses and the two churches remained, and a hospital had been opened. Maps for 1970 showed that the school had been consolidated into the Cooper Independent School District, and citizens had access to a community center. In 1984 Enloe had three businesses, two churches, and a factory. A population of 113 was reported in 1990 and in 2000.

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