Mineola is at the crossing of U.S. highways 69 and 80, eighty miles east of Dallas in southwestern Wood County. Before 1873 the place was called Sodom. According to some, Maj. Ira H. Evans, an International-Great Northern Railroad official who laid out the townsite, named the town for his daughter, Ola, and a friend, Minnie Patten. Others say the name originated when Major Rusk, a surveyor for the I-GN, combined his daughter's name with that of Minna Wesley Patten. The town came into existence when the railroads built lines through this part of the state. In 1873 the Texas and Pacific and the I-GN raced to see which could get to Mineola first. The I-GN reached the finish fifteen minutes earlier. A city government was organized in 1873, a post office opened in 1875, and the town incorporated in 1877, but a fire in the 1880s destroyed eighteen buildings. The town's oldest paper, the Mineola Monitor, was founded in 1876. By 1890 the town had seven churches, several schools including a black free school, hotels, banks, and a population of 2,000. In 1895 Mineola became the site of the Wood County Fair.

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Population Counts

Pop. Year Source
4,843 2019 Texas Demographic Center
4,515 2010 Texas Demographic Center
4,550 2000 Texas Demographic Center
4,321 1990 Texas Demographic Center
4,346 1980 Texas Demographic Center
3,926 1970 Texas Demographic Center
3,810 1960 Texas Demographic Center
3,626 1950 Texas Demographic Center
3,223 1940 Texas Demographic Center
3,304 1930 Texas Demographic Center
2,299 1920 Texas Demographic Center
1,706 1910 Texas Demographic Center
1,725 1900 Texas Demographic Center
1,323 1890 Texas Demographic Center
1,175 1880 Texas Demographic Center