Denton is known for its friendly, small-town feel, and is home to the University of North Texas (UNT). Updated 1 year ago
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Photo of the northwest corner of Denton's historic square. Photo by Monica Bourgeau on Unsplash.

Denton, the county seat of Denton County, is on Interstate Highway 35 where it forks to become 35E to Dallas and 35W to Fort Worth near the center of the county. Less than forty miles north of the cities, Denton has become closely associated with the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. The city was not an early settlement. It was founded in 1857 in order to become the county seat, because residents wanted one located near the center of the county. Hiram Cisco, William Woodruff, and William Loving donated 100 acres as the site for the town, which, like the county, was named in honor of John B. Denton. A commission composed of Otis G. Welch, sometimes known as the "Father of Denton," county surveyor Charles C. Lacy, and Joseph A. Carroll laid out the city. Although it was established in 1857 and a courthouse was built on the north side of the square, Denton was not incorporated until 1866. The charter provided for election of a mayor and five aldermen. J. B. Sawyer was elected the first mayor.

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1857 165 years ago

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Pop. Year Source
139,869 2020 United States Census Bureau
140,975 2019 Texas Demographic Center
113,383 2010 United States Census Bureau
80,537 2000 United States Census Bureau
66,270 1990 United States Census Bureau
48,063 1980 United States Census Bureau
39,874 1970 United States Census Bureau
26,844 1960 United States Census Bureau
21,372 1950 United States Census Bureau
11,192 1940 United States Census Bureau
9,587 1930 United States Census Bureau
7,626 1920 United States Census Bureau
4,732 1910 United States Census Bureau
4,187 1900 United States Census Bureau
2,558 1890 United States Census Bureau
1,194 1880 United States Census Bureau