Hart, TX

Adopted by Eileen Morales- Martinez de Limas, In Honor of The Morales - Martinez Family. Truly the "Hart" of Texas for those of us who grew up in Hart. Many, have wandered away to bigger cities..But Our Hearts belongs to & in HART TEXAS

Nearby: Rhoads Memorial Library serves the Castro County, Texas. Photograph by Billy Hathorn →


Del Rio, TX

Adopted by Eileen Martínez Morales de Limas, With Honor to My Family "The Ramos /Martinez Family it is a pleasure to adopt Del Rio. My grandmother, Maria Concepción Ramos, Daughter of Felipe Ramos. My Great Grandfather loved "His Hometown" very much. To date his legacy continues. I would like to Thank all the residents that show great pride and care to Del Rio.

View of the Val Verde Winery in Del Rio, Texas. Photograph by JherreraCODR →

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